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WWE Total Divas Season 2 Episode 5 Review & Synopsis

Posted by Brad Garrow Sunday, April 20, 2014
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What happened this week on Total Divas? Welcome to the full results breakdown and show review for Total Divas season 2 episode 5, which was broadcast on April 20, 2014

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Last week on Total Divas we saw Nikki Bella spending most of the episode suspecting that John Cena is cheating on her. All of his suspicious dealings just happened to be him sneaking around to buy the house of her dreams and announcing he is moving to San Diego to live with her. Nattie was still feeling the effects of Summer Rae's slap from episode 3. She was told she would need surgery but decided to forgo it so she could have a title match. Trinity also filmed a music video for a song she recorded. She will also be getting married on this week show!

We start the show with Nattie and Trinity at a bar talking about their relationships. Trinity and Jon have been engaged for two years and still not married yet! Eva Marie is horrible pain and heading to the doctor, shes peeing blood. Nikki, Ariane and Nattie are talking and Nattie doesn't know what doggy style is. She is so Canadian. Nikki is telling everyone including Daniel Bryan who is confused. Trinity and Jon are taking off three days from work and flying to Hawaii for a small wedding. Jon doesn't have a great relationship with his dad but Trinity wants him to invite his father. Eva meets with her with her doctor who says she has an ovarian cyst. She worries about her job status. We see highlights of old school Raw and see Ric Flair! Woooo! Jon still hasn't spoken to his father, Rikishi. We see highlights of Rikishi's match from that Raw. Trinity and Jon are talking to him and Jon can't quite tell his father he is getting married.

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Trinity speaks up and then Jon tell his father he is getting married. Rikishi says he is proud and happy and wants them to be happy. Rikishi says he will be there. Eva is following up to see what else is wrong. She has a misshaped uterus and more tests need to be done. We see all the divas working out and Ariane is asking Nattie more about doggy style. Ariane wants to call a sex therapist for Nattie. Nattie is going to get help from the therapist. Eva gets a call back from her doctor, she says it is bad news.

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Jonathan and Eva start talking about her situation. Eva's doctor told her she may not be able to have kids someday, something Jonathan really wants. Jonathan is cool about it and says they could always get a second opinion. Jonathan says Eva should tell her mother which brings up the fact that her family isn't speaking to her. Jon and Trinity arrive and Hawaii for their wedding week. Jon has no idea when his dad will get there. Eva still hasn't told her mother about what is going on. Jonathan is starting to be angry about her not calling her family, so he calls her mother for her. Eva's mom seems pretty upset now that she is only calling when she is in trouble.

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Eva's mom is still undressing her on the phone. She tells her mom she can't have kids. Her mom changes her tone and says they will be there to support her. The sex therapist is there for TJ and Nattie, TJ looks horrified. This is really uncomfortable. The therapist wants to sex proof the house, whatever that means. Uh, this is really really awkward. She asks about their first time, it's a pretty cool story. Nattie thinks this process is really helping. Back in Hawaii we see the meeting between the families. Trinity is upset Jon's dad isn't there yet. Jon says his dad isn't coming now.

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Jon's father has a last minute appearance and skips his sons wedding. Jon's twin brother gives a pretty good speech, these two seem like really awesome dudes. Pretty touching moment for a scripted show. Ariane is asking Nattie about the therapist. Nattie says they had a good night because of it we see some footage from it. Highlights from a Nattie match! We go back to Hawaii for the wedding day. Hawaii looks amazing.

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Trinity looks amazing in her wedding gown as her father breaks down. Jon even breaks down and cries for the wedding himself. They say their own vows, not a scripted moment. It was a very cool to see a little bit of that. We go from that to Eva's parents arriving in Florida.

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Eva's parents ask what is happening and she starts telling them. Jonathan starts telling them he will do anything for her. You can see the ice starting to thaw. Her father seems impressed with Jonathan and wants to mend the fences. Another pretty cool moment. In Hawaii we see the reception for Jon and Trinity including Jon's mom welcoming Trinity to the family. We see the reception as Total Diva's goes off the air.

Review: The theme of tonight is family. Don't think it didn't get a little misty eyed during the wedding and especially during Jon's twin brother Josh's speech. Honestly I wish I could be best friends the Uso's they just seem like the coolest guys ever. Trinity looked fantastic and Hawaii seemed like the perfect place for wedding. Eva making up with her family was a feel good moment too. Eva has finally turned into a face on the show. The whole sex therapy thing between Nattie and TJ was horrible and awkward. Their role playing was even worst than that. It's been a few weeks since Summer Rae has been focused on at all during the show so I'm sure she will make a big impact next week! Great Episode tonight!


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