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Divas Debrief: Women's Wrestling This Week for 9/6/2015

Posted by Unknown Sunday, September 6, 2015
Each week, DIVAS DEBRIEF runs down the events that transpired in women's professional wrestling from the past couple of days. From the WWE Divas to the TNA Knockouts including some other companies as well, Smark Out Moment attempts to keep you up to date on all things going on with the ladies of the ring.

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WWE Monday Night Raw
Beat The Clock Challenge:
Becky Lynch vs Alicia Fox
Charlotte vs Brie Bella
Paige vs Sasha Banks

It was announced this past weekend that all members of PCB would be in a Beat The Clock challenge to determine Nikki Bella's opponent for Night of Champions.

First up is Becky Lynch facing off against Alicia Fox. For the first minute of the match, Lynch was dominating the match, alternating between pin attempts, submissions, and countering any offense Fox mustered up. As the match keeps progressing, both women fight evenly until Becky uses more of her offense including an exploder suplex, a springboard kick to Fox in the corner and reverses a pin attempt by Fox into Lynch's Dis-arm-her submission until Fox taps out at 3 minutes and 21 seconds? Wow that's awfully quick even by Beat The Clock standards. Little did people knew that it would get much quicker for the other two women's matches of the night.

Charlotte is up next against Brie Bella. Once the bell rings, Brie does her absolute best to run out the clock, not even trying to wrestle Charlotte but hanging onto the ropes, going to the corners, and going outside the ring. She hits Charlotte outside the ring and pulls her to the floor. Once Charlotte comes back, she manages to get her hands on Brie and hits her with her Natural Selection finisher and wins at 1:40?! Really? The fact that two Divas matches went only five minutes total is a step backwards in what the Divas Revolution. This is does not bode well if matches go back to doing this.

Last but not is Paige squaring up against Sasha Banks. It's going to be very tough for Paige to beat the now former NXT Women's Champion in a minute and 40 seconds, but gosh dangit, she'll try her best. The match begins with Paige going for the pin just seconds into the match, abandoning all hope for a nice, technically sound match. Sasha takes advantage of Paige's recklessness and goes on the offensive. The two exchange pin attempts until Paige goes on a roll and hits Banks with a variety of moves including her RamPaige finisher. She goes for the win but Banks' Team B.A.D. teammates pull her out as time expires. Well, Charlotte is your new #1 contender. Congratulations to her.

WWE Main Event

Paige and Becky Lynch vs Naomi and Sasha Banks

This was the best match of the week out of all of these matches covered, but only based on how bad all the other ones were. Becky and Naomi start off the match and they both go through the motions of pretty much every normal exchange go when running the ropes. Becky hits Naomi with a springboard kick then tags Paige in and PCB look to be in control of the match even when Sasha Banks comes in. Looks like she is still angry about the whole costing her the number one contendership for the Divas title. After keeping Banks at bay for a while, Lynch gets tagged in and is soon beaten up by Banks and Naomi. Banks has Becky in a hold and she cannot get any offense going. Naomi is tagged in but not before Banks kicks her in the spine which continues Lynch's bad night. Naomi keeps the offense going for her team and once again Banks is tagged in. She keeps putting Lynch in various holds and doesn't seem like she could do anything until she manages to push Banks out of the ring and gives Paige the hot tag. Paige hits Banks with clotheslines and slam and goes for a pin that is broken off by Naomi. The two legal women exchange pin attempts until Paige goes for the PTO but is distracted by Tamina which gives Banks the opportunity to go for the small package and get the victory. Solid tag match and easily the best in the week.

TNA Impact Wrestling

Not much to be said of this segment. The Dollhouse come out and cut a promo, going off on their attack on Velvet Sky and the addition of their newest member until out comes... The Beautiful People? Not going to lie, this kind of caught me off guard. I liked the Beautiful People and their return should add intrigue in the Knockouts Division, but I'm worried that the belt will be put on the back burner for this feud. I'm not as big a fan of big women's feud that don't involve the title heavily, but I guess I can get behind this feud.


Eva Marie vs Billie Kay
Alexa Bliss vs Blue Pants

Eva Marie continues to prove she can hang in the ring and deserves to be in the WWE after receiving special training from Brian Kendrick months ago. She comes down to the ring wearing a Ric Flair-like robe which is a nice touch to her character. She has a match against Billie Kay and starts things off with Kay carrying the match in the early going which is smart because Marie is still incredibly green in the ring. Marie is able to hit a regular suplex, do a springboard jump off the corners, and sells Kay's offense well enough to make it believable, when Kay hits Marie with clothesline, suplexes, and arm drags throughout the match. Marie manages to catch her opponent and hit her with Kendrick's finisher for the win. Overall, this was a nice step in the direction for Marie. I actually feel like she can make something out of her career. But that is still many months away from being anywhere close being a reality. She can be a good heel for the company if she works on the little things that make great heels.

The other match is Alexa Bliss vs Blue Pants. This match started with Bliss being aggressive and practically turning it into a one-sided brawl. She dominates for about the first 60% of the match with strikes to Blue Pants and twisting her left arm, keeping her at bay. Blue Pants finally gets out of her predicament and is able to connect a few kicks to Bliss but she is practically no selling it as her rage puts keeps her focused and hits Blue Pants with knees to ribs which sets her up for the Sparkle Splash finisher to get the win.

WWE SmackDown

Charlotte vs Tamina

Charlotte continues to gain momentum in anticipation for her Divas championship match against Nikki Bella as she faced off against Tamina of Team B.A.D. on SmackDown. The match goes to a very sluggish start, almost similar to Lesnar-Goldberg at WrestleMania 21 for nearly half of the match with practically no offense whatsoever. Tamina hits a clothesline and a couple of chops to eventually push Charlotte to the ground. Charlotte does get to her feet and hits Tamina with a chop and a big boot to set up the same sequence that Charlotte used to beat Brie Bella on Raw, only this time, she connects on a spear before going for the Natural Selection to win. Pretty bad and boring match tonight.

After the match, Charlotte, along with Paige and Becky Lynch, are interviewed backstage when Team Bella interrupts to show off what seems to be the inevitable: Nikki Bella surpassing AJ Lee for most consecutive days as Divas champion, or is she? Charlotte says that she petitioned the Authority to have that match moved up before the record is broken, and in all likelihood will happen. If I may fantasy book this angle for a second, I would have Charlotte win the title, and have her lose it to either Sasha or Nikki again at Night of Champions to keep the heat on either of those two teams. That way, the heels have the title, but Nikki doesn't break the record. They also run a promo for incoming NXT wrestler Nia Jax which I'm excited to see come up.

So there you have it, the breakdown for the week in women's wrestling. What were some of your favorite and least favorite moments from these women? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!

MATCH OF THE WEEK: Paige and Becky Lynch vs Sasha Banks and Naomi (Main Event)


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