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Mailbag Q&A September 2019 Inbox

Posted by Anthony Mango Wednesday, September 25, 2019
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Do you have a question that you want to ask the minds over at Smark Out Moment? Our version of the WWE Inbox is the Smark Out Moment Mailbag. Once a month, we set aside some time to answer any of the questions on your mind, whether they be wrestling related, trivia to try to stump us, or just general questions to get to know Tony Mango and the other members of the team better.

Here are your submissions for this month:

Sent in by Rachel Miller

Question: "Back when John Laurinaitis was in charge of WWE Talent Relations Department, he hired mainly bodybulders, ex-football players and models but when Triple H took over for Laurinaitis, he hired mainly wrestlers from TNA, ROH, Shimmer, Shine, NJPW and many other independent wrestling promotions but what was the story on how Triple H took over for Laurinaitis back in 2012?"

Answer: To be honest, I have no idea, but I'm glad it happened.

Sent in by Howard

Question: "How fun would it be if The Luchasauras & Jungle Boy arrived in the WWF 1995-6 Cartoon Era with other occupational gimmicks, Do you think he would've fit in and what was the reason The Cartoon Era ended after a few years?"

Answer: Actually, I think the gimmick wouldn't have worked. Luchasaurus and Jungle Boy would have been laughed at as too silly back then, but now, they're so over the top that it's meta and that's something people enjoy.

Sent in by Michael P

Question: "What is your favorite botch of all time? Whether a missed move or screwed up promo, etc? Mine has to be The Shockmaster. Just the context of what happened and how it completely killed the gimmick is just too hilarious."

Answer: Sid saying he has half the brains Kevin Nash does, or when he asks to redo a promo when they're live. Those two always make me laugh. Shockmaster is amazing, though.

Question: "If you had to change the outcome of one Wrestlemania main event, what would it be? Mine would be WM16 with the final two being Triple H and Mick Foley with Mick winning the Title one last time on the grandest stage."

Answer: Roman Reigns would have beaten Brock Lesnar for the title at WrestleMania 34 to just end that shit and not drag it out into the Greatest Royal Rumble and SummerSlam.

Sent in by Terry Phillips

Question: "If you could work with any former host of smack talk (as there have been many of the years) who would it be and why?"

Answer: I've worked with them all, obviously, so this doesn't really apply to me.

Sent in by Peter Piccininni

Question: "Do you think Hot Dogs and Tacos are sandwiches?"

Answer: Yes. Totally. Pretty much anything between two slices of bread or inside a bun or any kind of bread vessel is a sandwich. If you break apart a taco and eat it with a fork, it's no longer a sandwich. If you cut up a hot dog without a bun, it's not a sandwich. But any normal scenario, they're definitely sandwiches.

Question: "Who is your favorite Superhero Team? I'd go with original Teen Titians and 2 being Animated Series Big Hero 6"

Answer: The Bat-Family might take the cake, but I love the Avengers from the MCU and the Justice League Unlimited group.

Question: "Do you like TV show spoiler? You may know where I'm coming from watching a show that comes in Japan and airs in America months later like the Pokémon anime"

Answer: I try to stay away from all spoilers, be it TV or movie.

Question: "Do you think Ash is leaving Pokémon show? I can see a Sasha Banks situation where he loses the championship on the first defense"

Answer: I kind of can't imagine them not using that character after all these years unless they want to do a reboot or start fresh.

Question: "How do you think Big E and Xavier Woods WWE Title run is going? Remember if one member of New Day wins a title, they all win a title"

Answer: Ha! That's right! I forgot about that.

Question: "Do you like Fire and Desires Tag Team Finisher? I like Mandy’s Kiss the Rose, but Sonya’s chop reminds me of Ascension finisher Fall of Man"

Answer: Off the top of my head, I actually don't remember what their finisher was...

Question: "Do you think Cody should be removed from power at AEW? I feel every time I hear a Cody story; he’s acting like a 2-year-old by making fun of WWE in a immature way or he said something offensive"

Answer: Nope, but I do think AEW has to stop trying to be the cool kids and focus more on tangibles. It's a lot of talk right now and sometimes, that talk is making them look bad instead of giving them the edge.

