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WWE Monday Night Raw 11/2/2015 Live Results Coverage

Posted by Unknown Monday, November 2, 2015
Tonight's episode of WWE Monday Night Raw for November 2, 2015 is coming to you live from the Pepsi Center in Denver, CO. Follow along here for live, ongoing coverage of the results of the show to find out what happens as things occur and chat with fellow WWE fans in the comments below and in the chat on the sidebar!

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WWE has a lot of building up to for a staple PPV in Survivor Series. It is pretty obvious that The Wyatt Family along with Taker and Kane will be a big part of that. The Wyatts carried Taker away at the end of the main event at HIAC, and carried The Demon Kane away on Raw in the same fashion last week. Now it could very well be building up for a different PPV, and it is just a long play. In my eyes, all signs point to a Team Wyatt vs. Team Taker main event at Survivor Series. Randy Orton is one of the featured superstars for tonight according to WWE's website, and if you remember they said The Wyatts attacked him and took him out and made him watch HIAC on the sidelines. That, in my opinion, adds another member to Team Taker and possibly Ambrose since he never got his HIAC moment against The Family thanks to that Orton injury. Last week we saw Roman Reigns named the new number one contender to Seth Rollins' WWE World Heavyweight Championship in what will be an inevitable collision at Survivor Series that most saw coming a mile away. We also saw Paige heel turn(again?) on Team PCB which I hope means Becky Lynch will finally get a PPV slot as well. Other than that I expect to see a lot more build for secondary titles(please be Cesaro since he has been a ball of fire recently), and the Tag Team Championships this week.

PROMO: The opening promo belongs to the new number one contender to the WWE World Heavyweight Championship, Roman Reigns. Roman gets quite the pop from the Denver crowd. People really starting to respect this guy. Roman gives credit to Seth being good n the ring, but says he is a better brown-noser and ass kisser to The Authority. He says there is not a force on Earth that could stop him from becoming the next champ. Out comes the current champ, Seth Rollins, to join the fray! Standing on the stage, Seth says that if no one else could take his title, no one can. Seth brings up the fact that Roman paid him a compliment, and Rollins returns the favor saying Reigns is no slouch in the ring either. Seth says the only way people will remember Roman is the guy that carried his bags. Reigns invites Seth to the ring, and Seth starts walking that way. The Authority comes out to stop the fun. They say they need to make the match official, teasing the crowd Stephanie teases the crowd by saying they'll get that match just not tonight. Stephanie says that match will take place at Survivor Series. HHH says that they'll have a Survivor Series elimination match tonight, Team Rollins vs. Team Reigns.

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MATCH: Dolph Ziggler vs. Kevin Owens

These two were apart of the number one contenders fatal fourway match last week, and will face off one on one here tonight.

Kevin Owens starts off quickly attacking Dolph's knee. Stomping and pounding on it repeatedly. Dolph tries to fight back, but Owens stops that in its tracks. Owens tries an Irish Whip into the ropes but Ziggler falls as his leg gives out. Finally Dolph fights back up, and hits a huge DDT as Owens rolls out of the ring. Tyler Breeze then comes out with Summer Rae.

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We come back with Owens still dominating as Tyler Breeze and Summer Rae sit in their VIP area. Ziggler fighting back to his feet, but again gets stomped back down. Owens locks in another chin lock in the middle of the ring. Dolph gets separation by using a chin buster, and a big clothesline. The comeback continues with a big neck breaker, and a big elbow to the chest for a two-count. Dolph goes for a roll up pin and gets a two-count and then after a mutiny of reversals KO hits a big German suplex. KO goes for a cannon ball, misses, gets pinned, but kicks out at two. Breeze causes a distraction, and Owens hits a pop-up power bomb for the win.

Breeze goes in to take a picture of the defeated Ziggler, but Ziggler gets a punch in and tries to fight to his feet. As he is getting up Breeze hits his signature Beauty Shot and walks out of the ring.

RESULT: Owens wins via pin fall.
THOUGHTS: This was a good match. Dolph has mastered the art at selling moves and injuries. On that note, a Dolph vs. Breeze match will be fantastic. Both are incredible in the ring, but I just wish Summer Rae had nothing to do with it.

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PROMO: Rollins is talking to Owens backstage. Congratulates him on the win, and then asks him to be on Team Rollins tonight, and Owens agrees.

PROMO: Renee interviewing Becky Lynch about Paige turning on her and Charlotte last week. Becky says that was an eye opener, and she cannot wait to get her hands on her tonight in the divas number one contender fatal four way between Becky, Brie Bella, Paige, and SASHA BANKS. Brie shows up and says that she'll win. Becky says otherwise. The usual.

