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Potential Third Members for The Wyatt Family

Posted by Unknown Wednesday, August 12, 2015
The WWE Universe has finally seen the comeback of a once loved faction, The Wyatt Family. As Bray Wyatt and Luke Harper are set to take on former Shield brothers Dean Ambrose and Roman Reigns in a tag team bout at SummerSlam in a few weeks, the absence of Erick Rowan from The Wyatt Family due to injury is definitely noticeable. If Bray Wyatt were to take the family back up to three superstars, who are some potential good matches?

The Wyatt Family reformed 2015
Who would look best next to these two?

Erick Rowan

Rowan suffered an injury at a live WWE event, but that doesn't mean he won't soon return. WWE has been quiet about his injury and has not yet said anything about when he can come back. If that return were to be soon, there is no reason for him to not come back to his Wyatt Family brothers. Rowan obviously has the creepy look and was certainly a perfect pair with Luke Harper as their tag team run showed. Unfortunately, that run was cut short due to his injury.

Bo Dallas

This former NXT champion seemingly hit a brick wall the moment he was brought up to the main roster. There was never really any direction to his character except to be as annoying as possible. He has obvious connections to The Wyatt Family, being Bray's real life brother. That brotherly connection could bring some great chemistry while helping to jumpstart Dallas's career on the main roster. Adding him to Bray's cult may warrant a change in character, but keeping him on the "BO-lieve" track could cause some comedic moments between him, Wyatt, and Harper.

Baron Corbin

NXT has a few superstars that would definitely fit in well with Bray Wyatt's following. Corbin, a dominant force at NXT, definitely has the look and the attitude to be a member. Baron has a commanding in-ring presence due to his size, and is very athletic much like Rowan. He is known for beating his opponents in short order, which would be perfect for tag team competition considering he wouldn't have to do all the work while splitting it with Harper. He also wouldn't have to use the mic too much, as Wyatt gives some of the best promos in the business. He calls himself "The Lone Wolf", but he would certainly fit with this pack.

WWE NXT Superstar Baron Corbin

Solomon Crowe

Crowe is one of the newest NXT members, debuting not long ago. It may be pushing him a little too fast, but in terms of insanity and creepy looks in a character, Crowe most certainly fits the bill. This would also bring something new to Bray Wyatt and Luke Harper. Crowe is obviously much different in terms of size than they have ever seen. Adding a smaller, faster, more versatile presence could really spice up a six-man tag match or even a regular tag match with Harper or Wyatt. Also, Crowe is no slouch on the microphone. He is a match made in heaven for a Bray Wyatt setting.

Adam Rose

This may be a little bit of a long shot, but its fun to think about. Adam Rose has obviously went through a few changes. His now darker persona consists of his all black look and much different demeanor. Rose is also one of those guys that could really use a jumpstart. He has proven in the past that he is very good in the ring and on the mic, but just has no current direction. He no longer fits with his party crew known as the "Rosebuds" and has become a lemon all on his own. Dumping the Rosebuds and partnering with Bray in his attempt to crash every party that he once loved could be a recipe for some very entertaining television.

These are just a few guys that could be a potentially good fit for the Wyatts. They may not even go back to being a trio, but if they do, who would you like to see jump to the dark side and join the creepy group?

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