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Getting Over: CM Punk Leaving - Does It Really Matter?

Posted by Stephen Wadelin Wednesday, March 19, 2014
CM Punk walking out on the WWE has been a hot topic for some time, but has finally cooled after the RAW in Chicago. With that, it begs the question: does it really matter? With him gone, does it feel like there is a big void in which needs to be filled? Is the WWE's lack of CM Punk really hurting the product? Honestly, the short answer to that question is 'no'.

CM Punk Quits WWE Shoot Interview YouTube Download

When the story broke that CM Punk had quit the company, many were pretty convinced (myself included) that it was work. As time went on and the doubt that we'd see the straight-edged grappler grew, the first thing I noticed was the lack of CM Punk chants. It wasn't as if WWE were providing fantastic television week in and week out. Plus, plenty of crowds they visited had their fair share of smarky fans. Yet the CM Punk chants were either a minimum or non-existent.

So with that in my mind comes the big night: RAW in Chicago. WWE played their cards right and handled the RAW "hijacking" perfectly and played off it. With even his hometown piping down and turning their support to Daniel Bryan, it would seem apparent that CM Punk really isn't being missed.

With the WWE Network launching, Hulk Hogan coming home and the entire focus of the company being centred on Daniel Bryan, the WWE is doing just fine. Ratings aren't dropping and the stock is only ever rising. The way it all looks in regards to the "CM Punk versus WWE" situation is that CM Punk is definitely coming out on the losing end. With that, I think CM Punk is easily replaceable with guys like Roman Reigns, Cesaro and some of the up and comers in NXT getting the spotlight this year.

I mean really, what has he contributed on a week to week basis through out the year of 2013? After he lost to The Rock and The Undertaker, he ended up having such a dull feud with Paul Heyman. True, during that, he did give us a Match of the Year candidate with Brock Lesnar, but that doesn't change the fact that post-Mania, he had been very forgettable. It almost seemed like he was phoning it in with mediocre promos and matches. I don't think it's very hard to fill the void at this point.

CM Punk Talking Dead Video
In the end, I don't think CM Punk did right by walking out. However, I'm not in his shoes and won't judge him for it. By the looks of his appearance on the Talking Dead, CM Punk Phil Brooks is looking fantastic and has some life about him at last. I'm happy for him in that respect, and while I don't think him leaving has or will make a shred of difference, I won't forget that epic promo where he sat crossed leg atop of the stage and dropped the pipe bomb that led to an awesome 'Summer of Punk…'

Thanks for taking the time to read; perhaps you think CM Punk leaving has had or will have more of a noticeable effect on the WWE? If so, let me know in the comments below.

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