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WWE Draft 2010 Results

Posted by Anthony Mango Monday, April 26, 2010

Wow, what the fuck are they thinking?

1) John Morrison
2) R-Truth
3) Edge
4) Chris Jericho

1) Kelly Kelly
2) Big Show
3) Kofi Kingston
4) Christian

Why do they insist every year on overloading Raw with too much talent that they don't know what to do with? It backfires every single time. Right now, they raped Smackdown, which is not only going to do horrors for their switch to SyFy, but it means lots of these guys on Raw are going to be completely screwed over. Look at what happened to MVP when he went over to Raw. You really think they're going to be able to juggle Chris Jericho, John Cena, Triple H, Randy Orton, John Morrison, the Miz, Edge, Sheamus, and Ted DiBiase (who will also be bringing 2 other people onto Raw soon)? No way. Meanwhile, Smackdown gets the shit end of the stick where they have no faces. Look at it. They've got the Undertaker who is out on injury, Rey Mysterio who is injury prone and can't work a feud with anyone on a whim, and then it goes down to Christian, Kofi Kingston, and Kane. Punk and Swagger are the top heels, yet we've already seen Punk feud with both Taker and Mysterio, so he only has 3 feuds left, and be serious, there's no way Punk/Kingston or Swagger/Kane is really going to be selling out pay-per-views, nor will we see Punk/Kane and Swagger/Kingston main eventing WrestleMania. We've already recently seen Swagger go up against Christian as well, so now are we just going to see repeats on Smackdown for the whole year?

I'm extremely worried that they just fucked themselves over in the same way they did last year. Remember how they had to do a second draft after a few months because they realized that Raw was too packed and Smackdown had nobody? TNA is already garbage in the ratings. They don't need to put that much into Raw in order to fight a "war" in which they're decimating their adversary with complete ease. They need to be worried about how much they'll lose viewers when it comes to Smackdown's switch over to SyFy.

Tell me your thoughts in the comments and remember to check back tomorrow for the Supplemental Draft results. Maybe some of this stuff gets fixed, but I highly doubt it.


[Hopefully Smackdown gets a ton of people as they got RAPED yesterday and if it stays the way it is now, they're fucked.]

Draft #1 - The Great Khali & Ranjin Singh to RAW
Saw it coming. No big deal. At least Smackdown didn't lose another good person (yet).

Draft #2 - Chavo Guerrero to SMACKDOWN
Another one that I saw coming. This doesn't help Smackdown at all, but it makes sense.

Draft #3 - Cody Rhodes to SMACKDOWN
Saw it coming as well, and I'm VERY glad they moved him. Cody's underrated as hell. I hope he wins the IC title.

Draft #4 - Natalya to RAW
I assume they did this because the Hart Dynasty can go between shows now. Of course, they could just do what they did last year and draft the unified tag champs to Raw (Colons) as well, seeing as how the draft isn't over with.

Draft #5 - Chris Masters to SMACKDOWN
Worthless move. He'll probably be released soon anyway.

Draft #6 - Ezekiel Jackson to RAW
Damn it. I wanted him to stay on Smackdown. They really are fucking that brand up SO much this year.

Draft #7 - Goldust to RAW
Called it. No shocks.

Draft #8 - Hornswoggle to SMACKDOWN
Seriously, what the fuck is up with them screwing Smackdown so much? Do they want to end the show?

Draft #9 - JTG to RAW
There goes any hope that any of you had that JTG gets a push from an empty Smackdown roster.

*Now they say JTG has NOT been moved over to Raw. What, are they just stalling, or are they idiots that can't read off the list they have right in front of them?

Draft #10 - Rosa Mendes to SMACKDOWN
Yet another middle finger to Smackdown.

Draft #11 - Hart Dynasty to RAW
Smackdown loses some more talented people. Good lord.

*How much do you want to bet that in the next few picks, Undertaker, Mysterio, and the SES go over to Raw, and Smackdown gets Primo, Regal, and Jillian?

Draft #12 - MVP to SMACKDOWN
Finally Smackdown actually gets someone. But sadly, it's not nearly enough.

The theme of this year's draft is "screw Smackdown as much as possible" and they accomplished it extremely well. Smackdown's done. I would list the potential awesome feuds we'd see, but they're all on Raw, and I know we won't end up seeing them because they'll be too busy with guest hosts and other b.s. to actually have something like Orton/Miz and Jericho/Morrison and well, pretty much anybody. Smackdown just went from being the show to watch to being the show you're unable to watch. Raw is going to destroy TNA, but they weren't a threat anyway, so what they're doing instead is that they're just killing Smackdown along with it. It's a kamikaze move.

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