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WWE Night of Champions 2011 Predictions of Results, PPV Spoilers

Posted by Anthony Mango Monday, August 15, 2011

WWE Night of Champions: The time of the year where every champion has to defend their title. This is one of my favorite pay-per-view concepts.

WWE Championship: Alberto Del Rio (c) vs. John Cena
It's too early for John Cena to win the title. My guess is, seeing as how Hell in a Cell is coming up, along with Vengeance, we'll see Cena lose here, win at Hell in a Cell, and then a third rematch at Vengeance. That way, Cena faces someone else (Miz?) at Survivor Series. They could stretch this out to a 4-ppv thing, though, or Cena could win it at Vengeance. Either way I think Cena doesn't win the title here, but does in fact dethrone Del Rio eventually. Here, he'll get screwed in some fashion.

PREDICTION: Alberto Del Rio wins after interference or something.

CM Punk vs. Triple H
Supposedly, this should have been Kevin Nash against Punk, but Nash's health has put a knot in that rope. I think HHH versus Punk is rushed FAR too soon and if you combine that with Nash being unable to wrestle, I think this could very well kill this feud from being something great to being something mediocre. This match itself could be good, depending on whether or not HHH has ring rust or if they work well together.

PREDICTION: Kevin Nash costs the match for CM Punk.

World Heavyweight Championship: Randy Orton (c) vs. Mark Henry
I would love to see Mark Henry win the title, but I'm not expecting that to happen. Instead, I think it has to go one of two ways. Either Henry loses by disqualification or Orton gets a quick RKO on him and wins clean.

PREDICTION: Orton pins Henry.

United States Championship [Fatal Four-Way]: Dolph Ziggler (c) vs. Alex Riley vs. Jack Swagger vs. John Morrison
This should be a good match, and I'm a fan of all four of the participants. I honestly don't know which person I'm rooting for either, because of that. Ziggler is doing a fine job as the US champ, and I think Morrison and Swagger deserve much more than what they've been getting, so in a way I'd like to see Ziggler retain. However, I think Riley is just shy of the level of being the champ, but who would he be facing to eventually win it? Virtually any outcome has potential, so I'm really looking forward to this.

PREDICTION: Jack Swagger and Dolph Ziggler cost each other the match and Morrison wins the title.

Intercontinental Championship: Cody Rhodes (c) vs. Ted DiBiase
Considering how this whole feud has barely started and has no steam behind it at all, as Cody has been wrestling and feuding with Randy Orton more than Ted, on top of how Ted has no momentum and I can't see him changing his character enough to get over, I really don't want Ted to win the title here.

PREDICTION: Cody retains.

Tag Team Championship: Air Boom (c) vs. The Miz & R-Truth
Until they started getting a little too silly with their stuff, I was a full supporter of the Miz and Truth team. Now, I'd rather the Miz be a main event guy and Truth a solid midcarder, but for the moment, teaming up isn't hurting them. They shouldn't, however, become the tag champs, as that both screws Kofi and Evan and also means that they would be stuck in the tag division for a while. This match could steal the show if they give it enough time, but they probably won't. Still, it should at least be decent, and I'm looking forward to it.

PREDICTION: Kofi Kingston and Evan Bourne win after pinning R-Truth.

Divas Championship: Kelly Kelly (c) vs. Beth Phoenix
Beth wins the title here unless they're planning on turning Eve heel, but I can't see that happening. 

PREDICTION: Kelly gets slammed and loses the title.


I don't necessarily think there will be any other matches.



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