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WWE NXT 10/2/14 Results & Review Coverage

Posted by E. Julius Keiper Thursday, October 2, 2014
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Follow along with ongoing coverage of tonight's episode of WWE NXT for October 2, 2014 including full results of what goes on and a review synopsis of the event. NXT is coming to you from NXT Arena in Winter Park, FL. Keep refreshing this page and checking back to get the most up-to-date results coverage. Make sure to tell us what you think about this episode by leaving a comment below or talking in the chat room on the sidebar!

Tonight's show will see Tyson Kidd get his final shot at Adrian Neville's title. Also, Bayley will get a rematch for the women's championship against Charlotte.

MATCH: Bayley vs. Charlotte

The match begins with the 2 women locking up. Bayley is driven to the corner. Bayley hits a double leg takedown for 2. She repeatedly rolls up Charlotte for a series of 2 count. Bayley hits an armdrag off the middle rope. Charlotte rolls out of the ring. Back in the ring Charlotte hits a single leg takedown and applies an ankle lock. Bayley fights out and goes for a backslide. Charlotte blocks but she hits a hip toss and drops the elbow on Charlotte's left arm. Bayley applies a front face lock. She covers Charlotte for 2. Charlotte again blocks a backslide but Charlotte fights out and begins to soften Bayley's leg.

*Commercial Break*

The show returns with Charlotte in control. She continues the assault on Bayley's leg. Bayley reverses and rolls up Charlotte for a 2 count. Bayley hits several back elbows and rolls Charlotte for a 2 count. Bayley hits several axehandle blows. She charges Charlotte in the corner, but Charlotte sidesteps and Bayley goes into the ringpost. Charlotte slams Bayley's knee off the ringpost. Charlotte applies the figure 4 in the middle of the ring. Charlotte bridges for a 2 count. Bayley reverses but Charlotte gets to the bottom rope to break the count. Charlotte goes for a knee drop but Bayley moves. Bayley drives her shoulder into Charlotte in the corner and follows up with an elbow from the middle rope. Charlotte reverses a scoop slam and hits a neckbreaker. Charlotte hits her finisher for the 3 count.

WINNER:: Charlotte via Pinfall

MATCH: Viktor w/Konnor vs. Hideo Itami

Viktor and Konnor attack Itami as soon as he enters the ring. Officials come out and clear the Ascension from the ring.

An Enzo Amori and Colin Cassady promo airs.

MATCH: Baron Corbin vs. Troy McClain

Corbin hits a clothesline to the corner. He follows with a right hand. Corbin hits The End of Days for the 3 count.

WINNER: Baron Corbin via Pinfall

Tyson Kidd cuts a promo about the NXT Championship.

MATCH: Vaudvillains vs. Tye Dillinger and Jason Jordan

Dillinger and English lock up. English gets behind Dillinger and rolls him up for 2. Gotch is tagged in and they double team Dillinger. Gotch applies a wrist lock. Dillinger reverses and tags in Jordan. Jordan drives Gotch into the corner. Gotch fights back with a European uppercut and tags in English. English hits a swinging neckbreaker for 2 Jordan fights back and tags in Dillinger. Jordan hits a scoop slam and Dillinger drives his knee into Gotch's head. English reverses a suplex and rolls up Dillinger for 2 Gotch is tagged and clears the apron. He goes for a fireman's carry but Jordan interferes. Gotch hits the airplane spin on Jordan and then Dillinger. Gotch hits a rolling senton. English is tagged and hits a senton splash for the 3 count.

WINNER: Vaudvillains via Pinfall

Titus O'Neil takes a seat at ringside.

Bayley is interviewed backstage. She is attacked by Sasha Banks.

MATCH: Tyson Kidd vs. Adrian Neville

Kidd gets behind Neville. The 2 grapple and exchange holds. Kidd is sent off the ropes and hits a shoulder block. They lock up and Neville gets behind Neville. Kidd applies a wristlock. Neville reverses and takes Kidd to the mat. Neville is sent off the ropes and hits a shoulder block. Neville rolls up Kidd for a 2 count. The 2 men exhange blows. Neville is thrown to the corner. He hits several big chops. Neville slides under the legs of Kidd. He sends Kidd off the ropes and hits a back body drop for 1. Neville hits a scoop slam for a 2 count. Kidd rolls out of the ring. Neville knocks him off the apron and hits a huge kick to the face.

*Commercial Break*

The show returns with Neville in control. Kidd drives Neville to the corner. He sidesteps Neville and hits a kick to the head for 2. Kidd chokes Neville on the rope and follows with a kick to the ribs. Kidd applies an armbar. Neville picks up Kidd and powerbombs him. Neville hits a series of kicks followed by a forearm. He kicks Kidd's head and hits an elbow to the corner. Kidd fights back with a huge dropkick for a 2 count. Kidd applies a waistlock. Neville gets out and hits a sunset flip. Kidd rolls through and hits a basement dropkick. Kidd plants Neville for another 2 count. NEville reverses a whip. Kid hits an elbow from the corner. Neville hits a kick to head while Kidd is on the middle rope. Neville goes for a superplex but Kidd throws him off. Neville lands on his feet. He hits a sitout powerbomb for 2 count. Neville goes to the top rope for the Red Arrow. Kidd moves but Neville lands on his feet. He goes for a dropkick from the middle rope. Kidd catches him and applies the Sharpshooter Neville makes it to the bottom rope. Kidd hits a back elbow and Neville rolls out of the ring. Kidd goes for the suicide dive but gets caught with an enziguri. As Neville passes Titus O'Neil, O'Neil lays him out. Sami Zayn comes out and takes out O'Neil. Back in the ring, Neville throws Kidd from the top rope and hits the Red Arrow for the 3 count.

WINNER: Adrian Neville via Pinfall


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