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AEW Revolution 2022 Preview - Triple Threat POV

Posted by Dallas Allsopp Thursday, March 3, 2022

Welcome to another edition of Triple Threat from Smark Out Moment, where three of us get together to discuss three questions based on one big topic going down in the week of professional wrestling.

This week, Dallas Allsopp, Greg Coleman and Matt Morgan preview AEW Revolution 2022.

AEW Revolution 2022 represents what could be one of the best shows put on by the fledgling promotion so far. But just how exciting will this show be?

Question 1: Should Thunder Rosa dethrone Britt Baker to capture the AEW Women’s World Championship?

ALLSOPP: Certainly - it would make Thunder Rosa’s Light’s Out victory over Britt Baker feel even more important in the development of the women’s division. That night, both women stepped up and made the division their own, so if Rosa wins, her triumph was well and truly set up by that victory. She is tough, sassy, and quite simply a fantastic wrestler. For as well as The Doctor has performed as AEW Women’s World Champion, I do hope we can see a new direction for the division as a whole.

COLEMAN: Britt Baker has been a great AEW Women’s World Champion and did an excellent job of elevating both the title and the women's division. However, it’s time for a new Champion, and there is no better woman than Thunder Rosa to take the title from her. Outside of Hangman Page and Kenny Omega, one could argue the next best rivalry AEW has had is Baker vs Rosa. This would be a perfect way to continue that rivalry and add a new chapter.

MORGAN: I have a gut feeling that Britt Baker will beat Thunder Rosa at Revolution. Rosa is the one woman who seems to have Baker’s number the most. Because of Rosa’s past successes against Baker, I think there’s a story there for The Doctor to “finally” conquer Rosa and beat the one woman that she hasn’t in the past. I could also see there being a rubber match after this Sunday should Baker pull out the victory.

Question 2: Who will win the Face of the Revolution Ladder Match for a future shot at the AEW TNT Championship?

COLEMAN: Before I give my prediction, I think there should be a prop bet for how many broken ladders we get in this match. Keith Lee, Wardlow, and Powerhouse Hobbs in a ladder match is going to be bananas! Wardlow is currently building a story with MJF, and given that his storyline contract says any title he wins goes to MJF, I don’t see Wardlow winning as this will further the divide between Wardlow and MJF. Lee will be AEW TNT Champion and AEW World Heavyweight Champion at some point during his AEW run, so there is no need for him to get a shot now. My prediction is the man who honestly should’ve been AEW TNT Champion at least once at this point, and that is Scorpio Sky. Tony Khan and AEW need to do right by one of its AEW originals and have Sky win the match again, but this time beat Sammy Guevara for the title.

MORGAN: Ricky Starks is my prediction to win the ladder match. In my opinion, Starks is a star in the making despite not having a lot of breakthrough moments yet. Winning the match and fighting Sammy Guevara could help elevate Stark’s status within the company. Not to mention that there is a fair amount of history between Stark and Guevara, which allows for some hopefully interesting storytelling to take place.

ALLSOPP: I’m batting for Keith Lee, especially as he would be perfect for the AEW TNT Championship. He can perform miracles in the ring, and would be the standout star in this match. If Claudio Castagnoli was to come to AEW and compete in this match as a surprise entrant, I’d say he’d be the favourite, but as it stands, I’m going with Lee.

Question 3: Who is the favourite for the AEW World Championship match - Hangman Adam Page or Adam Cole? Is this a guaranteed Match of the Year Candidate?

MORGAN: I agree wholeheartedly with Dallas and Greg’s comments. Someday in the future, Adam Cole will be the AEW Champion. But I don’t see Cole winning the AEW World Championship from Hangman Adam Page so soon. Rather, I feel like the storyline between Cole, reDRagon, The Young Bucks and Kenny Omega (when he returns) has to fully play out before Cole moves on to the AEW World Championship. But no matter who wins, Cole and Page will undoubtedly put on a clinic this Sunday.

ALLSOPP: Hangman Adam Page is the slight favourite to win, in my eyes at least. I fully expect him to retain in order to set up a match with MJF for the AEW World Championship. Page still needs another stellar match in his reign to prove he is more than just an opponent for Bryan Danielson. Adam Cole will become AEW World Champion one day, but I feel he has more character development to achieve in AEW first.

Oh, and it is certainly a Match of the Year candidate on paper, and I don’t doubt this will be a certified five star classic!

COLEMAN: This is going to be an amazing match! I love the fact that Adam Cole gets his first crack at the AEW World Championship in the city which is the home of NXT - Orlando, FL. Cole will have his time as the AEW World Champion, but his clock won’t start on March 6th. Hangman Adam Page overcomes all and with a Buckshot Lariat, retains his title and looks toward his next major title defense at Double or Nothing in May.

Those are our thoughts on the issue, but where do you stand?

Let us know your answers to these questions in the comments below!

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