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WWE Superstar Spectacle Discussion - Triple Threat POV

Posted by Dallas Allsopp Thursday, January 21, 2021

Welcome to another edition of Triple Threat from Smark Out Moment, where three of us get together to discuss three questions based on one big topic going down in the week of professional wrestling.

This week, Dallas Allsopp, Martin Dickinson and Bodeen Green discuss the upcoming WWE Superstar Spectacle event.

WWE recently announced WWE Superstar Spectacle, a show which will combine the stars of today with the stars of tomorrow. With a heavy emphasis on potential stars from India, how successful will the endeavour prove to be?

Question 1: What are your initial thoughts about Superstar Spectacle? Are you looking forward to the event?

ALLSOPP: I’m optimistic that this will be an entertaining event, especially if the focus is on good wrestling. This event already has the feel of a Saudi Arabia show, which is admittedly not the best thing to say. But as the aim of this event is to get these new wrestlers over, I can fully appreciate the effort to try something new. I’d like to see if any of these guys can match up to Mansoor, who used the Saudi Arabia shows as a springboard of sorts to kickstart his career. For this fact alone, I am looking forward to the event.

DICKINSON: I am not super excited for this show. However, I really appreciate that WWE is holding this event. WWE usually struggles when it comes to putting on events that feel unique and fresh. This show stands as an exception, as the focus will seemingly be on a lot of individuals who are unknown to the audience. The opportunity to see new stars shine is exciting, and I hope that the individuals featured at Superstar Spectacle get more opportunities after the event airs.

GREEN: I hope this will be a good event similar to the Cruiserweight Classic, focused on fantastic wrestling over poor gimmicks and storylines. If it is given the right treatment, Superstar Spectacle can do a great job in enhancing talent in the future, giving us new names to follow. Similar to Dallas, it will be interesting to see if an Indian-born superstar can use this event to springboard their career like Mansoor did in Saudi Arabia.

Question 2: Which of the Indian representatives do you think has the look to succeed in WWE?

DICKINSON: Based on Vince McMahon’s historical preference for larger athletes, I can see Giant Zanjeer going far in WWE. His size alone sets him apart from the majority of the roster. If he is given the proper training, I hope Zanjeer can make the most of his opportunity and have a successful career. I have also really enjoyed the work of The Singh Brothers. Initially, I didn’t notice them too much since they were placed in a stooge like role for Jinder Mahal. Since leaving Mahal’s side, however, they have done well in creating their Bollywood characters. The Bollywood gimmick is entertaining, and I feel like there can be more done with those two individuals.

GREEN: Just like the rest of the team, I can definitely see Giant Zanjeer succeeding at Superstar Spectacle, due to his sheer size and build. Hopefully in time, he can build some charisma and his own identity. I can also see Jinder Mahal being a huge presence at Superstar Spectacle, especially when it comes to developing the new talent. Rinku and Saurev also have a good chance in being successful, especially as it looked like they were being booked well before the leaked NXT Championship result.

ALLSOPP: Giant Zanjeer intrigues me, primarily due to his large stature. At 7ft 2, he should provide a menacing presence on the show. He seems more athletic than The Great Khali, therefore I hope he can put on better matches than the former World Heavyweight Champion. I also have high hopes for Rinku and Saurev, who have already had some exposure on NXT. All three men have the look, but it is about adding a layer of athleticism and charisma to that in order to create a compelling character. Do that, and I’ve no doubt they’ll be a success.

Question 3: Considering how Jinder Mahal failed to move the needle in India during his reign as WWE Champion, can Superstar Spectacle succeed in attracting a new wave of Indian fans to the product?

GREEN: The biggest problem with the Jinder Mahal push in 2017 was how the push felt forced, with no real build. It also didn’t help that he was a heel. Generally, the Indian fanbase has shown they support faces over heels. Mahal not being a face stopped him from receiving the desired reaction from Indian fans. Superstar Specticle can change this. If given the right treatment, these new superstars can be pushed organically and naturally.

ALLSOPP: As long as NXT India is presented as a viable option for WWE, then Indian fans should flock to the product. Jinder Mahal was unfortunately not the right fit as WWE Champion, but that was not helped by the fact his opponents were not presented in a manner which enhanced his own credibility. There is a lot of untapped potential with an Indian market for WWE, and as long as they can figure out how to appeal to the masses in the country, they should easily turn this into a venture that is successful in terms of both finance and entertainment.

DICKINSON: I feel like the problem with Jinder Mahal’s reign as WWE champion was that it felt too forced. There was no real gradual build up to his WWE Championship win at Backlash 2017. He went from not being taken seriously to being presented as the main star of SmackDown in a matter of weeks. His rapid rise to the top took away from any type of credibility and authenticity being associated with his reign. If the recruits featured on Superstar Spectacle are presented in a respectable and credible way, I believe that there is a great potential for WWE to grow their fanbase in India. Seeing the stars of tomorrow presented in an exciting way can hopefully entice Indian viewers to want to keep following the product, if only to see how far stars from their own country make it in WWE.

Those are our thoughts on the issue, but where do you stand?

Let us know your answers to these questions in the comments below!

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