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MATCH: Cesaro vs. The Miz

This match was announced on the RAW Pre-Show as the two superstars had an altercation backstage.

Miz wins the opening lock up as the match gets underway. Cesaro then reverses into a wrist lock, and then gets put into a headlock. Cesaro then catches Miz in midair and hits a backbreaker, and then starts the uppercut train. Three uppercuts later, Miz rolls out of the ring and then pulls Cesaro down with him. Cesaro eats the barricade, and then gets thrown into the ring for a two-count. Miz locks in a chin lock, but Cesaro uses his strength to get back to his feet. He is thrown into the corner and gets hit with a clothesline and a double axe handle drop from the top rope via Miz. Miz goes for the Skull Crushing Finale, Cesaro counters that into the swing! The crowd counts 25 rotations, Cesaro puts on a Sharpshooter and Miz taps out.

RESULT: Cesaro wins via submission.
THOUGHTS: Kind of a weird match. Cesaro did not do much in the way of offense, but he got the win! He has not won much lately, so that's something to rejoice nonetheless.

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PROMO: Bray Wyatt comes out to explain why he took The Brothers Of Destruction, and carried them off. The Eater of Worlds starts off by saying that every night is special, but tonight that everyone watching will get something they'll never forget. He reminds of us that he carried out Undertaker and Kane both. He says that he and his family were not after their bodies, but their souls. Their souls last forever if "consumed" by a higher power. He has apparently become that higher power. He says that everyone can bare witness that he and his family have successfully harvested the souls of Taker and Kane, and he now has new power from it. He can now summon the thunder and lightening used in Takers entrance, and the flames from Kane. He says it is well within his power to call on the sources of evil, and its well in his power to take our world burn it straight to hell. They then play a montage of Kane and Takers career.. Like they died or something. As they come back to the ring all you hear is Bray yell "Follow the Buzzards".

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MATCH: Lucha Dragons vs. King Barrett & Sheamus

I wonder if Rusev is in the back watching all jealous of his only two friends.

Starting off with Sheamus and Kalisto as Sheamus bullies him around. Kalisto uses his quickness to get a little offense in, but Sheamus' power wins out in the end. He tags in Barrett who stomps a mud hole into Kalisto. The Lucha Dragons use a nice double team move on Barrett but only get a two-count. Barrett quickly fights back, and gains control. He takes Kalisto outside the ring, and throws him into the barricade.

*Commercial Break*

We come back from break with Kalisto getting the best of Barrett with a roll up pin, but Barrett kicks out and makes him pay. Sheamus is tagged in and just rocks Kalisto with nasty uppercuts. Kalisto jumps over Sheamus and rolls to Sin Cara for a tag. Sin Cara uses his crazy offense to take out both Sheamus and Barrett. Sheamus goes shoulder first into the ring post. Sin Cara gets knocked off the top-rope and Kalisto saves the match by breaking up the pin. Barrett goes for another pin, but only gets a two-count. Sin Cara eats another dirty uppercut from Barrett, and then Sheamus is tagged in. Sheamus suplexes Sin Cara and taunts the crowd. Sin Cara tries to fight back again, but gets hit with an Irish Curse back breaker. Then uses the 10 Beats of Bodhran. Barrett then comes in and hits a huge boot to the face. Sin Cara still kicks out at two. Sheamus comes back in. Sin Cara creates separation and gets a tag, as well as Barrett getting tagged in. Kalisto uses his incredible speed and takes it Barrett with a big DDT. Sheamus breaks up the pin. After all hell breaks loose Kalisto counters the Bull Hammer for a win.

RESULT: Lucha Dragons win via pin fall.
THOUGHTS: Awesome tag match! Two totally different styles meshed so well together into a very entertaining match. Lucha Dragons get a big win,

PROMO: Jack Swagger is talking to his old manager Zeb Colter. Zeb talk about MexAmerica(still ridiculous), and Swagger stops him and says he does not believe him. Alberto shows up and tells him to stay away. Swagger still does not believe as Del Rio and Zeb leave.

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MATCH: R-Truth vs. Alberto Del Rio(w Zeb Colter) 

Del Rio charges Truth to start the match, but Truth moves out of the way. Once back in the ring, Del Rio takes control. He puts Truth is a cross arm breaker on the ropes, and is forced to break it. Truth hits a high kick as soon as Del Rio gets back in the ring for a two-count. Del Rio does not take long to recover as he plants R-Truth and locks him in the chin-lock. Truth uses his strength to suplex out of it, and gets a two-count. Another reversal sees Truth in the Tree of Woe on the ropes and eating kicks like crazy. The Del Rio uses that double foot stomp from the ropes to win.

