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WWE Money in the Bank 2022 Review - Triple Threat POV

Posted by Dallas Allsopp Thursday, July 7, 2022

Welcome to another edition of Triple Threat from Smark Out Moment, where three of us get together to discuss three questions based on one big topic going down in the week of professional wrestling.

This week, Dallas Allsopp, Greg Coleman and Robert DeFelice review WWE Money in the Bank 2022.

Money in the Bank usually a bankable pay-per-view, but was it a success this year? Were the choices for the winners correct, or simply flawed choices destined to fail?

Question 1: Bobby Lashley is once again WWE United States Champion - is this the right spot for The All Mighty? Should he have been a contender in the men’s Money in the Bank match?

ALLSOPP: If we had two World Championships being defended at the same time in WWE, I would certainly advocate for Bobby Lashley to be WWE Champion. But as Roman Reigns is the one and only Undisputed WWE Universal Champion, I can safely say that being WWE United States Championship is the right position for him. He can restore some real prestige to the belt, whilst showing why he should be considered for a huge storyline at WrestleMania. If he had been in the Money in the Bank match, it would have not served him well.

COLEMAN: I like Bobby Lashley as WWE United States Champion. Clearly there are no plans on Roman Reigns losing soon, so there is no need for Lashley to be just another victim to WWE trying to backdoor Roman to all-great status by sacrificing damn near every main event talent on the roster. Lashley can be a dominant Champion and then drop it to a wrestler in need of a rub (heel Montez Ford!) I’m perfectly fine with Lashley not being in the Money in the Bank match because he is a wrestler who doesn’t need to catch the Champion at their weakest in order to win. He’s a legitimate threat to any Champion in WWE.

DeFELICE: Bobby Lashley is the perfect WWE United States Champion. He is the perfect Champion on Monday Night Raw when there is no Champion to speak of because Roman Reigns has decided to take a lighter schedule. I think he would have been a waste in the Ladder Match, and this is a much better use of his skill-set. I'm excited to see what he does moving forward.

Question 2: How long do you think Liv Morgan will hold the WWE SmackDown Women’s Championship? Would you have preferred her holding off on cashing in the briefcase?

COLEMAN: Conventional wisdom would say Liv Morgan holds the WWE Smackdown Women's Championship until Vince McMahon decides it’s time to add to Charlotte Flair's resume. I would’ve liked to have seen Morgan hold on to the briefcase a little longer and cash-in at another major Premium Live Event. A cash-in during the Champion vs Champion match Survivor Series would’ve been excellent!

DeFELICE: I would have preferred her holding on to the briefcase, simply because women have not held on to the briefcase in five years. However, it is undoubtable that Liv Morgan stole the show and even if she loses the belt at SummerSlam, Money in the Bank 2022 will always be the night that Morgan truly began LIVing.

That being said, I do think she loses it at SummerSlam. Unfortunately, I think Ronda Rousey is too heavily factored into WrestleMania 39 plans.

ALLSOPP: The cynic in me says Charlotte Flair dethrones her at SummerSlam, but if WWE really gives a shit about it’s women’s division, they’ll establish someone other than Bianca Belair as a non-Four Horsewoman threat. I’m desensitised to seeing the women cash in almost immediately, but at least it gave Liv Morgan and the fans a really poignant moment to enjoy.

Question 3: What do you think about Theory winning the men’s Money in the Bank match? Is this a real springboard for him to become the future of WWE, or will he ultimately struggle under the weight of carrying the briefcase?

DeFELICE: I think, Cody Rhodes' storyline aside, Theory makes the most sense as Mr. Money in the Bank. I just wish he would have been announced previously. I think this will only help his story but I think he's being positioned as the next Randy Orton, despite it being claimed that he's being groomed to be the next John Cena. I don't know if this briefcase and the Championship run that stems from holding the briefcase will amount to the making of the next star, but I do think in 20 years, it will be a wonderful footnote in what is seemingly going to be a very special career.

ALLSOPP: It was a load of old tosh! It made no sense, and although there is some validity to considering Theory a star of the future, he is being sent out as a lamb to the slaughter as the Money in the Bank briefcase holder. If he successfully cashes in, it will be as much of a farce of a World Championship reign in the same manner of Jack Swagger. Simply put, Theory is not strong enough yet to not lose himself to the dark side of the briefcase.

COLEMAN: I absolutely hate the way WWE got to putting the Money in the Bank briefcase on Theory. That being said, I’m a fan of Theory being Mr. Money in the Bank. The briefcase works best when it’s on a heel, as evidenced by the best cash-ins being when heels have cashed in on a Champion at their lowest moment. Theory is a young, up and coming star who can build his career around being the man to end Roman Reigns’s historic title run by cashing in successfully. I don’t see Theory struggling under the weight of the briefcase, but given WWE’s track record, he could fail his cash-in and be future endeavored next year.

Those are our thoughts on the issue, but where do you stand?

Let us know your answers to these questions in the comments below!

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