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Women's Wrestling Weekly Recap & Review: 8/26/2017

Posted by Gabby Velasquez Sunday, August 27, 2017
Welcome to another edition of WOMEN'S WRESTLING WEEKLY—a rundown of the events which have transpired in the world of women's professional wrestling over the past several days not just with the Superstars on WWE programming, but with GFW's Knockouts, Lucha Underground's luchadoras, and even a glimpse at the women on the independent circuit.

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WWE SummerSlam

Naomi vs. Natalya (SmackDown Women's Championship match)

It was a reversal of Naomi's split-legged moonsault and a picture-perfect Sharpshooter that granted Natalya her first title in years and put an end to Naomi's fan-lauded reign as SmackDown Women's Champion. The match itself was good, but lacked any real weight throughout because Natalya's rivalry with Naomi was not the focus of SummerSlam's build; Carmella cashing in was. During the match, nobody really believed Natalya would win.

However, she did, and Naomi broke down in tears as Natalya hoisted her new belt over her head in victory. That moment itself was more poignant than Natalya's entire victory. Natalya has no real character, and her promos are always the same rehash of Hart references and cat puns. She's a talented wrestler, and her work ethic alone earned her this opportunity, but if the writers don't start building her beyond a second-rate Hart, that's all she will be perceived as.

Winner: Natalya

Rating: 3/5

Alexa Bliss vs. Sasha Banks (Raw Women's Championship match)

Alexa Bliss and Sasha Banks may not like each other much, but they bring it like the professionals they are whenever they square up. However, the lack of real build and story surrounding this match led to a match that failed to really find its footing, even with a wonderfully executed finishing sequence and title change.

Banks as champion is an interesting development considering she wasn't even booked to compete until Bayley's injury. Here's hoping she's allowed to grow in her own way and is given a story with long-term implications.

Winner: Sasha Banks

Rating: 3/5

WWE Monday Night Raw

Nia Jax vs. Emma

Well. Emma DID ask for a chance.

Give her credit, though, she had a game plan, unleashing a flurry of wildly aggressive offense early on, but Nia Jax is Nia Jax, slamming and pinning her with a Samoan Drop in no time at all.

Winner: Sasha Banks
Rating: 3.5/5

Legit Loser

Brooklyn did not give Sasha Banks the heroic babyface champion's welcome Creative might have imagined, intent on booing the memory of Bayley and Sasha's Boston heritage. It's a funny thought, considering how they practically worshiped her in 2015 and 2016 both. It's almost as if her character is growing stale as a babyface, hm...

WWE SmackDown

Natalya & Carmella vs. Naomi & Becky Lynch

Once again, Carmella stole the show, as her lingering future cash-in overshadowed any and all attempts to build heat between Natalya and Naomi. The tag match put Natalya and Carmella in an interesting situation; if Carmella let Natalya take a beating in the entire match, she could cash in immediately after. On the other hand, if Carmella fought the entire match on her own if Natalya played it safe, they could lose. This tension was the main focus of the match as Ellsworth provided his usual antics on the sidelines, and ended up costing the heels the entire match.

I'm still not completely sold on Natalya as champion, especially when Naomi clearly got the biggest pop of the night, but the tension between her and Carmella is palpable, as is the looming shadow of a certain queen who returns next week...

Winners: Naomi & Becky Lynch
Rating: 3/5

GFW Impact Wrestling


Not much to report on the GFW front, other than Taryn Terrell revealing that she attacked Gail Kim because she's tired of GFW being her yard, and she doesn't follow her on Twitter. And honestly? I buy that beef.


Sarah Logan vs. Peyton Royce

Crazy Mary Dobson is gone, and if her replacement is Sarah Logan, then...

Yeah, I'm all in.

Here's the thing: the character of Sarah Logan isn't half as enthralling as Crazy Mary Dobson, but Logan's workrate hasn't diminished in the slightest and with the Mae Young Classic coming up and a push in NXT inevitable, I'm feeling optimistic that she'll find her groove in no time.

She and Peyton Royce put on a fun match, with Royce looking stronger than ever with a wonderful, technically sound and deliciously heelish performance. The Iconic Duo gimmick started off as a bit odd, but Kay and Royce's commitment to it and skill to back it up has made it something truly enjoyable.

Winner: Peyton Royce
Rating: 3/5

International Corner:

This section includes recaps of matches from around the world in various lesser-known independent promotions throughout the week.

Tokyo Joshi Pro

Match: Reika Saiki vs. Yuka Sakazaki (Princess of Princess title match)
Winner: Reika Saiki

Dynamo Pro

Match: Savanna Stone vs. Laynie Luck vs. Monica Passeri
Winner: Savanna Stone

Alexa Bliss vs. Sasha Banks

I don't want to give this match TOO much credit, but man, these two can put on a show. They have excellent chemistry and their real-life tension just elevates their eagerness to perform well against each other, it seems.


She finally did it.

Need I say more?

So there you have it, the breakdown for the week in women's wrestling. What were some of your favorite and least favorite moments from these women? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below! Also, come back next week for a full breakdown of the Mae Young Classic's first round of episodes and matches.

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