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Maria Kanellis: WWE "Got Boring"

Posted by Anthony Mango Monday, May 10, 2010

Here's an excerpt from an interview had with Maria Kanellis:
"I'm going to be honest and say I was relieved. I didn't have a creative outlet. I couldn't do the storylines I wanted to do. I'm auditioning for movie roles and TV shows right now and just the auditions themselves are more creatively fulfilling than what I was able to do because there you sometimes don't get a lot of time to do stuff. For me, it got boring in some sense because you get out there and they take it away and I wanted to do these grandiose storylines and it just never quite happened."
Now, there's two things to address here.

First, if I were in Maria's position, I'm sure I'd agree. She was never doing anything interesting and I know how I feel when I'm doing the same monotonous things day in and day out. It's frustrating, it doesn't give you a sense of enjoyment, and eventually you just grow to dislike anything associated with it rather than only your current situation. So for saying that movie/TV roles are more entertaining, I can't fault the girl on that. The WWE has a tendency to do the same things repetitively and sometimes, it can get extremely boring, predictable, and tiresome to watch.

However, it brings us to the second point. Where does MARIA get off saying she deserves more interesting storylines? A general rule of thumb in the wrestling business is to give the most amount of focus on the most interesting people that will make you money and increase viewership. Henceforth, we have people like John Cena, Edge, Randy Orton, Chris Jericho, the Undertaker, etc in the main event. Sure, there are some hiccups where they push horrible performers, and sometimes they give the best stories to the people that are currently midcarders, but for the most part, they don't like to waste a whole lot of Creative's time on people that do not matter...and that's exactly the position Maria was just released from. She did not matter. There are some fans out there that legitimately watch for the divas in a non-perverted way and Maria had her supporters, but the fact of the matter is that the women's division of the WWE is not the money maker. It's universally recognized as "the bathroom break". If Creative were to start focusing all their attention on that, the other programs would suffer, hurting ppv buyrates and television ratings. Guaranteed, if you told the writers to ignore a main event feud and instead, put all that time into divas, it would only hurt. Every so often, they do throw some creativity towards the divas (though usually it's met with backlash like the Piggie James situation). But what makes you think Maria is deserving of the rare gems of creativity? Does she have any record of being able to pull off anything? On the mic, Maria was crap. In the ring, Maria was even worse. She was employed for what, six years, and never took the initiative to improve in the slightest bit? Quite literally the only things Maria was good for were on the road publicity type stunts due to her looks. She's very talented at being attractive, but being cute/hot gives you modeling, it doesn't automatically make you a good actress or athlete.

Analogy time. Let's say you own Best Buy and you notice that the TV department doesn't bring in customers. Once in a while, someone may buy a TV, but they didn't come to the store for it, because that's not what they're looking for. Would you expand your TV section, minimizing the sections that make you money? No. Now, look a little further. One of your TV models, let's just call it X, is terrible. It looks nice but it doesn't work right. Every time you turn it on, the picture barely comes in, it doesn't have a remote, and it doesn't pick up more than a few channels. Would you stock your shelves with more of them? No. The same goes for Maria's situation. If your majority of viewers don't watch for the divas, you simply don't put more attention on them, and if you're going to put any attention on them, you certainly don't waste it on someone that can't perform well.

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