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WWE Raw 8-25-14 Live Results & Review Coverage

Posted by E. Julius Keiper Monday, August 25, 2014
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Follow along with ongoing live coverage of tonight's episode of WWE Monday Night Raw for August 25, 2014 including full results of what goes on and a review synopsis of the event. Raw is coming to you live from Honda Center in Anaheim, CL. Keep refreshing this page and checking back to get the most up-to-date results coverage. Make sure to tell us what you think about this episode by leaving a comment below or talking in the chat room on the sidebar!

Tonight's show will feature Hall of Famers Shawn Michaels, Hulk Hogan and Rick Flair. The main event for tonight is rumored to be John Cena vs. Bray Wyatt.

Tonight's show begins with Hogan, Flair and Michaels making their way to the ring for a "Hall of Famers Forum". The forum is hosted by Michael Cole. He says that the forum will discuss Cena's rematch against Lesnar. Michaels gets on the mic and says that Cena doesn't have a chance. He goes on to say that Cena is past is prime and should throw in the towel. Hogan counters and says that Cena's time hasn't come yet and that he's still able to fight. Flair gets on the mic and says that he agrees with Cena. Cole asks for the 3 men's opinions on who is going to win at Night of Champions. Hogan says that he is rooting for Cena. Flair and Michaels disagree.

John Cena's music hits. He comes to the ring and gets on the mic. He proclaims his respect for all 3 men. He acknowledges his defeat at SummerSlam. He says that such a defeat only made him want to fight Lesnar again. He says that Night of Champions isn't about beating Lesnar, it's about beating Lesnar's ass.

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MATCH: Rusev with Lana vs. Jack Swagger

The match begins with Rusv driving swagger to the ropes Swagger fights back and dumps Rusev out of the ring. Swagger hits several clubbing blows as Rusev comes back in the ring. Swagger hits a double leg takedown and applies the patriot lock. Rusev gets to the ropes and rolls out of the ring. Back in the ring Swagegr hits a belly to back. Rusev rolls back out of the ring. Swagger follows him and slams Rusev's head off the commentators table. Back in the ring Swagger hits a clothesline to the corner. He follows up with a knee to the midsection. Rusev shoves him off and drops Swagger onto the top rope. Rusev goes to work on Swagger's ribcage and dumps him out of the ring.

*Commercial Break*

The show returns with Rusev in control. Swagger fights back but eats a spinning heel kick from Rusev. Swagger hits a belly to belly but is obviously in pain. He continues the offense with a clotheslines. He whips Rusev into the corner and follows with a big boot. Swagger goes for the Swagger bomb. Rusev gets his foot up but Swagger scouts it and applies the PAtriot Lock. Rusev gets to the ropes to break the lock. Rusev rolls out of the ring. Rusev drives Swagger into the apron repeatedly. Back in the ring Rusev stomps on Swagger but Swagger reverses and rolls up Swagger for a 2 count. rusev fights back with a kick to the ribs. Rusev goes to work on the ribs in the corner. He continues the assault with a kick to the ribs in the middle of the ring. The ref calls for the bell.

WINNER: Rusev via Ref's Discretion

*Commercial Break*

The show returns with Swagger getting checked out by the ringside doctor. Bo Dallas shows up and tells him to BoLieve.

MATCH: Cesaro vs. RVD

The match begins with Cesaro delivering several blows to RVD. RVD fights back and hits the rolling thunder for a 1 count. Cesaro regains the advantage drives RVD to the corner. Cesaro hits the double foot stomp on the apron and drives RVD's neck to the bottom rope for the 2 count. RVD fights out of the corner and hits a split leg moonsault for a 2 count. He follows up with a kick to the chin from the middle rope. He goes to the top but Cesaro rolls out of the ring. Cesaro gets back in the ring and hits the Neutralizer for the 3 count.

WINNER: Cesaro via Pinfall

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MATCH: Natalya vs. Paige

The match begins with Natalya getting behind Paige and rolling her up for a 2 count. Paige fires back with a forearm. She gets on top of Natalya and delivers several headbutts. Paige applies an abdominal stretch. Natalya reverses and locks in a submission maneuver. Paige fights out and sends Natalya to the mat. Natalya fights back and hits a German suplex. Natalya applies a the sharpshooter. Paige gets out of it and goes for the sharpshooter on Natalya. Paige hits the Paige turner for the 3 count.

