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WWE Monday Night Raw 5/23/2016 Live Results Coverage

Posted by Anthony Mango Monday, May 23, 2016
Tonight's episode of WWE Monday Night Raw for May 23, 2016 is coming to you live from the Royal Farms Arena in Baltimore, MD. Follow along here for live, ongoing coverage of the results of the show to find out what happens as things occur and chat with fellow WWE fans in the comments below!

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WWE has advertised several Money in the Bank qualifying matches to happen tonight as well as a celebration for Charlotte (ugh, why?) and the return of Seth Rollins to Raw.

Lo and behold, we're kicking the show off with Seth Rollins, who plays up to the crowd for a moment before solidifying that he's still a heel when he says he burned all of the "get well soon" fan mail that he received while he was injured. Roman Reigns comes out and Shane McMahon soon follows, announcing that they'll face off for the title at Money in the Bank, as expected.

Money in the Bank Qualifying Match: Sami Zayn vs. Sheamus

RESULTS: Sami Zayn via pinfall.
THOUGHTS: Kind of surprised that Sheamus didn't win, as he seemed like an easy fit to just fill up the numbers while Zayn was off feuding with Kevin Owens or The Miz (as I assumed The Miz would lose later, making room for the Cesaro feud to end). Well, there goes my prediction!

Backstage, Apollo Crews is talking to Renee Young about his upcoming qualifying match against Chris Jericho. He's attacked by Sheamus. Well then, I guess Sheamus might not be counted out yet.

The New Day come out with a cake to celebrate Raw's birthday. Big E taunts the crowd and JBL with some cake in the face. Byron Saxton is the next target, but The Social Outcasts (sans Adam Rose, since, you know, he got fired earlier today) attack The New Day to set up their upcoming match.

Six Man Tag Team Match: The New Day vs. The Social Outcasts

RESULTS: The New Day via pinfall.
THOUGHTS: The rightful team was victorious, and I'm anticipating someone on The Social Outcasts to be shoved into the cake. Yup. Heath Slater. Now I want some cake :(

Money in the Bank Qualifying Match: Cesaro vs. The Miz

RESULTS: Cesaro via pinfall.
THOUGHTS: Good match with, again, the right outcome that should have happened. The Miz has something else that can occupy his time at Money in the Bank and we don't need to have the Intercontinental Championship held up because the champion is participating elsewhere. Plus, Cesaro is someone the fans will get behind and could actually win the briefcase this year.

Money in the Bank Qualifying Match: Chris Jericho vs. Apollo Crews

RESULTS: Chris Jericho via pinfall.
THOUGHTS: Crews put up a good fight, but lost, as he should have. This was a little awkward at times, which makes me think the way WWE brought Crews up and did nothing with him and his odd nature in this match could prove that he should have stayed down in NXT for a few more months.

Backstage, Renee Young asks Sheamus what his reaction is to the match. He laughs and walks away.

A "Make Darren Young Great Again" promo airs. It's not funny.

Baron Corbin talks to JoJo about defeating Dolph Ziggler at Extreme Rules. Ziggler comes out to say Corbin can't win a "technical wrestling match" and challenges Corbin to exactly that for next week.

Big Cass comes out...joined by Enzo Amore! They cut a promo about The Dudley Boyz, who then come out.

Colin Cassidy vs. Bubba Ray Dudley

RESULTS: Big Cass via pinfall after the Empire Elbow.
THOUGHTS: Glad to see Enzo back, and I hope we get a tables match between these two teams at Money in the Bank.

Charlotte comes out to the ring with Dana Brooke and Ric Flair. A long, long promo takes place which boils down to her telling Ric to leave the ring and to fuck off. I just saved you what felt like 30 minutes of Charlotte shrieking over and over.

Money in the Bank Qualifying Match: Dolph Ziggler vs. Dean Ambrose

RESULTS: Dean Ambrose via pinfall.
THOUGHTS: Saw that one coming, didn't you?

Arn Anderson hugs Ric Flair backstage. Renee Young asks him to speak on the issue and he leaves the arena instead. Cue sad music.

AJ Styles cuts a promo talking about how good Roman Reigns is and says if it weren't for The Usos and The Club, he'd have won the match last night at Extreme Rules. Karl Anderson and Luke Gallows come out to call Styles out for blaming them. The Club splits up and there's tension in the air, possibly leading to some interference from Anderson/Gallows that will cost Styles his match against Owens in a few minutes.

Money in the Bank Qualifying Match: AJ Styles vs. Kevin Owens

RESULTS: Kevin Owens via pinfall.
THOUGHTS: Surprised there wasn't any kind of interference from Anderson and Gallows. Broken record time for me to say that this was a good match with the right person coming out victorious.


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