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Saturday Smack Talk: 8/20/2011

Posted by Anthony Mango Saturday, August 20, 2011
What's gone on this past week in wrestling?
  • Alberto Del Rio has said that he plans on retiring in five years and wants to wrestle his final match in his home area. I know I would want to do the same if I were a performer. When it comes to the five year thing, do you think WWE should invest a lot of time and effort pushing him if that's the case? I said it when he first came here that I thought he was a bit too old to be looked at as "the future of the WWE" and that they should focus more on the likes of Cody Rhodes and other younger guys. I'm all for Del Rio getting a push but I think they should view him more as a temporary filler main event guy as opposed to someone like an Edge, Taker, Hart, HBK, HHH....the guys that were there for a long time. What say you, my readers?
  • MIKE CHIODA of all people failed the Wellness Policy. WTF? I'm very interested to find out what he failed for. It certainly shouldn't be steroids...he wasn't even the referee that bolted to the ring at WrestleMania XXIV (big ups to Charles Robinson for that epic moment). I just found this very funny cause I didn't foresee referees getting suspended for WP violations. Apparently it's something that "the other referees are sweating", according to sources. Hm...
  • Miz supposedly scored a lot of points with Vince over his promo the Raw before SummerSlam as well as the one on the ppv itself and his Subway promo on the Raw afterward, and his "stock has risen" because of it. As much as I hated the idea behind the Subway promo, I'm still a big fan of the Miz, so I'm glad to hear this. 
  • Alberto Del Rio and Ricardo Rodriguez are apparently receiving high praise from Vince lately. It's being said that Vinny Mac has a big smile on his face when they're out performing.
  • I didn't notice this until I saw the footage here but I think it's very funny that that little mouse ran across the screen during the John Cena/Del Rio segment on Raw. He's going to rat out Del Rio's cash in plans.
  • Man, what was up with that power bomb in the Swagger/Riley match? Who was at fault there? That was awful!
  • Rey Mysterio is expected to miss some ring time for rehabbing his knee injury, though it's now looking more serious after he apparently blew his knee out doing a baseball slide in his match with Del Rio. Now it may seem like he will require surgery.
  • RVD, who previously said that Generation Me never introduced themselves to him while in TNA, seems to be justified as now that they've been given a tryout in WWE, it appears Booker says the same thing had happened to him. Goldust also spoke about this. If these stories are true, these guys are either not realizing they're doing it (which is possible) or they're just pricks (which is possible). At first, I thought it sounded more like RVD was just mistaken, but now that it's 3 people talking about it, that seems less likely.
  • WWE has trademarked the "Mr. Future Endeavor" phrase to use for John Laurinaitis. Hilarious.


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