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WWE Royal Rumble 2023 PPV Results & Review Coverage Live

Posted by Anthony Mango Sunday, January 29, 2023

Welcome to the WWE Royal Rumble 2023 pay-per-view live results coverage page!

The 2023 Royal Rumble is coming to you from the Alamodome in San Antonio, Texas on January 28, 2023.

Want to know who won all the matches at WWE Royal Rumble 2023? This post will be updated continuously to reflect ongoing coverage of WWE Royal Rumble 2023 results from the pre-show onward. Keep refreshing for the most up-to-date information!

If you want to take part in the WWE Royal Rumble Drinking Game while watching this event, go there to check out the rules!

Browse my predictions for WWE Royal Rumble 2023 and find out all the results down below.

WWE Royal Rumble 2023 PPV Live Stream Free Pay-Per-View
WWE Royal Rumble 2023 Results

Strap yourselves in. The Road to WrestleMania 39 is officially here! Who is going to win the 2023 Royal Rumble and go on to main event WrestleMania XXXIX? Let's find out!

30-Man Royal Rumble Match

Entry #1 is Gunther
Entry #2 is Sheamus
Entry #3 is The Miz
Entry #4 is Kofi Kingston
Entry #5 is Johnny Gargano
The Miz is eliminated by Sheamus
Entry #6 is Xavier Woods
Entry #7 is Karrion Kross
Entry #8 is Chad Gable
Entry #9 is Drew McIntyre
Karrion Kross is eliminated by Drew McIntyre
Entry #10 is Santos Escobar
Entry #11 is Angelo Dawkins
Xavier Woods was eliminated by Gunther
Kofi Kingston might have been eliminated by Gunther; unconfirmed if he's still in with one foot on a chair or if he's eliminated
Entry #12 is Brock Lesnar
Santos Escobar is eliminated by Brock Lesnar
Angelo Dawkins is eliminated by Brock Lesnar
Chad Gable is eliminated by Brock Lesnar
Entry #13 is Bobby Lashley
Brock Lesnar is eliminated by Bobby Lashley
Entry #14 is Baron Corbin
Entry #15 is Seth Rollins
Baron Corbin is eliminated by Seth Rollins
Entry #16 is Otis
Entry #17 is Rey Mysterio (but he didn't come out)
Bobby Lashley is eliminated by Seth Rollins
Entry #18 is Dominik Mysterio
Otis was eliminated by Sheamus and Drew McIntyre
Entry #19 is Elias
Elias was eliminated by Sheamus and Drew McIntyre
Entry #20 is Finn Balor
Johnny Gargano was eliminated by Dominik Mysterio and Finn Balor
Entry #21 is Booker T
Booker T was eliminated by Gunther following a spinaroonie
Entry #22 is Damian Priest
Entry #23 is Montez Ford
Entry #24 is Edge
Damian Priest was eliminated by Edge
Finn Balor was eliminated by Edge
Edge was eliminated by Finn Balor and Damian Priest from the outside
Entry #25 is Austin Theory
Entry #26 is Omos
Entry #27 is Braun Strowman
Omos was eliminated by Braun Strowman
Entry #28 is Ricochet
Sheamus was eliminated by Gunther
Drew McIntyre was eliminated by Gunther
Entry #29 is Logan Paul
Entry #30 is Cody Rhodes
Dominik Mysterio was eliminated by Cody Rhodes
Braun Strowman was eliminated by Cody Rhodes
Ricochet was eliminated by Austin Theory
Austin Theory was eliminated by Cody Rhodes
Final Four: Cody Rhodes, Gunther, Logan Paul, Seth Rollins
Seth Rollins was eliminated by Logan Paul
Logan Paul was eliminated by Cody Rhodes
Gunther was eliminated by Cody Rhodes

RESULT: Cody Rhodes wins!!
THOUGHTS: I don't like the idea of Cody being #30, and I think this match lacked some surprises, and I don't like the lack of Rey Mysterio wasting a spot that could have gone to ANYONE else, but I liked a lot of this match. This was a fun ride. The best person for the job won, in my mind. I'm glad the fans weren't rejecting it. Not the best Royal Rumble by any means, but an overall thumbs up despite its glitches.

Pitch Black Match: Bray Wyatt vs. LA Knight

RESULT: Bray Wyatt won by pinfall.
THOUGHTS: Black light glowing effects, a generic No DQ match without any decent enough spots, a pinfall that led to LA Knight pretty quickly getting up so he could brawl some more with Wyatt (who is now sporting yet another new mask) to walk to a part of the set prepped with crash pads so that Uncle Howdy can jump off and MISS Knight, creating pyro to explode. Nope. Can't say I loved it.

