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WWE Raw 5/25/2015 Live Results & Review Coverage

Posted by Robert DeFelice Monday, May 25, 2015
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Follow along with ongoing live coverage of tonight's episode of WWE Monday Night Raw for May 25, 2015 including full results of what goes on and a review synopsis of the event. Raw is coming to you live from the The Nassau Coliseum in Long Island, New York. Keep refreshing this page and checking back to get the most up-to-date results coverage. Make sure to tell us what you think about this episode by leaving a comment below or talking in the chat room on the sidebar!

Final hype for the Elimination Chamber WWE Network Special. Follow up on Seth Rollins/Dean Ambrose program; John Cena will talk about Kevin Owens; Who will answer the United States Championship open challenge tonight?

RAW kicks off with a nice Memorial Day tribute featuring Superstars reciting a Ronald Reagan speech, followed by a 10-bell salute. You're as classy as ever, WWE. The formal intro followed...

Inside the arena, The Authority entered. Michael Cole then prompted a reply of last week's closing segment. Side note: I like Seth's Pedigree. Seth began his promo by comparing Ambrose to a thug. The crowd chanted for Ambrose. Seth then said that the authority made that decision under duress. He urged them to take away the title shot, before saying he didn't see Dean as a threat and he rode his coattails. Triple H announced that Dean Ambrose would have to come to the ring right now and sign an official contract for Sunday's match.

Dean Ambrose enters to a massive pop from the New York crowd. Dean said beating up Seth Rollins makes him happy and normally the punishment he can inflict on him is enough, but now he wanted it to be for the championship. He said he would make changes as champion, saying that Seth could just drunk dial Selena Gomez because he'd always be 'our little Justin Beiber.' Seth urged him to come to the ring. Dean circled the ring before Roman's music hit. Roman and Dean stood side by side before Steph opened her mouth for the first time tonight. Stephanie told Dean that he had until the night's end to sign his contract. Then, she booked Seth and Kane vs Roman and Dean for right now.

Seth Rollins and Kane vs. Roman Reigns and Dean Ambrose

Back from commercial, Dean Ambrose and Kane started the match. Dean completely dominated Kane before tagging in Roman. Roman and then exchanged offense. Roman been tagged in Ambrose again. Dean got in some shots before Kane tagged in Seth. Seth and Dean traded blows before Roman was tagged in. Roman got in his signature offense including a Samoan drop before the action spilled to the floor. The numbers game caught up to the babyfaces outside. Roman eventually tagged in Dean again. The action would spill to the floor once more before we were sent to commercial with the faces posing.

Commercial break.

Back from commercial, Michael Cole announced that The Authority had been dominating. In a throwback to 2011, The LI crowd chanted for Zack Ryder. Roman and Kane were tagged in respectively. Roman had a nice flurry including a Superman Punch to Jamie Noble. Kane hit Roman with a Big Boot. and went for a Chokeslam but was nailed with a Superman Punch and Roman tagged in Dean who pinned Kane for a nice near fall.

Kane tagged in Seth Rollins who came in with a springboard knee. Dean and Seth had a nice back and forth before Dean executed a backslide and got the surprise pin.

WINNERS: Dean Ambrose and Roman Reigns via pinfall!

Michael Cole plugged the WWE Network and the cast of Entourage appearing.

Commercial break.

Back from break, Renee Young interviewed Ambrose, who assured he'd have a signed contract. J&J Security confronted Dean. They brawled, and Dean accidentally punched a cameraman.

Michael Cole sounded sympathetic for the cameraman, before throwing it to a Kevin Owens video package.

Rusev, who is now properly representing his native Bulgaria, carrying its flag. RUSEV IN ACTION... NEXT!

Commercial break.

The WWE Tough Enough app is now available FREE!

Back from break, The Entourage cast arrived via limo. Michael Cole then set-up a replay of the Ziggler/Lana/Rusev drama from last week. R-Truth made his entrance.

Rusev vs. R-Truth

Early on, R-Truth hit the Lie Dectector. Rusev kicked out. He then hit a Superkick and locked in the Accolade. Done.

WINNER: Rusev via submission.

Rusev grabbed a mic and asked Lana to come down to the ring. He said 'please' to send us to commercial.

Commercial break

Back from commercial, Rusev repeatedly asked for Lana, who eventually came out. Rusev said he knows Lana cares but she does these things because she's a woman. Lana said everything she did, she did for him. Rusev said he still wants to make America fall to Rusev and his Ravishing Russian. Lana took his hand and they hugged. Rusev then said just say the three magic words. "I was wrong." Lana left the ring and Rusev said she needed to learn her place. Lana told Rusev she won't ve victim to his barbarian ways. She walked up the ramp and Dolph Ziggler cane out. They kissed again and Rusev looked on misty-eyed.

Backstage, Dean Ambrose was sitting down when Seth and Hunter approached him. The cameraman from earlier on appeared and Seth and Hunter announced that he wanted to press charges. The cameraman seem to try and say that he was pushed into the punch earlier, but Seth and Triple H quieted him before Dean was arrested.

Commercial break.

Back from break, deed was being loaded into a police van much to the delight of The Authority.

King Barrett was in the ring. Ryback made his entrance.

King Barrett vs. Ryback

They locked up and Ryback took the early advantage. Ryback went for the Meat Hook, and Barrett rolled out and when Ryback followed out, h4 was hit with a midsection to the gut. Wade then completely took control targeting the injured ribs. Wade hit a Wasteland for a nice near fall. Wade then set-up for a Bull Hammer but Ryback couldn't stand up. Wade closed the distance and Ryback took advantage and hit a Spinebuster and Shell Shocked for the win.

