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Call the Spot on the Card #12: WWE Money in the Bank 2017 Competitors

Posted by Anthony Mango Wednesday, June 21, 2017
Welcome to the twelfth edition of CALL THE SPOT, where we present a list of five wrestlers and you must choose what place on the WWE Roster Hierarchy they should be put in: 1) Main Event, 2) Upper Midcard, 3) Midcard, 4) Jobber, or 5) Released.

The rules are that each spot must be filled and only one person can be in each spot, so no ties can happen, nor can anyone opt out. No matter how difficult it might be, you have to pick.

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This edition is going to revolve around the six men and the five women who competed in this year's Money in the Bank ladder matches for the SmackDown WWE and Women's Championship title shots.


Becky Lynch |vs| Carmella |vs| Charlotte Flair |vs| Natalya |vs| Tamina

5) RELEASED = Tamina

Out of everyone on this list, the release of Tamina would make the smallest splash. For some reason, WWE has never really wanted to give her much of a push, similar to Naomi up until a few months ago. I do think Tamina has much more to offer than she's ever been given a chance to, but by now, she's been in the company for almost a decade and hasn't accomplished virtually anything, so out of this group, she's the least to be prioritized.

4) JOBBER = Carmella

Carmella is super hot and I think she has a lot of up-sides to her with character work and such, yet in the ring, she doesn't compare to the four other women. Being the smallest of the bunch also makes it easier for her to be the jobber, either as a heel or a babyface.

3) MIDCARD = Natalya

Her familial lineage and more importantly, the history she's carved for herself in the company means she absolutely cannot be anything less than a midcarder. Given the two other women, I think Natalya's time at the top of the card has passed in comparison to Becky Lynch and Charlotte Flair, and Nattie is always going up and down the hierarchy. As a midcarder, she's more than capable of moving up to a temporary upper midcard role, but if you were to tell me one of these five women will be the next SmackDown women's champion, it wouldn't be her that I'd assume would be at the top of the pecking order.

2) UPPER MIDCARD = Becky Lynch

Becky Lynch is great. She was the lowest on the totem pole out of the Four Horsewomen at one point in time, but she made strides to prove that she was superior in some ways to some of the other women. For my money, she's one of the best in-ring performers WWE has for their women's division (whether it's Raw or SmackDown). Character-wise, she's a bit bland, as she's just a happy babyface who sometimes gets a little angry, and her mic skills need work, but she's very easy to get behind and support. She just happens to barely lose out on the top spot.

1) MAIN EVENT = Charlotte Flair

I rag on Charlotte for being overrated (especially on the mic), but I'll never say she's horrible, as she's far from it. I almost gave this spot to Becky, but I started thinking about the overall picture of the future and everyone's highs and lows. Charlotte gets an edge over Becky almost purely because she's simply been booked to be the bigger star for longer, which convinces the audience that that's definitively true. I do like Becky more, but even I have to admit that Charlotte is who they've invested in and I can't fault them for putting her at the top of their pecking order, even if I think they shouldn't make the gap so wide between her and second place.


AJ Styles |vs| Baron Corbin |vs| Dolph Ziggler |vs| Kevin Owens |vs| Sami Zayn |vs| Shinsuke Nakamura

6) RELEASED = Baron Corbin

Well this blows. I wouldn't want to release Baron Corbin by any means, but that's the nature of this game. It's difficult to make the calls and somebody has to go.

Like with Tamina, I think Corbin's release would cause the least amount of ripples. People would be furious if many of the other men exited WWE, but Corbin doesn't have the same connection with the crowd, so I think the WWE Universe would be more accepting of it.

He has the potential for a bright future, so hopefully this doesn't happen.

5) JOBBER = Sami Zayn

Poor Sami. Typically, when I'm picking a jobber, I go with someone who I think could withstand losing their matches because it not only makes sense in comparison to the size and strength of the other people on the roster, but also that they're someone who can still have support from the crowd. Or, in some cases, someone I just don't like, but I do like everybody on this list, so I have to justify Zayn as a jobber with the former.

Sami Zayn losing matches is nothing out of the ordinary and he's good at it.

4) MIDCARD = Shinsuke Nakamura

This will probably be a controversial pick, as I'm sure many people would have him at least on the next level, if not at Main Event. By no means does he deserve to be the Hall of Fame choice, so I thought to myself that all three of the other guys beat him out in that regard and they all by default have to be above him.

Nakamura is severely limited in terms of character since he's unable to cut a promo. His whole character is "strange guy who has a lot of hype around him" and that's fine for now, but that's not something that can make you a main eventer for 10 years or anything of the sort. Nakamura as a midcarder is something I can definitely get behind as he could hold the Intercontinental or United States Championship at any time right now and I wouldn't be blinking an eye.

3) UPPER MIDCARD = Dolph Ziggler

For a while, it's been "cool" to hate on Ziggler. I'm not one of those people. For my money, Ziggler is the best in-ring performer the company has had for many years now. Sure, his character can get a little frustrating at times when he's just cutting the same promo about how he needs to get more respect and will steal the show, but that doesn't prevent me from enjoying the hell out of his matches and wishing he would get another run with the world title.

2) MAIN EVENT = Kevin Owens

From day one, Owens has been someone I've enjoyed watching no matter what he does. If he's in the ring, the match is good. If he's on the mic, the promo is good. He's had a wide variety of feuds with different types of people and I've never really thought any problems along the way were because of his work as opposed to his opponent or the storyline parameters he's working with.

Owens is just great and I'm looking forward to when he is in the main event of WrestleMania some day, fighting for the WWE or Universal Championship—hopefully going in as a heel champion and losing to someone who can look great in beating him, as Owens straddles the line between being dominant and also setting up people to look good when they get one up on him.

1) HALL OF FAME = AJ Styles

Since this list is made up of six men, we need an extra category. A while back, I put a poll out there asking what you think the sixth category could be for future editions and your decision was a Hall of Fame category that is above the Main Event one, so here you go!

Technically, I had Kevin Owens on here before I started writing things up. I feel I'd rather watch a Kevin Owens feud than an AJ Styles one, but then I thought about how this Hall of Fame section would work in comparison to the normal five categories. Usually, when someone is inducted, they've built up a career that deserves longtime praise. Between everybody on this list, nobody fits that bill more than Styles.

His history in Ring of Honor, New Japan and Impact Wrestling along with how he quickly became a main event top-tier talent in WWE just puts him at a different level above even Owens, despite how I like Owens more. I would hope Styles wouldn't be an inactive, retired Hall of Famer in this scenario.

In the grand scheme of things, if you told me only one of these guys could be inducted, I'd have to point my finger to Styles and then be upset that Owens and Ziggler couldn't also get in (and that the other three didn't get a chance to earn that spot either).


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