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WWE Superstar Spotlight: The Rise of Kevin Owens

Posted by Unknown Wednesday, July 8, 2015
Welcome to SUPERSTAR SPOTLIGHT, a new series of articles where we'll be taking an in-depth look at particular WWE superstars that are relevant at the moment. In light of his recent rise to the main roster and his feud with WWE's franchise player John Cena, we take a look into the past, present, and future of Kevin Owens. FIGHT OWENS FIGHT!

Kevin Owens stalking John Cena
(Owens preying on a helpless John Cena)
Kevin Owens has quickly came to be one of my favorite superstars on the roster. His ass kicking, heartless persona has to remind you of another beast who is currently running rampant on the WWE locker room as well—that of course being Brock Lesnar. Just as Lesnar does, Owens gives himself and WWE a sort of legitimacy in a sport that is hard to find such a thing in. When he struts to the ring stalking his opponent, standing in the middle of the squared circle, you know a fight is about to happen—not a wrestling match, but a fight. It's something only a few people in WWE history have been able to accomplish, but Kevin Owens is doing exactly what so many others before him couldn't do. He makes this "sports entertainment" stuff seem REAL.

When Owens stormed onto the NXT roster several months back, he put every member of the WWE Universe and every single superstar on notice that he wasn't here to play around. He absolutely dismantled Sami Zayn to end Zayn's first (and rather short) reign as the NXT champion after almost a year of trying to win that belt. Billed as one of Sami's best friends heading into that match, Kevin Owens looked cold and ruthless after completely destroying someone so close to him to the point where the match had to end with the referee calling for the bell. After that night, we as fans knew two things: Kevin Owens is legit and WWE was ready to push this guy to the moon.

After dominating the NXT roster, Owens got the call up to the main roster while still holding the NXT Championship. It was unusual at first, but when KO came out and left John Cena flat in the middle of the ring while holding both his NXT title in one hand and Cena's US title in the other, we all knew it was the start of something incredible. This ongoing feud has led to not one, but two match of the year candidates with the series tied at one win a piece. Also, in my opinion, Owens vs. Cena II from Money in the Bank is the best match of the year so far, no doubt in my mind. With so many of Cena's feuds making the younger upstart end up looking weak (ex. Rusev, Bray Wyatt) it's refreshing to see someone standing toe to toe with him every time and really benefiting from feuding with WWE's top guy.

Owens vs. Cena III is set for Battleground, but Owens' time will hopefully come on the big stage of SummerSlam. Having recently dropped his NXT title, KO is poised for a clean win over John Cena and more importantly, a United States Championship run. Don't be surprised to see a no contest finish to their next bout to lead into the ultimate match at the biggest event of the summer. It will be surely be a big night and coronation for the future of WWE (yes, you heard that right) when he absolutely dismantles Cena on his way to his first singles title run on the main roster. The perfect first step for such a perfect WWE Superstar—or, excuse me, should I say ass kicker?

There aren't many guys who have made such an impact in such a little time in WWE like Kevin Owens has. Having already won the NXT Championship and owning a pinfall victory over THE guy John Cena, it's clear that the future is bright for Owens and he truly holds his own destiny. He needs to keep doing what he's doing in the ring and freshening up the mic skills and there's no doubt in my mind he will be one of, if not WWE's biggest superstar one day. These next few months will tell a lot about Kevin Owens and his future and I for one am excited to watch. FIGHT OWENS FIGHT!!!!

Hopefully you enjoyed this quick look at Kevin Owens. What are your opinions on the soon to be new United States Champion? What does his long-term future hold? Tell us your thoughts in the comments below!

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