WINNER: Ryback via pinfall.

Backstage, Stephanie and triple H gloated about Dean's predicament, when the Entourage cast showed up. There was a nice Jeremy Piven/ SummerFest reference. Then one of the guys upset Stephanie by mentioning Ronda Rousey. Stephanie excused them and sent us to commercial break.

Commercial break.

Michael plugged the Tough Enough app. Stardust had made his entrance and interacted with the star of Arrow. Neville made his cool main roster entrance Neville vs Bo at Elimination Chamber.

Stardust vs. Neville

They started with some chain wrestling, Neville ended up on the apron and Stardust hit a Dragon Screw with Neville's leg on the ropes. Stardust worked over Neville's leg as Bo Dallas strutted down the ramp. Late in the match, Neville hit a Tornado DDT followed by the Red Arrow for the win.

WINNER: Neville via pinfall.

"C'mon buddy you can get up, all you have to do is BOLIEVE!!!" Bo Dallas said before dropkicking Neville's knee.

Backstage, The Entourage guys interacted with the Divas before meeting up with Zack Ryder.

Commercial break.

Back from break, a Money in the Bank commercial aired; Sheamus made his entrance.

Sheamus vs. Dolph Ziggler

The men went back and forth before Sheamus took the advantage dumping Dolph to the floor. Sheamus attacked Dolph's leg and remained on offense when Lana appeared on stage.

Commercial break.

Back from break, Cole and company discussed the Lana distraction. Dolph Ziggler went on the offense but was taken down by Sheamus. Dolph ducked a Brogue Kick and hit a superkick for two. Rusev came out and tried to interfere. Dolph hit him but ended up on the receiving end of a Brogue.

WINNER: Sheamus via pinfall.

Rusev entered the ring and applied the Accolade demanding Lana "kiss him now!" Lana looked on saddened. Up Next: John Cena's open challenge.

Commercial break.

John Cena came out to the usual mixed reaction. He then cut a promo about the mixed response. The crowd chanted for Owens or Ryder(it was hard to make out..) John Cena put over Kevin Owens as the Anti-Cena fans hero. Saying you may hear"Let's go Cena / Fight Owens Fight." But that doesn't promise a victory for Kevin. He then threw it to his open challenge and waited for his adversary.

The cast of Entourage came out and introduced Zack Ryder!!!

Commercial break.

John Cena vs. Zack Ryder for the United States Championship!!!

Back from break, The bell rang and chain wrestling ensued. John Cena dominated Ryder early on. Ryder came back and hit a Missle Dropkick. he went for a Broski Boot and Cena dodged. He hit a Shoulder Block and went for the 5-Knuckle Shuffle. One of the Entourage guys jumped in the ring distracting John allowing Ryder to roll him up that resulted in a near fall. Ryder was able to get in his signature spots including a Rough Ryder that resulted in a near fall. Ryder missed a 450 Splash. This allowed John to hit an AA for the win.

WINNER: John Cena via pinfall.

Post match: Kevin Owens attacked John Cena who was celebrating his victory. He stepped on the US Title.

Backstage,The Authority announced that they would be in the ring at the end of the night for the contract signing. Michael Cole set up a recap of Dean's incident and arrest.

The Bella Twins made their entrance.

Commercial break.

Back from break. On SmackDown: Ryback vs Rusev. Michael recapped the Diva drama.

Paige vs. Tamina Snuka

The action moved fast and Paige hit her knees on the apron, before being dumped to the floor. She got back in the ring and the girls exchanged blows before Naomi interfered allowing Tamina to hit a Samoan Drop for the three-count.

WINNER: Tamina via pinfall.

The New Day made their entrance.

Commercial break.

Back from break, WWE plugged The Rock's latest accolades and San Andreas movie. In the ring, the tag champs discussed the outrageous title defense inside the chamber on Sunday. Suddenly Kane interrupted. He was magically babyface and booked them in a 10 on 3 handicap match against all their PPV opponents.

Commercial break.

10 on 3 Handicap Match

Back from break, the match lasted about 45 seconds before chaos ensued... Waste of a bell-ringing.

WINNERS: The New Day via DQ.

All the teams began fighting and were dumped to the floor one-by-one. New Day started to celebrate but were interrupted by Kidd and Cesaro who hit their Swing/Dropkick combo and stood tall.

Michael Cole set up a preview of Daniel Bryan's DVD which we'll get a sneak peek of following Raw on the WWE Network.

Commercial break.

Back from break, Cole announced MizTV with Daniel Bryan for the Kickoff show Sunday. Odd lackluster announcement. Cole threw to a YouTube clip exposing Seth Rollins pushing the cameraman into Dean.

HHH and The Authority headed to the ring. Seth said in spite of what you saw Dean acted recklessly and was justifiably= arrested. Stephanie echoed his sentiments and said the cameraman had newborn triplets. Hunter did the same. Reigns came from the ramp and attacked Seth. He was quickly jumped by The Authority. Seth took the contract and shoved it in Roman's face when the Police van from earlier entered the arena being driven by Dean with a Nightstick in hand.

Dean cleared house and Suddenly Seth was trapped and ping ponged by his formal Shield brotherhood. Dean hit Dirty Deeds on Kane and Roman handed Dean the contract. Ambrose signed to close the show.

All in all, a fun 3 hours. Roman looks like a good brother but kind of foolish for not wanting the title match himself. Thanks for following along. I'm sorry my coverage was crappy but I am battling the flu as I write this. Feel free to use the signature below to contact me and discuss all things 'rasslin!


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