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Top Rope List: 5 Favorite WWE Championship Title Belt Designs Ever

Posted by Anthony Mango Wednesday, August 27, 2014
WWE just recently changed all of their title designs yet again to coincide with their new WWE Network logo transition. Although they were just minor tweaks for the most part, the biggest prize in the company is now emblazoned  front and center in the WWE World Heavyweight Championship design for all eyes to see, marking a brand new era in the company's history. But that got us thinking about the previous designs for the title belts. Which ones were our favorites? This latest edition of TOP ROPE LIST revolves around us picking our favorite belts that have gone through WWE, WCW and ECW over the years. This applies to everything, whether it was a legitimate world title, a redesign like the smoking skull or Rated R spinner, or even the offshoots like the Internet Championship.

As explained before, sometimes we bump this up to a top 50/25/10/5, but the true focal point of the list revolves around the top 3 which are designated the Bottom Rope (essentially the bronze medal), Middle Rope (silver medal) and Top Rope (gold medal). Let's get down to it!


Honorable Mention: Million Dollar Championship

5. WCW United States Championship

One thing that I tend to like better about belts is when they're more angular than they are circular. The more rounded corners that they have and the more floral, squiggly patterns that they have, the less I'm into them. This is why the Big Gold Belt is not particularly interesting looking to me and why I was never a big fan of the circular Attitude Era WWF Championship belt. The WCW United States title was about as angular as you can get, featuring a proud eagle center stage and a plating design that was very reminiscent of something further down on this list: the Intercontinental Championship.

World Championship Wrestling United States Heavyweight Wrestling Champion title

4. Giant Silver ECW Championship

When WWE redesigned the ECW Championship and made it a huge silver title, there was a lot of backlash, but I was supportive of it. Not only have I been saying for the longest time that I support the idea of a distinction between gold world titles, silver midcard titles, and bronze tag team titles, but the design itself was so simple and effective. The other ECW title had too much of the grungy hardcore feel to it, which was perfect for a different era, but not for someone like Mark Henry to brandish. I loved the eagle behind the ECW letters, in particular.

big silver ECW title belt championship World Wrestling Entertainment

*BOTTOM ROPE: 3. 2014 Intercontinental Championship (with black or white strap)

I always absolutely loved the Intercontinental Championship belt back in the day, so when they brought it back with the Cody Rhodes reign, I was super excited. Although I think some of the background strap colors can be extremely detrimental to its attractiveness (that yellow is hideous), the white and the black make it seem so classy. I love its angular design and the fact that it seems like a legitimate championship rather than some kind of a toy. It doesn't boast itself with a lot of glitz and glamor. Rather, the Intercontinental title is more about functionality instead of pizazz—exactly what the division itself represents over the main event.

old WWF Intercontinental title square white strap colors

* MIDDLE ROPE: 2. [TIE] 2013/2014 WWE World Heavyweight Championship

I'm not sure which one of these I like better, as they're very similar. I prefer the "champion" on the 2013 design, but at the same time, I'm warming up to the WWE Network logo much more than I had anticipated. I do agree with the people that complain that it could use something in the background of the logo, such as a globe, but the more that I look at it, the more that I don't necessarily miss that.

Another big plus to this title design is the customizable plates on the side. It isn't something that I would have to see in all future designs (such as the indication of "champion" in some fashion), but it's something different that I'm fond of. Allowing people to have their own logos on the title takes the best concept of the personalized belts we've had in the past and applies them in a fashion that doesn't supersede the actual WWE logo itself.

WWE Network championship 2014 belt side plates

* TOP ROPE: 1. WWF Winged Eagle Heavyweight Championship

This is the classic title that I think of every time someone mentions a belt, period. Part of the reason why this ranks at the top is for pure nostalgia. After all, this was the title that represented the company when I was originally getting into it as a kid. Oddly enough, this is the most circular design out of everything here, and it is listed above the rest. Despite this, it just has a special place in my heart and I can't help but give the win to it.

old WWF eagle championship title belt replica


top countdown WWE wrestling list logo top rope

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