Raw Women's Championship Match: Bianca Belair (c) vs. Alexa Bliss

RESULT: Bianca Belair retained by pinfall.
THOUGHTS: At no point did the match divert my attention away from calculating statistics for the Royal Rumble that preceded it. It seemed fine, but not all that good, for what that's worth. Nothing at all interesting happened in it. Even the stuff afterward, with more video glitches and nothing tangible, was stupid.

30-Woman Royal Rumble Match

Entry #1 is Rhea Ripley
Entry #2 is Liv Morgan
Entry #3 is Dana Brooke
Entry #4 is Emma
Entry #5 is Shayna Baszler
Entry #6 is Bayley
Entry #7 is B-Fab
B-Fab was eliminated by Rhea Ripley after 36 seconds
Entry #8 is Roxanne Perez
Entry #9 is Dakota Kai
Entry #10 is Iyo Sky
Dana Brooke was eliminated by Damage CTRL
Emma was eliminated by Dakota Kai
Roxanne Perez was eliminated by Damage CTRL
Entry #11 is Natalya
Entry #12 is Candice LeRae
Shayna Baszler was eliminated by Natalya according to referees ringside saying "get down, your feet touched the ground", but the commentary team attributed it to Damage CTRL afterward, so it is currently unknown what WWE will consider to be official about it
Natalya was eliminated by Damage CTRL
Entry #13 is Zoey Stark
Entry #14 is Xia Li
Candice LeRae was eliminated by Iyo Sky
Entry #15 is Becky Lynch
Entry #16 is Tegan Nox
Entry #17 is Asuka
Tegan Nox was eliminated by Asuka
Entry #18 is Piper Niven
Entry #19 is Tamina
Entry #20 is Chelsea Green
Chelsea Green was eliminated Rhea Ripley (supposedly 5 seconds; a new record)
Dakota Kai was eliminated by Becky Lynch
Iyo Sky was eliminated by Becky Lynch
Becky Lynch was eliminated by Bayley
Bayley was eliminated by Liv Morgan
Entry #21 is Zelina Vega
Xia Li was eliminated by Zelina Vega
Entry #22 is Raquel Rodriguez
Entry #23 is Michin
Entry #24 is Lacey Evans
Entry #25 is Michelle McCool
Tamina was eliminated by Michelle McCool
Entry #26 is Indi Hartwell
Entry #27 is Sonya Deville
Zoey Stark was eliminated by Sonya Deville
Zelina Vega was eliminated by Lacey Evans
Entry #28 is Shotzi
Indi Hartwell was eliminated by Sonya Deville
Entry #29 is Nikki Cross
Entry #30 is Nia Jax
Nia Jax was eliminated by everybody else ganging up on her
Lacey Evans was eliminated by Raquel Rodriguez
Sonya Deville was eliminated by Asuka
Michelle McCool was eliminated by Rhea Ripley
Shotzi was eliminated by Michin
Michin was eliminated by Piper Niven
Piper Niven was eliminated by Raquel Rodriguez
Raquel Rodriguez was eliminated by Rhea Ripley
Final Four: Asuka, Liv Morgan, Nikki Cross, Rhea Ripley
Nikki Cross was eliminated by Liv Morgan
Asuka was eliminated by Rhea Ripley
Liv Morgan was eliminated by Rhea Ripley

RESULT: Rhea Ripley won!
THOUGHTS: Hell of a performance from a lot of people like Ripley, Morgan and so on. This had some better surprises than the men's match. Rock solid match with the right winner, in my opinion.

Undisputed WWE Universal Championship Match: Roman Reigns (c) vs. Kevin Owens

RESULT: Roman Reigns retained the title by pinfall.
THOUGHTS: That's it? Nothing for an official turn for Sami Zayn? Just Reigns beats Owens and there's some more hesitation on Zayn's part like there's been for months? That's a little lame and underwhelming, particularly for the main event. Wait a sec...

Post-match, Roman orders The Bloodline to take out Owens while Zayn has to watch. Owens is handcuffed and superkicked repeatedly. Zayn steps in to stop Reigns from ending it with a steel chair, trying to say its enough and beneath him to do anything more. It doesn't need to go any further. Reigns then hands the chair to Zayn and tells him to do it instead. Zayn refuses and eventually hits Reigns in the back with the chair, instead. This prompts Jimmy Uso and Solo Sikoa to attack Zayn. Jey Uso, though, walks away. Reigns, Sikoa and Jimmy Uso lay out Zayn some more to a crowd chanting "fuck you, Roman"

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