WINNER: Paige via Pinfall

After the match Paige gets distracted by AJ Lee and Natalya hits the spinning clothesline. AJ gets in the ring and helps Paige to her feet. AJ gets on the mic and calls Paige her little English muffin. AJ then references how she and Paige are "frenemies". AJ then kisses her hand.

*Commercial Break*

The show returns with Kane making his way to the ring for Dean Ambrose's "eulogy". He announces Seth Rollins and Rollins makes his way to the ring. Rollins gets on the mic and says that he was the leader of The Shield. He says that the reason he chose Ambrose for the Shield was because Ambrose was impervious to pain and a rugged fighter. Rollins says that it was necessary to beat uo Ambrose because he had to prove that the Authority always wins. A replay airs of Rollins and Kane's assault on Ambrose from last week which culminated in Ambrose getting driven through a stack of cinder blocks. Rollins gloats about the domination he showed over Ambrose. He says that Ambrose's career can be summed up with the words "What if?" He asks what if Ambrose realized that he couldn't best Rollins. He then says that Ambrose will never be seen again.

Roman Reign's music hits. He comes to ringside and begins to brawl with Kane. Kane gets driven into the steel steps/ Reigns gets in the ring and throws Rollins into the podium set up in the ring. Reigns hits Rollins with the podium and delivers a huge clothesline. Kane then pulls Rollins from the ring and they retreat.

Goldust and Stardust cut a promo about their match tonight with the Usos.

*Commercial Break*

MATCH: Uso vs. Stardust and Goldust

The match begins with Jimmy and Stardust. Stardust rolls up Jimmy for a 2 count. Jimmy fights back and drives Stardust into \his corner. Jey is tagged in. He applies a wristlock and tags in Jimmy. They double team Stardust. Stardust reverses and applies a wristlock of his own. He beats down Jimmy and covers him for a 1 count. Jimmy fights back. Stardust ducks a clothesline and jimmy gets dumped out of the ring. Godust hits a frontflip off the apron on Jimmy. Stardust gets a 2 count back in the ring.

*Commercial Break*

The show returns with Goldust in control. Uso fights back and both men hit a double crossbody on each other. Uso gains the advantage and hits splashh in the corner. Goldust fights back and tags in Stardust. Jey is sent out of the ring and is obviously injured. Jey gets counted out.

WINNERS: Stardust and Goldust via Countout

Stardust and Goldust are frustrated and attack the Usos.

*Commercial Break*

The show returns with Kane and Rollins backstage discussing Roman Riegns. Kane schedules a match between Rollins reigns later in the night.

A video package airs of Lesnar's domineering victory over Cena at SummerSlam.

*Commercial Break*

MATCH: Dolph Ziggler vs. Damien Sandow

Ziggler hits a dropkick for a 2 count. Sandow drives Ziggler to the corner ans stomps him to the mat. Sandow hits a suplex for a 2 count. Ziggler hits a jawbreaker but is sent to the mat by Ziggler. Sandow fights back and takes Ziggler out by the knee. Sandow goes for the figure 4. Ziggler reverses but Sandow gets to the ropes. Ziggler ducks a clothesline and hits the Zig-Zag for the 3 count.

WINNER: Dolph Ziggler via Pinfall

The show returns with Jerry Lawler talking about Brie Bella's betrayal of Nikki. A video replay airs of the events at SummerSlam. Nikki Bella makes her way to the ring. Brie then makes her way to the ring. Brie gets on the mic and describes their deep twin bond. Brie apologizes to Nikki for somewhat abandoning her. Nikki tells her she is full of crap. Nikki says she isn't fulled by Brie's innocent act because she knows Brie's real personality. She then delivers the verbal beatdown to Brie. She then says that Brie abandoned her when she quit. Lawler tries to calm Nikki down but she chases him out of the ring. Nikki then grabs Brie by the hair and tells her she wishes she died in the womb. Nikki then beats up Brie. WWE officials come out and restrain Nikki. Brie is left in the ring sobbing.

*Commercial Break*

Match: Roman Reigns vs. Kane and Seth Rollins

The match begins with reigns delivering right hand and dumping Kane over the top rope. Reigns drags Rollins into the ring and drives him in to the corner. He drives his shoulder into the midsection. Kane comes back in the ring and takes down reigns. rollins is tagged in and stomps on Reigns. He hits a big forearm in the corner. Kane is tagged in. Rollins is thrown outside the ring. Reigns hits a flurry of right hands to Kane. He goes outside the ring and gets attacked by Rollins. He fend soff the attack and delivers the dropkick to Kane's head as he hangs off the apron. Reigns goes for the superman punch but Kane doges it. Kane goes for the chokeslam but Reigns fights out and hits the spear. He goes for the cover but Rollins comes in with the briefcase and nails Reigns over the head. The ref calls for the bell.

