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Smark Out Moment Hall of Fame Class of 2018

Posted by Anthony Mango Wednesday, March 21, 2018
The WWE Hall of Fame is frequently criticized as not being "legitimate" enough as there are no true qualifications and the candidates are simply chosen by WWE management. Well, here at Smark Out Moment, we like to take things to an even more ridiculous level, so we present to you the fourth annual SMARK OUT MOMENT HALL OF FAME!

Smack Talk Hall of Fame class of 2018

Since we're not wrestlers or anything of the sort, this hall of fame consists of honoring some of our favorite recurring jokes that have occurred over the course of our Smack Talk program's history. Some of the inductees have been chosen by the staff while others have been picked by our fans over at The Mega Maniacs Facebook group.

Obviously, this is all insane, but you should be used to that by now.

Also, this year, time constraints with too many other things to handle prevented the discussion for this to be prioritized and taken to podcast form. Really, it became an issue of either not having it or having it at least without a podcast, so this is the best I could offer. Apologies!


Seth Rollins is a homeless, angry, suburban teenage hungry cat/monkey/sewer rat who eats Wago's blinds
Hahahahahahaha Kennedy!
Bulbasaur is pissed off and lazy
Fuck That Guy Club Honorees: Enzo Amore
Impression Wing: AJ Stylezu
Tag Team: Giving away Drew's fantasy league team / The Fucking Shitheaded Losers
Fan Appreciation Wing: "Petey Nice" Peter Piccinnini

My thoughts on this group:

— The Seth Rollins joke is one of those that I love, where we had started it off by saying that he looked like a homeless person with his haircut and beard, but it snowballed into adding more attributes. When he got his own theme music, we said it was something akin to what an angry teenager would be listening to in his headphones when he's pissed off at his dad for punishing him. Then, randomly, that somehow got linked to Wago's cat who had a penchant for chewing on his blinds, so Rollins also became a hungry cat. Along the way, he picked up the attributes of being a monkey and a sewer rat, too. Gotta love jokes that build to a whole new level of stupidity.

— Hahahahahahaha Kennedy goes back to 2013, when we were sending pictures to each other on Skype during a podcast and someone had sent a picture of Ken Anderson that said "Mr. Kennedy looks like Mr. Anderson" Everybody laughed and moved on, and a few minutes went by and we were laughing at something completely unrelated. One of the guests on the show clearly didn't understand what was going on and didn't want to feel left out, so he laughed really pathetically hard and then said "Kennedy" when in fact, we were all laughing at the idea of breathing heavily into the microphone. This person just wanted to join in on the laughs, so we have since used "ha ha ha ha Kennedy" as a means to say "I don't understand the joke but I want to be included, too, guys."

— Angry Bulbasaur is from April 2015, Shaun was having a discussion about why Pokemon don't say their names anymore (for some reason) which turned into a running gag of us doing a specific voice that would denote that Bulbasaur looks like the type of Pokemon that would be lazy as hell and not want to do any attacks. This trait was given to Kevin Owens, primarily because his theme song sounded similar to our Bulbasaur voice. Again, it's great when a joke takes on a new form.

— This year's "honoree" of the Fuck That Guy Club goes to Enzo Amore, as voted by you in The Mega Maniacs. My personal choice would have been the duo of Alberto Del Rio and Paige, as this year saw both of them making complete asses of themselves, but, then again, so did Enzo: a guy who got kicked off a bus and out of the locker room, lost friends and all of his support backstage, turned himself from a beloved character to someone who had so much heat that they made him a legitimate heel both on screen and behind the scenes, got accused of being a total douche with his money and celebrity status, smoked a lot of that money away with weed, had his issues with strippers, lost his girlfriend Liv Morgan, and then eventually got fired because of potentially raping someone (even though there's room to doubt that) and particularly not even mentioning any of it to WWE. Wow. That's a lot of bullshit to go through in a few months.

— The Impression Wing is kind of self-explanatory, focusing on something revolving around an impersonation, character, funny voice, etc. Since Wrestle Kingdom 10's match between AJ Styles and Shinsuke Nakamura was the inspiration for AYYYYJAAAY STYYYLEEEZUUUUU, it's only fitting that it goes into the Smark Out Moment Hall of Fame this year. Two years later and I still say this to myself every once in a while, just for the hell of it.

— For a tag team induction this year, I wanted to touch on something we haven't given enough credit for, which was our old WWE Fantasy League. We ran that for a few seasons and it spawned some fun bullshitting, with one of the most entertaining things being when we would bust Drew's balls about his team. For a while, we had a gag where we would threaten to take his team away from him for the most mundane and stupid reasons, but when that got a little old and wasn't getting a reaction anymore, we changed the tactic to being that he could keep his team, but we wouldn't let him name it, and we went with The Fucking Shitheaded Losers because his team was awful. This turned into The Fucking Shitheaded Twosers the second time around. Classic.

— Lastly, on a serious note, we need to give applause to one of our biggest fans for the Fan Appreciation Wing, which this year goes to Peter Piccininni, aka "Petey Nice" for his constant support ever since coming across Smark Out Moment. He's shattered the Sign Me Up and made that his own thing, he's contributed through monetary funding, is always sending in questions for the mailbag segment, is one of the most active members of our Facebook group as well as the comments section on YouTube, never misses an episode and is always cheering us on. It's the support of people like Peter that give myself the extra boost to keep plugging along at everything, and it's greatly appreciated in many ways. Hats off to Peter!


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