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Divas Debrief: Women's Wrestling This Week for 11/4/2015

Posted by Unknown Wednesday, November 4, 2015
Each week, DIVAS DEBRIEF runs down the events that transpired in women's professional wrestling from the past couple of days. From the WWE Divas to the TNA Knockouts including some other companies as well, Smark Out Moment attempts to keep you up to date on all things going on with the ladies of the ring. 

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WWE Monday Night Raw

PCB vs Team Bella

Paige and Nikki start off. Nikki throws Paige across the ring, and Paige returns the favor and tries for a pin, but to no avail. After a big knee, Paige goes for another pin, and gets a two-count. After a distraction Nikki takes control and tags in Alicia. Paige takes the upper hand immediately, and then tags in Charlotte for a nice double team move. Alicia takes control of Charlotte and then tags Brie. Brie goes all "Brie Mode" and knees Charlotte in the face for a two-count. Charlotte counters a kick and tags in Becky. Becky takes out Brie almost immediately and is gaining momentum for her team. Everyone gets in the ring and all hell breaks lose. Nikki seems to be the legal person and hits the forearm and the Rack Attack for the win.

Paige, frustrated with the loss, then starts attacking her teammates post-match. She hits two Rampaiges on Charlotte and Becky. Then places her PTO on Charlotte for shits and giggles. So we're back to where we were a few weeks ago? This does not make sense to me. You turn her heel, then you make her a tweener and you have her sorta turn again in almost the exact same manner as the first time, except there's no crying Ric Flair (somewhere out there, Ric Flair is crying just for this fact alone).

WWE Main Event

Brie Bella vs Becky Lynch

They lock up and Brie sends Becky into the ropes and Brie with a clean break. They lock up and Brie with a side head lock and take down but Becky with a reversal into an arm bar. Becky with a wrist lock and arm bar. Brie with an elbow but Becky floats over on an Irish whip. Becky with arm drags into an arm bar. Brie backs Becky into the turnbuckles and slams Becky’s head into the turnbuckle. Brie has a kick blocked and Becky with a dragon screw leg whip followed by a series of snap leg drops and a spinning leg drop to lead into a near fall. Brie goes to the floor and Nikki wants a time out for her sister. Brie with a shoulder from the apron and Brie goes to the turnbuckles but Becky with a forearm to stop her and Becky sets for a superplex. Brie with forearms to drop Becky on the top rope. Brie with a running bulldog and she gets a near fall as we go to commercial.

We are back and Brie with an arm bar but Becky with punches. Brie with a flying clothesline and she gets a near fall. Brie with kicks of Yes to Becky and instead of the round kick, she ends with a drop kick. Brie with a knee to the midsection and it is time for the Brie Mode Running Knee to Becky against the ropes and Brie gets a near fall. Brie with a reverse chin lock on Becky. Becky with punches but Brie with a knee and Becky is down on the mat. Brie mocks Charlotte and Brie gets a near fall. Brie with an elbow to the collarbone and she follows with a rear chin lock. Becky with a series of European uppercuts and then both women go for clotheslines at the same time and both are down.

Becky with a forearm as she blocks punches from Brie. Becky with clotheslines and then she hits a drop kick. Becky with a double jump side kick in the corner followed by a drop kick for a near fall. Becky tries for a slam but Brie gets to her feet. Becky with an Irish whip but Brie with an elbow and a missile drop kick. Brie gets a near fall. Brie has a kick blocked and Becky with an Exploder suplex for a near fall. Brie with a kick but Becky avoids the X Factor and Becky with the DisArmHer. Brie tries to get to the ropes and she crawls to get her foot on the rope. Becky has to release the hold. Charlotte gets on the apron to talk to the referee and Nikki pulls Becky to the mat and Brie hits the X Factor for the three count.

TNA Impact Wrestling

Awesome Kong vs Gail Kim (World Series Match)

This match, while it was the lone Knockouts match last week, this was the main event of Impact. This is how you show that you do care about women's wrestling instead of spewing out Divas Revolution over and over againThe two girls circle each other for a few moments. This is quite tense. The fans seem to be solidly behind Kim. Lock up attempt but Kong throws Gail aside. Gail goes after Kong with a flurry of kicks and punches. Kim goes outside for a rest for a few seconds then gets back in the ring to and jumps on Kong for the arm submission. Kong fights out with the Irish whip and sends Gail hurtling to the floor as we go to commercials.

Back from commercial and we see Kong dominating Gail. She goes for the sit-down splash but misses. Kim recovers in the corner and goes for the head-scissor take down but she can't do it and Kong clotheslines her. Kong stands on her and goes after her neck. Fans boo. Kong puts her in the sleeper, but Gail fights out and hits the jawbreaker. She follows it up with kicks and punches. Kong goes the head-scissors followed by the Octupus move but Kong catches her and sits on her for the two count. Kim gets up and dropkicks Kong onto the floor. Flying plancha from the ring! Kim waits for Kong to come back in. The ref starts the 10 count. Kong is able to break the count. Kim tries the head-scissors. She goes for the armbar but Kong gets out. Kim tries a crossbody on Kong but Kong is able to catch her and hit a body slam. Kong gets the two count. Kong tries the chokeslam but Kim DDTs out of it. Gail slowly gets up and attacks Kong with kicks. She runs and dropkicks her. She hits the moonsault and gets the 2. Some fighting in the corner. Kong goes for the backfist and powerbomb but Gail manages to counter with the hurricanrana. Kim wins.

Emma vs Shazza McKenzie
Nia Jax vs Kay Lee Ray

Emma shoots Shazza into the ropes. Emma sends Shazza down to the mat after a shoulder block. The two lock up with Shazza sending Emma into the ropes. Shazza drops down into a split, but Emma stops in her tracks and dropkicks her in the face. Emma whips Shazza over by her hair, than stands on her hair while pulling her up by the arms. Emma keeps whipping Shazza around the ring with multiple hair snapmares. Shazza tries to fight out of Emma’s corner onslaught, but she ends up eating an Emma-mite sandwich. Emma curb stomps Shazza, then applies the Emma-lock for the win.

After a lock up, Jax drives Ray into the corner. Jax allows Ray to get out of her own power. Jax charges Ray in the corner, but Ray moves and lands a few stiff rights and lefts. Jax tosses Ray over the top rope but Ray lands on the apron. Ray hits a head kick. Ray mounts the top rope and dives off, but Jax just walks out of the way. Ray springboards off the middle rope, but Jax catches her in midair and slams her down with a slam, followed by a leg drop for the win.

WWE SmackDown

Paige vs. Natalya

Paige starts things off with a hard kick to Natalya's face She stomps on her, taunting the crowd all the while before going for the cover for a nearfall. Paige continues the assault on Natalya in the corner, laying into her with punches and stomps. She continues to taunt the crowd as she picks up Natalya, who reverses an Irish whip but gets kicked before hitting a clothesline and a German suplex! Suddenly, Sasha Banks and Team B.A.D. make their way out and trash talking Natalya. It's enough of a distraction for Paige to hit the Rampaige for the win!

So there you have it, the breakdown for the week in women's wrestling. What were some of your favorite and least favorite moments from these women? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!

MATCH OF THE WEEK: Gail Kim vs Awesome Kong (TNA Impact Wrestling)


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