RESULT: Del Rio wins via pin fall.
THOUGHTS: This match was as "meh" as "meh" can get. Nothing special whatsoever.

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PROMO: Seth Rollins is backstage with New Day as New Day asks to be on Team Rollins tonight. Rollins agrees as long as they play by his rules. New Day agrees! Team Rollins is set! Rollins, The New Day, and Kevin Owens.

PROMO: Sasha is being interviewed by Jojo who asks if shes feeling pressure to deliver tonight. Sasha says she always delivers.

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DIVAS NUMBER ONE CONTENDER MATCH: Becky Lynch vs. Paige vs. Brie Bella vs. Sasha Banks

I am going to cover this the way I covered the number one contenders fatal fourway last week. Just hit the high points for you guys because there is sure to be a lot going on. The winner of this match will challenge Charlotte at Survivor Series for the WWE Diva's Championship.

-Sasha Banks is a high point enough
-Becky attacks Paige for PCB implosion
-Becky and Sasha fighting bring back memories of their incredible NXT match. Go watch it.
-Brie Bella drop kick from top rope taking out Becky and Sasha.
-Becky driving Paige into barricade, Paige returning the favor but with steel steps.
-Sasha suspended double knee stomp on Brie.
-Missed missile drop kick by Brie, Paige attempted pin broken up by Sasha
-Brie using the "YES" kicks
-Becky power bombs Paige and Brie as they superplex Sasha from the top rope. Fucking awesome.
-Becky "Lasskicker" Lynch kicks ass.
-Becky lands Disarmer, but Sasha breaks it up.
-Sasha lands Bank Statement on Becky, Paige breaks it up.
-Paige beats Becky with a Rampaige.

RESULTS: Paige wins via pin fall. Will face Charlotte at Survivor Series.
THOUGHTS: This was awesome in my opinion. All around great spots by all four Diva's. Wanted to see Becky or Sasha win.. Mostly Sasha, but their time will come! Paige truly started the Divas Revolution, and her and Charlotte should put on a good show!

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PROMO: Renee interviews Charlotte backstage about facing Paige at Survivor Series. Charlotte says Paige will not win the mind games. She says whenever someone says she is just there because of her daddy, she gets that much better. And Paige does not stand a chance at Survivor Series.

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I am going to cover this like the fatal fourway. I'm afraid I will not be able to keep up with quick tags, and quick moves. Nonetheless, this is an elimination tag match, and it will end when one team has been totally eliminated.

Team Rollins: Seth Rollins, The New Day, Kevin Owens
Team Reigns: Roman Reigns, The Usos(They're back!), Ryback, Dean Ambrose

-The Usos are back! Tag division gets that much stronger.
-Xavier Woods immediately eats a super kick and splash via The Usos to be eliminated. Now 5 on 4.
-Kevin Owens getting angry at New Days dancing is pretty good stuff.
-The Flying Usos!
-Jimmy Uso uses frog splash to eliminate Kofi Kingston. 5 on 3 in favor of team Reigns.
-Big E uses the Big Ending to eliminate Jey Uso. 4 on 3 in favor of Team Reigns.
-Kevin Owens uses pop-up power bomb to eliminate Jimmy Uso. 3 on 3 tie.
-Roman Reigns comes in and cleans house.
-Owens super kicks Reigns.
-Ryback comes in and cleans house
-Ryback vs. Big E was good enough on its own.
-Ryback Shellshocks Big E for elimination. 3 on 2 Team Reigns.
-Rollins immediately Pedigrees Ryback for elimination. 2 on 2. Reigns and Ambrose vs. Rollins and Owens.
-Rollins super kicks Ambrose, Reigns breaks up pin.
-Rollins hits Owens accidentally with flying knee.
-Ambrose hits Dirty Deeds on Owens for elimination. 2 on 1 Team Reigns.
-Rollins tries to run, Ambrose stops him.
-Rollins uses chair for DQ. Team Reigns "wins".

RESULT: Team Reigns wins via DQ
THOUGHTS: Great match, ridiculous ending.. Ending this match through a DQ was the worst way they could have ended it. We go through that whole match for basically nothing. The match itself was phenomenal. We do not get to see that type of match but once a year so its a nice change of pace. Feel screwed with that ending.

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