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Hottest Divas & Knockouts Tournament Finals: Round 9, Matches 196-198

Posted by Anthony Mango Wednesday, September 26, 2012
Who are the sexiest wrestling women in WWE and TNA history? The tournament ends now, as we're on THE FINALS of the tournament with matches #196-198, also known as Round 9. First thing's first, here are your results from Round 8 with the Wildcard Finals:

Mickie James beat Torrie Wilson | Stacy Keibler beat Torrie Wilson | Torrie Wilson beat Ashley Valence

So here's the last set of matches for you to vote on! It's time to determine a winner!

NOTE: Since Torrie Wilson beat Ashley Valence in both the match itself and the tiebreaker, she has officially won the Wildcard spot and replaced her in the finals. Now, we'll end this tournament with the triple threat to determine the winner. As before, vote on each of the three matches as well as the tiebreaker, just in case!

Mickie James vs Stacy Keibler

Beautiful Mickie James Photos Divas Lingerie Stacy Keibler Maxim

Mickie James vs Stacy Keibler

[THOUGHTS: Since Stacy was able to beat Torrie, but Mickie struggled to, I would assume Stacy wins here. My vote, however, goes to Mickie James.]

Stacy Keibler vs Torrie Wilson

Skirt Stacy Keibler Ass Legs Hot Torrie Wilson Cleavage

Stacy Keibler vs Torrie Wilson

[THOUGHTS: Stacy soundly retained her finals spot against Torrie's Wildcard option, so that should be no different here. Look for Stacy to win this match and seal her victory more than likely.]

Mickie James vs Torrie Wilson

Sexy Mickie James Beach Body Semi Nude Torrie Wilson Ass Thong

Mickie James vs Torrie Wilson

[THOUGHTS: This was close, and one vote could make all the difference. For all we know, THIS could be the true tiebreaker.]

TIEBREAKER Triple Threat Match

*Please vote on this one as well as the polls above.

Cute Mickie James Lollipop Bra Panties LingerieSexy Stacy Keibler Butt ThongPlayboy Torrie Wilson Sexy

Mickie James vs Stacy Keibler vs Torrie Wilson

[THOUGHTS: It may not be necessary, but it's there just in case. Who do you guys think should win this tournament?]

Most Attractive WWE Divas TNA Knockouts Most Attractive WWE Divas TNA Knockouts Most Attractive WWE Divas TNA Knockouts

We've gotten to the point where none of our matches look the same. The following is how my own separate votes are going with the tournament.

Maryse Ouellet vs Madison Rayne

WWE Maryse Ouellet Pictures Queen Madison Rayne Nude

[THOUGHTS: If this were a vote on who I'd rather date, I'd go with Madison Rayne. She's more my type and when personality is factored in, she's by far the most attractive from what I've seen - hands down - out of these three. However, this is a tournament on who is the HOTTEST, and Maryse has an undeniable sex appeal that I can't ignore, which makes her just barely beat out Madison Rayne as mentioned before. Barely.]

Madison Rayne vs Sunny (Tammy Lynn Sytch)

Beautiful People Hot Madison Rayne Pigeons Loose Naked Sunny Nude Tammy Sytch

[THOUGHTS: If this was a question on what they currently look like, Madison would win. And again, if this were personality, Madison seems to be more down to earth and my type. In their prime and speaking strictly on sex appeal, similar to the Maryse vote above, Sunny just barely edges out Madison. Again...barely.]

Maryse Ouellet vs Sunny (Tammy Sytch)

French Kiss Maryse Ouellet Cleavage WWE Sunny Cute Tammy Sytch Smoking Hot

[THOUGHTS: This is the tiebreaker! I would go with Sunny over Maryse when it comes to their face but Maryse over Sunny for body. They're both equally sexy, so who wins? I'll let you know who I picked at the next update.]

TIEBREAKER Triple Threat Match

WWE Maryse Hot BodyNaked Madison Rayne Body Muscle Show OffBeautiful Tammy Sytch Dress Hall of Fame Sunny WWE

[THOUGHTS: Basically, it comes down to this realization for me. If I were to say "Who is the hottest girl in WWE and TNA at the moment", that answer would be Madison Rayne, since Maryse and Sunny aren't involved. If I were to say who out of the recent people were the hottest, I'd probably go with Maryse slightly edging out Madison Rayne. If I were to say Sunny was in her prime, she could beat out both of them in some ways and lose in some ways - so does that translate to an overall victory or does Maryse capture the title? Check back to find out.]

Most Attractive WWE Divas TNA KnockoutsMost Attractive WWE Divas TNA KnockoutsMost Attractive WWE Divas TNA Knockouts


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Divas and Knockouts Twitter Accounts:

@MickieJames vs @StacyKeibler vs @Torrie11
@maryse0uellet vs @MRayneTNA vs @WWEHOFerSunny


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