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Saturday Smack Talk: 10/15/2011

Posted by Anthony Mango Saturday, October 15, 2011

What's gone on this past week in wrestling?
  • Cody Rhodes said that the inspiration for the grooming tips of his character came from how Randy Orton is. The Apex Pretty Boy? Haha.
  • Brock Lesnar is going to be in WWE '12 as a "legend".
  • Mickie James spoke in an interview about Vince McMahon yelling at her for having touched Trish Stratus's crotch during their WrestleMania match, calling it "crass". Why was that so offensive that it needed to be edited out but Katie Vick was fine and all the stuff Vince would do with Trish and company was never a problem? What about that incest storyline that he supposedly keeps trying to pitch? Yet a lesbian thing when a character is a psycho is too much?
  • There's "strong talk" that John Morrison won't be re-signed with WWE once his contract expires. Come on, WWE. Why would you deny yourself a talented, young, popular superstar like John Morrison over stupid things like his girlfriend whom you've already released? Sure, he isn't as popular as Steve Austin, but he does get pops, and he IS someone that the fans like - and on top of that, a reliable talent that you can always expect to put on a good match. If they release them, it's got to be from some sort of personal issue that they can't see past for the better of the business. Maria Kanellis and Lilian Garcia have said that they think Morrison (and McIntyre because of Tiffany/Taryn) aren't getting the pushes they deserve and that they feel it's probably because of stupid outside factors. While I think McIntyre doesn't have as much to offer as Morrison, I do think McIntyre is being wasted for what his potential is. Why not put him in a tag team and help that division out along with whomever he's teamed up with? That doesn't require any more effort than you're already doing and it gives you a better result. THINK, WWE. Or hire me and I can think of these things for you.
  • On a related note, John Morrison just donated $10,000 of his own money to a charity. Maybe this can save his job.
  • Tomko has been arrested for robbery. I can assure you that he wasn't stealing the show. Naturally, it was drug related...again. For more information, check the full story here.
  • Anyone else see the "Occupy WWE" sign at Raw? Awesome. 
  • Mike Knox apparently has been battling depression since he was released from WWE and wants nothing to do with the wrestling industry. That's a shame. I always thought Knox had a lot more potential than what they used him for and I thought he could have been a good upper midcard brawler, particularly for the Smackdown brand.

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