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WWE Monday Night Raw 3/28/2016 Live Results Coverage

Posted by Unknown Monday, March 28, 2016
Tonight's episode of WWE Monday Night Raw for March 28, 2016 is coming to you live from the Barclays Center in Brooklyn, NY. Follow along here for live, ongoing coverage of the results of the show to find out what happens as things occur and chat with fellow WWE fans in the comments below and in the chat on the sidebar!

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Really all I need to say here is.. Last Monday Night Raw before WrestleMania! Expect to see everyone that is to be involved in the big show out in full force tonight. The likes of Brock Lesnar, Shane McMahon, The Undertaker, and HHH are all scheduled to appear on Raw tonight! I'm sure Vince McMahon will also be making an appearance as well as the build up to the hell in a cell match for control of Monday Night Raw will continue! I'm sure we will see HHH and Roman in the same ring after Roman put yet another senseless beating on the champ last week. Will there be any big changes with only six days left until the WWE takes over Dallas? Find out tonight!

PROMO: The gongs are hit.. The lights go dark.. Lightening strikes.. That means the first promo of the night belongs to The Undertaker! Taker starts off by saying this Sunday will not be his last WrestleMania. Which is of course met with loads of "YES!" chants. He then says that whatever happens to Shane inside hell in a cell.. Is on Vince's hands. But Vinces demise will be on Takers hands. WrestleMania is The Undertakers yard, and hell in a cell is his house. At WrestleMania Shane McMahon will Rest In Peace. Then Shane O' Mac comes in! His shoe game is always A+. Shane says that Sunday, the two men will tear each other apart because they have no other choice. Shane says he is the instrument of change that we have needed for a very long time, and that after Sunday whatever is left of him is coming to Monday Night Raw the following night in control of the show. "If I have to cement my legacy by destroying yours, then that's exactly what I'll do." Undertaker takes offence to Shane talking about his legacy, and Shane heads down to the ring, and gets face to face with Taker and he says that his legacy died two years ago at the hands of Brock Lesnar. Taker says Shane is just like his old man, and that's not a surprise because ever since he was born he has been his "Daddy's bitch". The Shane goes after Taker! But it doesn't take long for Taker to stop him out and then he preps the announce table for Shane to go right through! He got ready for the Last Ride but Shane escapes and uses a TV monitor right into the skull of Taker and lays him flat on the announce table. Then Shane goes to the top rope in the ring! This is awesome as all hell. He puts him through the announce table with a sick elbow from the top rope!! I think they forgot this isn't WrestleMania yet. Talk about starting off with a bang.. As Shane is walking out of the ring Taker sits up and the look on Shane's face was priceless. This was 17 minutes of pure gold.

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MATCH: Zack Ryder vs. Chris Jericho

Before the match gets started out comes AJ Styles! AJ can't believe that Jericho won't give him the WrestleMania match he asked for against him. He says that he won't be leaving tonight until Jericho accepts his challenge and sits down at ringside.

Ryder goes for a roll up pin while Y2J was distracted, but its a two-count and Jericho goes on a rampage while directed insults at Styles. Ryder then starts his comeback with a missile dropkick, and went for the Broski Boot. Jericho catches him and goes for the Walls of Jericho, but Styles starts a "Y2Jackass" chant, then Ryder gets a roll up pin for the win!!

Jericho hits an angry Codebreaker on Ryder after the pin, and then Styles runs in to stop him as Jericho explodes in anger on the outside. Y2J accepts the match at WrestleMania.

RESULT: Zack Ryder wins via pin fall.
THOUGHTS: This whole thing was very very good!

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MATCH: Charlotte (w Ric Flair) vs. Becky Lynch

Sasha Banks is sitting at ringside for this one as all three ladies will be in a triple threat match for the Divas Title this Sunday at Mania.

Becky starts off on top with an arm drag and an arm bar. Charlotte reverses and grabs a handful of hair to pull Becky to the mat.

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We come back to Charlotte in control, but Becky quickly takes the match back with a Bexplex for a two-count. Becky continues the assault with a drop kick that sends Charlotte to the outside. Charlotte spots Sasha closing in and runs into the ring. Becky chases and Ric distracts her. The distraction allows Charlotte to hit a Natural Selection for the win.

RESULT: Becky Lynch wins via pin fall.
THOUGHTS: This was a good segment, but I am tired of Ric Flair.

PROMO: Renee asks Vince McMahon about Shane putting Taker through the announce table earlier, and he says he isn't surprised and that he knows that Shane will do anything and everything to win over control of the WWE Universe. Then Shane comes in and say that he is tired of Vince thinking he is a god. Shane says "You stole this company from your father, but this Sunday I'm taking it from you."

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MATCH: The Social Outcasts vs. Big Show & Kane

Curtis Axel and Bo Dallas will be representing The Social Outcasts.

The match doesn't last 10 seconds before the rest of The Social Outcasts storm the ring, and then several of the superstars from the back join in as they build up the Andre The Giant Memorial Battle Royal.

RESULT: Big Show and Kane win via DQ.
THOUGHTS: This was a decent way to build up the battle royal without taking too much time.

