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WWE Monday Night Raw 12/19/2016 Live Results Coverage

Posted by Anthony Mango Monday, December 19, 2016
Tonight's episode of WWE Monday Night Raw for December 19, 2016 is coming to you live from the Schottenstein Center in Columbus, OH. Follow along here for ongoing coverage of the results of the show to find out what happens as things occur and chat with fellow WWE fans in the comments below!

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Following on the heels of the Roadblock: End of the Line pay-per-view event, how is WWE planning on eating up time during the lull before the end of the year and the beginning of the build to the 2017 Royal Rumble?

PROMO (In-Ring): Kevin Owens and Chris Jericho are in the ring for a promo, gloating about how their plan for Roadblock went off without a hitch. Jericho puts Santa Claus on The List. Mick Foley comes out to talk about setting up a tag team match for later, but he also says at the Royal Rumble, Chris Jericho will be suspended in the Crash Cage while Owens faces Roman Reigns again for the title. Jericho gets inside and Foley locks it, but says he forgot the key and signals them to raise the cage. It looks like Jericho will be hanging in the cage for the next 2 and a half hours or so.

* Commercial Break*

PROMO (Backstage): Nevermind. Jericho is already out of the cage and backstage. That's pretty lame. He's being attended to by medical staff.

MATCH: Big Cass vs. Rusev

RESULTS: Rusev wins via disqualification after Big Cass refuses to stop pummeling him in the corner.

 * Commercial Break *

PROMO (In-Ring): Hey, remember all the other times Sasha Banks won the title on Raw only to lose it to Charlotte the next pay-per-view and then came out injured? Well, she's doing that again, as she hobbles to the ring on crutches. I wonder if she's going to say that she respects Charlotte and lost but she will heal and come back and win the title eventually. Yup. That's basically what she's saying. Nia Jax comes out. She calls Sasha a weak, wounded little girl and kicks out her crutches before tossing her around a bit.

 * Commercial Break *

PROMO (Backstage): Mick Foley talks to the new tag team champions, Sheamus and Cesaro. Foley unveils the new tag titles, which are more on par with SmackDown's as they're silver instead of bronze and they have red straps instead of blue ones. A referee interrupts and tells Foley he needs him immediately.

PROMO (Backstage): Braun Strowman is beating people up and trashing the place. He says Sami Zayn only survived 10 minutes last night because he let him. Foley says Zayn isn't at the arena and suggests Strowman take the night off, too.

MATCH: Cedric Alexander vs. Noam Dar

RESULTS: Cedric Alexander via pinfall.
THOUGHTS: I'm a fan of both of these guys, so thumbs up.

After the match, Noam Dar grabs a mic and says Alicia Fox is the real prize and all he wants for Christmas is her. I don't blame him.

 * Commercial Break *

PROMO (In-Ring): The New Day come out and look on the positive side of things: Ric Flair couldn't become a 16-time champion without losing 15 times (and Charlotte will do that in a month - nice shot). In turn, they'll eventually become 3-time WWE Raw Tag Team Champions. Out come the new champs, Cesaro and Sheamus, with the new title belts around their waists. They go back and forth, as expected. Later, Luke Gallows and Karl Anderson come out to rag on both teams. They're followed still by The Shining Stars. Cesaro rips up one of their pamphlets and it seems like an eight-man tag team match will follow the commercial break.

* Commercial Break*

MATCH: The New Day, Cesaro & Sheamus vs. The Shining Stars, Luke Gallows & Karl Anderson

RESULTS: Cesaro forces one of The Shining Stars to tap out with a Sharpshooter.
THOUGHTS: Perfectly fine TV match.

PROMO (Backstage): Enzo says he feels like he's costing Big Cass his matches. Cass talks about getting hot dogs. Enzo is given a notice that he is required to attend mandatory sensitivity training for exposing himself to Lana a few weeks back.

* Commercial Break*

PROMO (In-Ring): Neville heads to the ring, scowling. Ew. He says he doesn't want anyone's cheers or sympathy or pity and gives out a warning that he's going to obliterate the cruiserweight division. Out comes Rich Swann to ask what changed because he used to be cool. Neville asks where the respect is for him for having taken Swann under his ring. He calls himself "the true king of the cruiserweights". Swann points out that he has the belt, so he is the best. Out comes Brian Kendrick to defend Neville. I wonder if TJ Perkins will be out next to cause another tag team match like our previous promo/match situation? Kendrick says he and Neville respect and understand each other. Perkins runs out but is beaten down just the same. Swann and Perkins are left on the mat, clearly setting up a tag team match for either later tonight or 205 Live.

PROMO (Backstage): Colleen McCarthy is backstage with Bo Dallas, Jinder Mahal, Bob Backlund and Darren Young to go through sensitivity training as Enzo walks in. He says he's here because he showed his coworkers his Italian sausage but it's Cass's fault for locking him out. Enzo hits on Colleen. She says they have a lot of work to do.

* Commercial Break*

MATCH: Sin Cara vs. Titus O'Neil

RESULTS: Immediately after the match starts, Braun Strowman comes out and decimates both of them, even going so far as to toss Sin Cara into the Christmas set on the stage, kick over the presents and so forth.
THOUGHTS: Good. Fuck those guys. Strowman for President!

* Commercial Break*

PROMO (Backstage): Owens tells Jericho he needs to calm down and focus on the match coming up later on, but Jericho is still stirred up and compares himself to a sexy pinata. He alludes to the R-Truth promo about having a fear of heights AND spiders.

PROMO (In-Ring): Charlotte is heading to the ring. I mentioned before that I can't take her awful promos anymore, so I'm sorry everybody, I have to mute this and not report on anything for a few minutes. It looks like Bayley is out, so I'm guessing she is talking about respecting Sasha and whatnot and they're setting up a match between Charlotte and Bayley for the Royal Rumble. Maybe it's something more interesting, though, and they're talking about their favorite cookie or discussing theories about who Rey's parents are in Star Wars. I'm still hoping Rey's father is Luke Skywalker, and my favorite is chocolate chip, by far. What about you? Also, how was your day? Any plans for the holidays coming up? Many thanks for checking out Smark Out Moment, by the way. You're awesome. Soon enough, we'll return you to your regularly scheduled television coverage.

* Commercial Break*

MATCH: Charlotte Flair vs. Bayley

RESULTS: Bayley via pinfall.
THOUGHTS: Don't care. Saw this coming a mile away and it's not entertaining to me, nor will anything else in this feud stand out as fun to watch for me.

PROMO (Backstage): Sensitivity training continues. Bo Dallas wants Colleen to say "bogin" instead of "begin". Enzo picks on Jinder Mahal by saying everyone swipes left for him on Tinder and points out how he was fired before, etc.

* Commercial Break*

PROMO (Backstage): Sensitivity training continues. Bo will stop forcing his boliefs on others. Darren and Bob will be more supportive of each other. Jinder will think before he acts out. Enzo hits on Colleen some more. Rusev shows up and with Jinder's help, they beat Enzo down.

MATCH: Roman Reigns & Seth Rollins vs. Chris Jericho & Kevin Owens

RESULTS: Reigns and Rollins via disqualification after Braun Strowman interferes and attacks Reigns.
THOUGHTS: Nothing about this was any different from your standard Raw main event outside of Strowman's appearance, which I'll admit I was happy about.


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