Rollins and Kane continue their beat down of Reigns outside the ring. Kane lifts the time keeper's table and reveals a pile of cinderblocks. Reigns fights back and throws Kane over the barricade. He delivers the Superman punch to Rollins. Reigns grabs a cinder block and pursues Rollins. Reigns throws the block at Rollins but rollins moves and it smashes off the ringpost. Reigns hits the Superman punch on Kane as Rollins retreats.

Bray Wyatt cuts a promo on John Cena.

*Commercial Break*

MATCH: Titus O'Neil and Heath Slater vs. Los Matadores

Slater locks up with Los Matadores. Slater is sent to the mat. Los Matadores hits a cross body and makes the tag. Slater is sent to the rope and meets a headscissors. He applies an abdominal stretch and makes the tag. Slater hits a heel kick and makes the tag to O'Neil. O'Neil hits several back breakers. Slater makes a tag from the apron and beats down Los Matadores. Los Matadores fights back and trolls up Slater. Slater fights back and O'neil makes the blind tag. O"neil splashes Los Matadores in the corner. Matoadores fights back but gets driven to the corner by O'Neil. Slater makes the blind tag, He gets rolled up for the 3 count.

WINNER: Los Matadores via Pinfall

*Commercial Break*

MATCH: Bo Dallas vs. Kofi Kingston

Kingston hits a dropkick and takes up an aggressive offense on Dallas. Dallas fights back and hits several right hand. Kingston throws Dallas to the corner and hits 10 right hand. Kingston goes to the top rope but Dallas knocks him off. Dallas hits a sloppy running Bodog for the 3 count.

WINNER: Bo Dallas via Pinfall

Dallas gets on the mic and talks smack on Swagger. Swagger comes out and slams Dallas.

*Commercial Break*

MATCH: John Cena vs. Bray Wyatt

Cena drives Wyatt into the corner. Wyatt fights back but Cena hits a clothesline and sends Wyatt to the mat. Cena hits a German suplex. Cena hits another suplex. Cena makes the cover for a 1 count. Wyatt is driven to the corner and Cena delivers a knee to the face. Cena hits another German suplex and follows up with a clothesline. Wyatt fights out of a waistlock and hits a forearm to the forearm. Cena hits a double leg takedown. Harper and Rowen interfere. Big Show and Mark Henry come in and make the save.

*Commercial Break*

The show returns with the match turned into a 6 man tagteam. Big show delivers a big elbow to Rowan and drives him to the corner. Show delivers a big chop in the corner. Henry is tagged in and hits a big splash to Rowan. Rowan fights back and tags in Wyatt. Wyatt delivers the beatdown to Henry and tags in Harper. Harper applies the chinlock. Rowan is tagged in and slams Mark Henry. Harper is tagged back in. Harper delivers an elbow to Henry in the corner. Henry fights out with a big kick and tags in Big show. Harper fights back with a dropkick. rowan is tagged in and delivers a big boot.

Bray Wyatt is tagged in. He hits several boots to Show followed by a senton splash for a 2 count. Rowan is tagged in and drops a knee. Show is driven to the corner. Harper is tagged in and throws Rowan into Show. Harper makes the tag for a 2 count. Wyatt is tagged back in. He continues the aggresive offense. Show fights back and hits a chokeslam. Cena and Harper are tagged in. Cena hits a German Suplex on Harper and applies the STF. Harper submits.

WINNER: John Cena, Big Show, and Mark Henry Via Pinfall

Show and Henry throw Wyatt back in the ring and Cena delivers an AA.


Tonight's show wasn't horrible but it wasn't great either. It was definitely entertaining, but the 3 hour time slot continues to be Raw's downfall. With that said, there were some good matches. I didn't like how the Wyatt Family were made to go under again, but it built up Cena going into Night Of Champions and also established Mark Henry and Big Show as a concrete tag-team. Roman Reigns also had a good night, even if it made Dean Ambrose look somewhat incompetent. While I think that Ambrose is the most talented all around worker to come out of the Shield, Reigns is the man that WWE is going with and tonight's match served ts purpose to build Reigns as their next top baby face.


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