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WWE Main Event 10/14/2014 Results & Review Coverage

Posted by RazMansReality Tuesday, October 14, 2014
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Follow along with ongoing coverage of tonight's episode of WWE Main Event for October 14, 2014 including full results of what goes on and a review synopsis of the event. Main Event is coming to you from the BJCC Arena in Birmingham, Alabama. Keep refreshing this page and checking back to get the most up-to-date results coverage. Make sure to tell us what you think about this episode by leaving a comment below or talking in the chat room on the sidebar!

Hi everybody RazMansReality here. I'll be taking over Main Event results from now on so our new format will be to post the results after the show has already aired but I will still be presenting them as though it was still taking place live starting next week. My taking over was a bit of a last-minute thing, as such I wasn't able to get to writing the results as I was watching so for just this week only it will be done in recap style. That being said let's get into it.

Main Event is coming off one of the strongest Raw episodes in recent memory, so I was actually really excited for it this week!

Miz TV w/ guest "Sheamus" Otherwise Known As Damien Mizdow

I have more respect for Damien Sandow than I do just about anybody in WWE at the moment! This whole Mizdow stunt double gimmick should be the worst thing in the company but Damien continues to show his unbelievable talents in spite of it! His fake red hair and eyebrows look so ridiculous that it's just so funny! The total United States Championship looks way worse than the toy IC one for some reason. His accent sounds more Scottish than Irish which I'm sure he's doing for both comedic purposes and to insult Sheamus. He's been going on and on and on about how much better The Miz is than Sheamus and he's now "awarding him the United States title." Here comes Sheamus and now Mizdow is impersonating Sheamus this is great! Sheamus is even saying that he's enjoying it himself. Sheamus just knocked Mizdow down and now Miz is being the classic heel and starting to walk away. Sheamus is giving him crap for it he said "wait Miz don't go you haven't seen my latest project yet, it's a tribute to Dean Martin and it's called Ain't That a Kick in the Head?" Brogue kick to Mizdow end of segment.

Good segment but explain to me again why the challenges for the two mid-card championships just got flip-flopped around and why there are still two mid-card championships?!

MATCH: Tyson Kidd vs. R Truth

I'm happy to see Tyson being used on the main roster more consistently now but I feel like this slimy husband who doesn't care character is really making the fans forget how could he actually is. Unfortunately it isn't going to change and so they decide that ratings for Total Divas isn't important to them anymore I don't think.

Truth gets the victory here after Tyson yells at Natalia for being on the ring apron and walking himself into a kick as the finish of the match.

WINNER: R-Truth via pinfall

MATCH: Justin Gabriel vs. Cesaro

In a match that should have just been about putting over Cesaro, WWE actually allowed Justin Gabriel to look fairly good in this match. Makes you wonder why they still haven't found anything for him to do since The Corre. If it was me I would team him up with Tyson Kidd again as heels. I enjoyed what they did in the NXT Tag Team Championship number 1 contenders tournament together.

In the end the very talented and extremely over with the crowd Cesaro picks up the victory with The Neutralizer.

I also like his new "Cesaro out" catchphrase. It comes off as almost comedic like which should help his eventual face turn if WWE ever pulls the trigger on it that is.

WINNER: Cesaro via pinfall.

MATCH: Big E vs. Rusev

Remember when Big E used to actually be kind of exciting for a big man and you thought he might be going somewhere?! I do and I feel bad for him being so underutilized as a talent.

This was just yet another win for Rusev. The most entertaining thing about the match was the pre-match promos from he and Lana saying that Birmingham Alabama would be the unshaved armpit of America if America was a person and Rusev then calling Big Show the anus.

WINNER: Rusev via submission


Overall I give the show 6/10 I've seen far better and I've seen far worse. Be sure to let us know what you thought of this week's Main Event by leaving a comment down below in our comments section and I'll see you next time.


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