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WWE Monday Night Raw 3/21/2016 Live Results Coverage

Posted by Anthony Mango Monday, March 21, 2016
Tonight's episode of WWE Monday Night Raw for March 21, 2016 is coming to you live from the Wells Fargo Center in Philadelphia, PA. Follow along here for live, ongoing coverage of the results of the show to find out what happens as things occur and chat with fellow WWE fans in the comments below!

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Stephanie McMahon starts us off with a promo in the ring about how Triple H won't be at Raw and how Roman Reigns is (insert derision). Reigns comes out to cut a serious promo about how he's going to kick Triple H's ass at WrestleMania. He blocks Stephanie's attempt at a slap and says "now, I'm The Authority" and leaves. Looks like we're getting an "announcement" tonight for the Hell in a Cell match. That'll take up 20 minutes.

* Kevin Owens defeated AJ Styles via pinfall with a roll-up after a distraction from Chris Jericho

After the match, Kevin Owens gets on the mic to say everyone is asking who will challenge him for his title. Dolph Ziggler comes out to throw his name in the hat. The Miz comes out to do the same. And here comes Sami Zayn to follow suit. Owens suggests a triple threat match to determine who will get the title shot.

Backstage promo: Terry Funk talks up Dean Ambrose and much like Mick Foley gave him the barbed wire bat, Funk gives him a chainsaw.

The League of Nations come out to cut a promo on how "New Day sucks" which prompts The New Day to come out to defend themselves on the mic.

* Big E defeated Rusev via pinfall with a Big Ending

Backstage promo: The Wyatt Family spout a bunch of nonsense. By now, you know that nothing they say really matters and it's all fluff, so just Google some ominous sounding phrases and you've got the gist of this.

Big Show comes out to talk about the Andre the Giant Memorial Battle Royal and how he wants to win it for the second time. The Social Outcasts come out to talk about how they'll eliminate him, how Voltron is cool, "the yee is stupid" (the chop thing) and so on. They quadruple-team Big Show, but Kane comes out to even the odds. He then tosses Big Show off the turnbuckle to prove a point that it's every man for himself in the battle royal. (Yeah, none of these six men are winning)

* Chris Jericho defeated Fandango via pinfall with a Codebreaker despite an attempted distraction from AJ Styles

Kevin Owens comes out to announce the competitors in the triple threat match. First, he announces...Stardust. Then, Sin Cara. I'm assuming Tyler Breeze is next. Nope, Zack Ryder. The Miz, Dolph Ziggler and Sami Zayn come out to argue with Kevin Owens while the match goes on.

* Stardust vs. Sin Cara vs. Zack Ryder is thrown out when Kevin Owens and the others get involved.

Backstage, Kevin Owens talks to Stephanie McMahon. He says none of those six deserve a title shot at WrestleMania, and she announces he'll fight all six of them instead, in a ladder match.

Backstage, Roman Reigns pulls Triple H out of his car and attacks him before Hunter gets back in and drives off. That was awkward.

* Charlotte defeated Natalya via pinfall with the Natural Selection

* Bubba Ray Dudley defeated R-Truth via pinfall. Goldust comes out to help R-Truth out after the match when both Dudley Boyz attack him. After Truth and Goldust don't amount to much, The Usos come out to settle a score and they bring out a table. They put D-Von on the table, but Bubba Ray comes in to save him and they run.

Vince McMahon's announcement is that if The Undertaker loses, it will be his last WrestleMania.

* Braun Strowman defeated Dean Ambrose by disqualification after Ambrose used a chair on Strowman

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