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PROMO: The champ, HHH, is here! Of course, his wife is right along side him. Steph assaults the crowd about they should appropriately respect the champ. HHH says he is the only reason that people will be tuning in to WrestleMania. He and the WWE World Heavyweight Championship. He says its everyone's dream to stand at Mania as champ, but no one in the arena will do it. He then tries to talk up Roman Reigns. Saying he is "so good" that he can accomplish all these things. Like becoming champion for a record breaking 5 minutes and 15 seconds. He says he is obsessed with being champion. That obsession led him to being the greatest WWE Superstar in history. He says that Roman has already lost this Sunday. He says that his obsession is the end of Romans dream. No matter what he is walking out the WWE World Heavyweight Champion. Out comes Roman, and the crowd goes mild. Roman doesn't have anything to say, but just starts attacking Hunter. Stephanie blocks him from giving chase to the Champ. The "Roman sucks!" chants are loud and clear in Brooklyn.

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MATCH: Kofi Kingston (w The New Day) vs. Alberto Del Rio (w League of Nations)

Kofi and Del Rio go at it quickly. Del Rio ends up on the outside after an attempted kick, and is distracted by none other than Woods and his trombone. After they get in the ring Del Rio hits what can only be described as a reverse superplex with Kofi landing on his stomach instead of his back.

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We come back to Del Rio still in control with a tilt-a-whirl back breaker. Kofi then gets a reversal in but Del Rio hits another backstabber. Del Rio charges but Kofi jumps and puts both knees into the chest of Del Rio and smashes him to the floor for a two-count. Then Del Rio hits that nasty suspended foot stomp after a reversal, and signals for the arm breaker. Kingston then rolls him up with a reversal pin fall for the win.

Coachman is here! The Coach is back. He drops a bombshell saying SportsCenter is going to be live from WrestleMania! That is HUGE!

RESULT: Kofi Kingston wins via pin fall.
THOUGHTS: I've really lost interest in this feud knowing the tag titles aren't up for grabs at Mania.

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Joan Lunden will be honored as the Warrior Award this Saturday at the Hall of Fame induction ceremony.

PROMO: Renee tries to talk to Roman Reigns, but Bubba Ray Dudley interrupts and asks if he wants to finish what they started on SmackDown. Then D-Von comes in and HHH helps out as the 3 on 1 assault starts. After the assault The Dudleys leave and HHH continues by saying he will never win the title and that his dream is over. He then slams Romans face straight into the belt.

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MATCH: Kalisto vs. Konnor (w Viktor)

Kalisto uses his speed to keep him on top and hits a quick Salida Del Sol for the win.

RESULT: Kalisto wins via pin fall.
THOUGHTS: I'm still a little salty that the US Title isn't the multi-man ladder match instead of the Intercontinental Title.

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PROMO: The Beast and his advocate are here! Heyman reminds us that we are 6 days away from Lesnar and Ambrose go one on one in a no holds barred match exactly as it should be. He says that Dean Ambrose deserves all the credit in the world. He is a lot smarter than what people believe, and Dean thinks that if he takes Lesnar out of his element into a street fight with weapons that are encouraged that he could truly win. Paul Heyman says it is a guarantee not a prediction that Lesnar wins. Then out comes Dean, and he is dragging some sort of wagon with God knows what in it. Dean is taking weapons from under the ring and putting them in the wagon and saving them for Mania. Dean doesn't even say a word. He grabs his weapons, and leaves. He didn't even look at Lesnar. Beautiful.

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MATCH: Paige vs. Emma

Emma wins via pin fall and then attacks Paige. Then both teams involved in the WrestleMania tag match attack one another.

RESULT: Emma wins via pin fall.
THOUGHTS: The match wasn't good. Eva Marie coming out to help wasn't good. But Emma being heel Emma is very good.

PROMO: R-Truth and Goldust talk about how they cannot help one another in the battle royal.

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Snoop Dogg is the celebrity induction into the WWE Hall Of Fame

MATCH: Dolph Ziggler, Sami Zayn & Sin Cara vs. Kevin Owens, Miz & Stardust

I will cover this like I cover all tag matches!

Sami Zayn hits the Helluva kick on KO for the win.

RESULT: Ziggler, Zayn, and Sin Cara win via pin fall.
THOUGHTS: This match lasted forever. But the ending of Zayn and KO(should be the match at Mania) was a decent pay off.

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PROMO: The Champ and his wife are coming back out to talk to the WWE Universe. Stephanie says that everyone looks at them with such hatred because they just wish they could live like they do. Everyone is hoping for new leadership and a new champ come next Monday. But she says that the championship isn't going anywhere, and neither are they. As HHH is talking, out comes Roman who is limping. HHH goes out to meet him on the apron and the fight begins. Stephanie calls for more superstars to come help her husband as all of them hold back Roman for HHH to beat. Then The Usos and the rest of the "faces" come out to handle HHH and all hell breaks loose with people fighting. Roman hops over the top rope into a sea of superstars as HHH retreats.


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