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TNA Releases Coming Soon

Posted by Anthony Mango Sunday, May 16, 2010
Reports have surfaced that the powers-that-be in TNA have realized that they need to cut costs and they're now looking at the roster to figure out whom they can cut. A few choices, I would think, have to be obvious.

1) Tomko - According to Wikipedia (trustworthy source, I know) he's still employed. I didn't know that. They've got Morgan and Terry as their big guys now. There's no need for Tomko. In fact, has there ever been a need for Tomko?

2) Tara - She's leaving anyway, so this comes to no surprise that she's on the list. Lisa was probably one of the highest paid Knockouts on the roster. That'll save them some money.

3) Kiyoshi - Nuff said.

4) The Suicide Character - You need someone that can fill the role and if they're cutting the people that they think are useless, you no longer have anyone that can do such. Now, this may not save them any money, seeing as it's just a costume they've already purchased, but it's something to note.

5) SoCal Val - What's her purpose? Mhm. Gone.

6) Magnus - There have been rumblings about them considering cutting him, so don't be surprised if they follow through.

7) Shark Boy - Again, I don't need to explain.

8) Chelsea - Waste of a pay check.

9) Miss Tessmacher - Brooke Adams is very, very hot...but very, very useless.

10) David Penzer - Now this one's a bit tricky. I do remember reading a few weeks/months ago that he was considering leaving and that Borash may take over for his announcing. How credible that report was, I have no clue, and things change all the time so there's no use in saying it's still guaranteed to be valid at this point even if it's 100% true. Still, it's something to look out for.
UPDATE: It seems as though yes, Penzer's been released.

11) Santana G - Flair's got his problems with the angle and he's a powerful guy. Don't be shocked if this cut happens because of Flair convincing them that they don't need him.

When looking at the roster, three other names stand out to me: Stevie Richards, Rhino, and Raven. However, if they decide to bring Tommy Dreamer in and do that ECW stable, needless to say they can't cut everyone else from that stable, so I assume their jobs are in the hands of Laughlin. They may keep Rhino even if those plans fall through, but I don't think Richards or Raven would stay.

Check back at Smark Out Moment to find out if any of these come to fruition soon.

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