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TNA Impact Wrestling 04/17/14 Results & Review Coverage

Posted by Robert DeFelice Thursday, April 17, 2014
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This week it’s all about the fallout of last weeks major shocker and the new champion, Eric Young.

The show opens up with Eric Young and his newly won championship belt as the announcers run down the event of last weeks show. Eric Young said he would be a People's champion. He said there would be more fun and that he would defend the championship any way the people wanted. Dixie Carter interrupted and said that she was responsible for Eric's success. She said she invented the beard(whatever that means.) Dixie said that even though MVP runs wrestling operations it was still her company and Eric Young was her new hood ornament. The crowd chanted yes. This is so sad, honestly guys, whether it is or not it just comes off like Daniel Bryan rip off. Eric said he will always be his own man. Dixie said that she was going to give Eric a makeover today or she would have to start with his wife, ODB. Bully Ray came out and ran Dixie Carter off and then endorsed Eric Young to send us to commercial.

*Commercial break.

Back from commercial, The Beautiful People make their entrance and we get ready for a knockouts street fight! Yay!

MATCH: Velvet Sky vs Madison Rayne in a Knockouts Street Fight!

Match started on the floor and quickly worked its way into the room pretty uneventful action TBP tried to get the advantage with two on one but Madison was able to pick up the W with the worst spear I've ever seen in my life.

WINNER: Madison Rayne via pinfall

Backstage, Eric Young thanked Bully Ray once more. Abyss came up and challenged him and its EY vs abyss in a Monsters Ball for the championship tonight...

*Commercial break.

Back from break, Ethan Carter gave Rockstar Spud hilarious peptalk going into their handicap match tonight. In the ring, MVP spoke about how Samoa Joe has been ignoring him. Austin Aries came out and talked about how he's been sitting on the sidelines and how ignored and underappreciated he feels. He said sitting at home has lit a fire under him. MVP challenged Aries to a fight right then and there and Aries said they would wrestle next week. An Eric Young vignette and a bumper for tonight's main event sent us to commercial.

*Commercial break.

Back from break, it's tag title time!

MATCH: The BroMans vs The Wolves

The wolves had complete control in the beginning of the match. Jesse shook the ropes causing The Wolves to lose their balance and allowing the champions to gain the advantage. Double Team brought Jesse in who overpowered smaller duo Eddie Edwards finally got the tag in and he completely front back against the obnoxious duo. The wolves had the match won when DJ Z caused the disqualification.

WINNERS: Wolves via DQ

We still got a loaded lineup left and Willow cut a ridiculous promo to send us to commercial.

*Commercial break.

Back from break. The Handicapped match was set to go.

MATCH: Willow vs Rockstar Spud and EC3

Very quick match. The heels tried to gain the numbers advantage but Willow got the win and was immediately jumped by EC3 when Kurt Angle returned and targeted EC3.

*Commercial break.

Back from commercial, Kurt Angle cut a promo saying he wouldn't stop until Ethan Carter was taken out in a body bag. Backstage, Bobby Roode said whoever was dumb enough to accept this challenge would be sent through a table.

*Commercial break.

Back from break, we get a SANADA vignette followed by Kenny King coming out to cut a promo about how he's been ignored and then he did commentary on the following match:

MATCH: SANADA vs Tigre Uno Match #2 in Best of 3

Very high paced offense. Cool back-and-forth stuff but too fast to capture every moment when you're listening to Taz and Kenny King I'm trying to look at your computer. Uno when with the Corkscrew 450 to even the series.

WINNER: Tigre Uno via pinfall.

Backstage, Bully gave an endorsement to a faceless superstar we would find out who that was after the break.

*Commercial break.

Back from break, Bobby Roode is ready for his tables challenge his opponent is... GUNNER!

MATCH: Bobby Roode vs Gunner in a TABLES MATCH.
Bobby got the advantage quickly. Momentum changed rapidly. Both men went for their finishes. Bobby ended up laid out on the table but when Gunner climb the top rope, James storm distracted him allowing Bobby to throw him through the table.

WINNER: Bobby Roode


*Commercial break.

Back from break is announced that next week Ray/Gunner will face Bobby and James in a reuniting of Beer Money.


EY immediately began striking the monster with a trashcan. Abyss quickly took over and begin picking up weapons himself. Eric Young ate a trashcan to the face off of a failed suicide dive attempt.

*Commercial break.

Back from break, the action continues with Abyss Control and slamming the champion through weapons before going outside and grabbing the black bag containing the thumbtacks. EY was able to gain control with a handful of testicles, but lost it when he went to piledrive the beast. Out comes Janice. Abyss misses but so does EY who gets choke slammed into a pile of tacks. Gross. Abyss pulled out a barbed wire board which he was dropkicked to. EY followed it up with the top rope elbow for the victory.

WINNER: Eric Young via pinfall.

I'm just going to say this: sorry my coverage suck but I did not like this episode at all. Ethan Carter and Spud are just about the only bright spot in this company. I'm slightly excited for Beer Money and the main event was decent but I really hated the show overall. That's all I've got to say thanks for following along.


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