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Divas Debrief: Women's Wrestling This Week for 4/23/2016

Posted by Unknown Saturday, April 23, 2016
Each week, DIVAS DEBRIEF runs down the events that transpired in women's professional wrestling from the past couple of days. From the WWE Divas to the TNA Knockouts including some other companies as well, Smark Out Moment attempts to keep you up to date on all things going on with the ladies of the ring.

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WWE Monday Night Raw

Natalya, Becky Lynch, Paige and Sasha Banks vs. Naomi, Tamina, Summer Rae and Charlotte

Natalya will start the match against Charlotte. Charlotte hits the ropes and “Woos” in Natalya’s face. Charlotte then backs up and tags in Summer Rae. They lock up, and Natalya takes her down with a headlock. Natalya wrenches the arm and tags in Sasha Banks. Sasha attacks her, but Summer quickly takes her down. Naomi is tagged in, and she eats a back elbow. Paige is tagged in, and she trips Naomi before kneeing her in the face. Paige connects with a high knee in the corner before Naomi stuns her with a jawbreaker. Paige quickly scoops her up and gives her a fall-away slam out of the ring. Tamina checks on Naomi, and Paige takes them out with a cannonball off the apron. Becky Lynch then takes Charlotte out at ringside.

We come back from the break to see Becky send Naomi into the ropes, but Naomi rolls her up for a one count. Becky comes back with a roll-up for a one count. They bridge up, and Tamina tags in. Becky kicks Charlotte off the apron, and Tamina pulls her out of the ring before kicking her down. Tamina slams her head off the floor before putting her in the ring for a two count. Tamina chokes her on the ropes before Naomi kicks her in the head. Tamina applies a chin lock, but Becky fights up. Tamina slams her down before tagging in Summer. Summer clotheslines her down for a one count. Summer chokes her in the corner before tagging in Naomi. Naomi stomps Becky down in the corner before hitting a weak looking corner dropkick for a two count. Naomi applies a chin lock, but Becky fights up. Naomi quickly takes her out with eat defeat. Becky then sidesteps her, and Naomi flies out of the ring. Naomi quickly gets back in to prevent a tag. Becky kicks her away and makes a tag.

Natalya and Summer are tagged in. Natalya connects with a pair of clotheslines before hitting a Russian Leg Sweep. Natalya avoids an avalanche before slamming her down on the tailbone. Natalya steps on her and dropkicks her in the face. Summer soon fights her off and connects with a spin kick. Charlotte is tagged in, and Natalya takes her out with a Discus Clothesline. All the women run in and clear each other out. Natalya counters out of the Figure Eight and applies the Sharpshooter for the win.

Winners: Natalya, Becky Lynch, Paige and Sasha Banks
Match Rating: 1.5/5

TNA Impact Wrestling

Jade vs. Gail Kim vs Maria Kanellis vs. Rebel vs. Marti Bell vs. Madison Rayne vs. Velvet Sky in a Ladder’s Match for Control of the TNA Knockout’s Division

The bell rings and Maria rolls out of the ring. Gail with a series of right hands to Rebel in the corner. Gail tosses Jade to the outside. Dollhouse with a double leg sweep to Velvet. Rebel and Marti grabs a ladder. Beautiful People plants Dollhouse with a baseball slide dropkick. Maria sets up the ladder in the middle of the ring. Maria runs away from Gail. Jade drops Gail with a big boot. Jade grabs the ladder. Gail with a boot that knocks Jade’s hands off the ladder. Gail climbs the ladder, but Maria slaps Gail. Gail chases Maria to the top of the ramp.

Rosemary comes out with a kendo stick and attacks Gail from behind. The Decay carries Gail to the back. Madison chops Rebel in the corner. Beautiful People tosses Rebel onto Marti Bell. Beautiful People place the ladder in the corner. The Beautiful People irish whips Jade onto the ladder in the corner on top of both Rebel and Marti. Maria drops Velvet and she runs out of the ring. Jade climbs the ladder. Marti knocks Jade off the ladder with a powerbomb. Jade rolls out of the ring. Velvet climbs up the ladder. Maria attacks Velvet in the back with the kendo stick to knock Velvet off the ladder. Maria climbs up the ladder and retrieves the contract to pickup the victory.

Winner: Maria Kanellis
Match Rating: 2/5


Nia Jax vs. Deonna Purrazzo

Purrazzo charges Jax, but Jax moves out of the way. Jax whips Purrazzo across the ring by her head. Jax lands a huge elbow drop. Purrazzo tries to sunset flip Jax but, shockingly that didn’t work. Purrazzo lands a few strikes. Purrazzo hits the ropes but Jax picks her up and Samoan drops her. Jax flattens Purrazzo with her running leg drop. This was a pretty quick match. Shame it was the only women's match on this episode.

Winner: Nia Jax
Match Rating: 1.75/5

WWE SmackDown

Naomi and Tamina vs. Natalya and Paige

Natalya and Tamina starts off the match. Natalya with a waist lock. Tamina works on the shoulder of Natalya. Tamina drives Natalya head first to the mat. Tamina tags in Naomi. Naomi with a kick to the ribs of Natalya. Naomi with a head scissors shake to Natalya. Natalya with a drop toe hold and tags in Paige. Natalya & Paige connect with a double team snap mare. Paige with a boot to the face of Naomi. Paige tags in Natalya. Natalya runs through the back of Naomi. Natalya gets Naomi in position for the Sharp Shooter. Naomi gets to the ring apron and Natalya is backed away from the referee. Naomi drops Natalya with a high kick. Naomi with a leg drop to Natalya for a two count. Naomi tags in Tamina. Tamina with a clothesline to Natalya for a two count. Tamina attacks Paige.

The referee backs Paige up and Team Bad double team Natalya. Naomi with a running dropkick for a two count. Naomi applies a rear chin lock. Naomi tags in Tamina. Tamina with a snap mare and applies a rear chin lock. Natalya with a series of back elbows, but Tamina drives Natalya down to the mat. Paige and Naomi are tagged in. Paige with a corner knee to Naomi. Paige with a knee to the jaw of Naomi for a two count. Naomi stomps on Paige’s foot. Paige goes for the Fallaway Slam, but Naomi gets back on her own feet. Paige sends Naomi face first to the top turnbuckle. Paige with a Rampaige to Naomi for a one count as Tamina breaks the pin attempt. Natalya gets Tamina in the Sharpshooter and Paige gets Naomi in the PTO. Team Bad taps out and Paige and Natalya pick up the victory.

Winners: Natalya and Paige 
Match Rating: 2.25/5

So there you have it, the breakdown for the week in women's wrestling. What were some of your favorite and least favorite moments from these women? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!

MATCH OF THE WEEK: Natalya and Paige vs Naomi and Tamina (WWE SmackDown)


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