Question: "Do you think The Rock will face Roman at Mania or be inducted into the Hall of Fame?"

Answer: I think he's more likely to be inducted than to face Reigns. If he does wrestle, I could see it being in a tag team match alongside Reigns, more so than as his opponent.

Sent in by Frankie DiCalogero

Question: "So BB Finale Tonight! Thoughts on the overall season, winner, and whatnot? I think this season has been a bust and it sucks that Jackson appearantly said that production was rigging it to have him be at the end but whatever I guess."

Answer: I still haven't been keeping up with it enough to really have a clear favorite, but from what I'm seeing on what little chatter I'm following, it seems as though Nicole is the fan favorite. I'd be cool with that or with Jackson, but I don't remember Holly being all that impressive from when I was watching.

Question: "Do you see Bianca Belair ever winning the NXT Women's Title?"

Answer: Definitely. If Candice LeRae wins the belt from Shayna Baszler soon, I think Belair will be the next in line after her.

Question: "When do you think NXT will start using Austin Theory for TV?"

Answer: Not until months from now. There are plenty of other people to work on building. I could see him being a big featured newbie come WrestleMania season after working through the Worlds Collide and Axxess stuff.

Question: "Do you like Olive Garden?"

Answer: The chicken gnocchi soup is great, the breadsticks are overrated but good if you're in the mood for that, and a few pasta dishes aren't bad but boy could they do better for some of them. Don't get something like the fettucine alfredo, but get the chicken con broccoli or something and you're okay.

Question: "Have you tried the Popeyes Chicken Sandwich that people are going nuts about? I want to try it but it's like sold out in my town and like everywhere lol"

Answer: I haven't tried it yet, but that's mostly because Popeye's isn't readily available around me and I don't feel like going out of my way to get one. Plus, pickles are gross.

Question: "Favorite animal from the sea?"

Answer: Sea horse? Otters? Turtles can be cool. I'm not sure, actually. Lots of nopes out there, though, like squid and sharks and barracudas and dangerous mother fuckers like that. Taste-wise, though, crab and lobster and salmon are top notch.

Question: "What did you think of the Emmy's?"

Answer: I didn't watch it, actually. I haven't seen most of the shows that were nominated.

Question: "How do you see Elias doing after the Fox Move?"

Answer: Raw. More time for him there and he suits that atmosphere better.

Question: "There was a report that Vince wanted to make it a point on RAW to bury Cedric, on the episode where he got pinned in the 6-Man Tag and then got Styles Clash from top rope. Do you believe into that rumor/report or no?"

Answer: I don't buy it, but it could be true. I don't see the reason why that would be the case. Alexander doesn't strike me as someone who would piss people off a ton or anything like that.

Question: "What do you think about Area 51 lol?"

Answer: I'll dive into this on the podcast.

Question: "Would you rather have all traffic lights you get too be green, or would you rather never have to wait on a line again?"

Answer: EASILY I'll pick not having to wait in line. You never know how long a line is going to be and it could be super long, but a traffic light is only going to last a minute or so, pretty much guaranteed. Also, not waiting in lines I think also applies to buying tickets, so I could practically be first-come for WrestleMania tickets instead of waiting in the queue.

Question: "What game have/has been the most addicting to you?"

Answer: GoldenEye and Tetris, I'd say.

Question: "What is the worst backhand compliment you have received or given?"

Answer: I've gotten plenty of "You know, I used to hate you until I got to know you" type stuff haha.

Question: "What's the silliest thing you've seen someone get upset over?"

Answer: Someone offering to share their lunch with them.

Question: "What is your least favorite color?"

Answer: Yellow and orange.

Question: "For the final question, I just want to your expectations coming into the final Stretch of the year for wrestling in general. Are you excited, nervous, scared? Do you think AEW will beat NXT in the Wednesday Night Wars? Will the ratings finally improve? Just everything along those lines :)"

Answer: I'm nervous that things are going to get busier but not necessarily better and that the Wednesday Night Wars will make it even harder to be a fan without people bitching and complaining that any time you support WWE or AEW, you're clearly just hating on the other one, and any time you criticize one of them, you're a mark and a shill for the other brand and that's why. But there's a lot of potential and I'm excited for the possibility that this births an amazing time in wrestling.


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