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Tonight at Hell in a Cell, WWE has made one of their best booking decisions in a long time by having John Cena defend his United States Championship in an open challenge. But with Cena being rumored to take at least two months off after Hell in a Cell, this challenge is now a must-watch because it is highly likely that whoever answers the challenge is going to walk out of the Staples Center with the US title and a victory over WWE's very own Superman! So here are my picks for John Cena's US Open Challenge.

John Cena Open Challenge for United States Championship at WWE Pay per view Hell in a Cell 2015

Braun Strowman

Strowman is being built up as one of the biggest monsters in WWE and this could be solidified with a win over John Cena. However, Strowman's in-ring skills aren't up to the quality that should see him pick up a win here. But, if WWE were to play the long game, they could put over two superstars by having Strowman get the win in a squash here, build him up to be an unstoppable monster, then have someone else put over even more by beating him for the title at a later event.

The New Day

The New Day are three of the hottest superstars on the roster right now, so to see them twice in one pay-per-view is a win in anyone's books. It is likely that The Dudley Boyz are going to win the Tag Team Championships off them to extend the feud until TLC, so winning this match would allow New Day to keep momentum. However, WWE could be ready to push New Day even further by doing what they most recently did with The Shield and give them the Tag Team Titles and the US Title.


Rusev may be an interesting outside bet to answer the challenge. It would give him the push that many feel he deserved in his last feud against Cena, but overall this seems like an unlikely option.


Cesaro is another superstar who has had great matches with Cena this year, but hasn't been put over. This also seems like somewhat of an unlikely choice, but if WWE decides to give him the championship, I don't think many people will be complaining.

Kevin Owens

When it comes to unlikely options, this may be top of the list. Kevin Owens has been given a huge push since moving to the main roster, getting a win over Cena in his first match, and winning the Intercontinental Championship not long afterwards. Could WWE be about to merge the championships with Kevin Owens holding the new belt? In a word... no.


"The Man That Gravity Forgot" seems to be in a position where WWE wants to push him, but haven't had the right opportunity to do so yet. Well, here's your chance, and although there are people that deserve a push ahead of Neville, I don't think there would be many disappointed faces if he got one.

Daniel Bryan

WWE have been very quiet over a Daniel Bryan return and although it seems very unlikely that he will be back any time soon—if at all—this may be a great way for him to make a return straight to a championship position.

Dean Ambrose

When it comes to people who deserve a push, have the quality to beat Cena, and can continue to elevate the US Championship, Dean Ambrose is my top pick. He now no longer has a match on this card so if he could walk out with the US Title, I doubt anyone would complain.

Dolph Ziggler

Ziggler is probably one of the favorites to answer the challenge. With some suggestions of a feud starting between these two, this would give Cena a reason to carry it on when he comes back from his break.

Finn Balor

The NXT champion is ready to make his main roster debut and it looks like NXT is ready to give either Apollo Crews or Samoa Joe the top spot in Florida, so what better way would there be for Finn Balor to make an impact on his debut than to beat John Cena and win the US Championship?

Tyler Breeze

Tyler Breeze made his main roster debut on SmackDown earlier this week, but is he ready to hold a title or to beat John Cena yet? I think so. He may not hold it for long, but it would be a great way to give one of NXT's best performers a belated welcome to the main roster.

Adam Rose

Now, before you think I've gone crazy, I know that there's a reason I haven't seen Adam Rose mentioned anywhere as a possibility to beat John Cena. However, WWE have been posting short clips of a heel Adam Rose talking to someone-Bray Wyatt style-with the latest being "all those little children lost there smiles thanks to you, you should be disgusted". As much as I don't want Rose to get this big of a push out of nowhere, he is my outside bet to make a big impact tonight.

More than one person answers

Another way WWE could approach this match could be to have more than one person answer the challenge, this could see Cena lose the title without actually losing and could see a new feud for the title immediately set up. The most likely options for this are for Dolph Ziggler to answer alongside either Rusev or Tyler Breeze—or perhaps there's a Fatal 4-Way. This seems like an interesting option as we haven't seen more than a singles match for the Open Challenge yet and it would certainly add and interesting twist to the night.

There are a few more options that would see a twist to what most people are expecting to happen tonight. For example, John Cena may have one last Raw appearance before taking time off. This could be for a number of reasons. Cena may not lose the championship at Hell in a Cell and instead might lose it in another Open Challenge tomorrow night on Raw. He may also lose the championship at Hell in a Cell, then get his rematch tomorrow and lose that as well so that he can start a new feud when he returns. WWE may also go with an angle that sees Cena get kayfabe injured at Hell in a Cell and come back tomorrow to announce a tournament for the now vacant US Championship, or he may get kayfabe injured on Raw and forced to vacate the championship there. The final and perhaps biggest twist would be that either John Cena takes the title with him on his time off, or WWE has pulled off a huge feat in making everyone believe Cena will take time off when he's got no plans to go anywhere just yet.

So they're my thoughts but what do you guys think? Who will face John Cena? Who will walk out of Hell in a Cell with the United States Championship? And what are you looking forward to at tonight's event? Let us know in the comments below!

Ben Guest is a history student at De Montfort University in the United Kingdom. Outside of professional wrestling, he is also a fan of Liverpool FC.


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