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Mailbag Q&A March 2018 Inbox

Posted by Anthony Mango Thursday, March 22, 2018
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Do you have a question that you want to ask the minds over at Smark Out Moment? Our version of the WWE Inbox is the Smark Out Moment Mailbag. Once a month, we set aside some time to answer any of the questions on your mind, whether they be wrestling related, trivia to try to stump us, or just general questions to get to know Tony Mango and the other members of the team better.

Here are your submissions for this month:

Sent in from Peter Piccininni

Question: "What do your dreams mean? My mind makes new TV/Movie ideas and lyrics for songs"

Answer: I tend to have dreams that are very mundane and meaningless, where I just walk around places and such. Every so often, I'll have a dream that seems like it's trying to teach me a lesson or impart some wisdom, but I rarely ever remember what I dreamed and when I do, it's normally just confusing.

Question: "Now that Stephen Hawking is dead who is the smartest person alive? Is it you?"

Answer: I'd love to say it's me, but I'm going to say Elon Musk takes that award.

Question: "What was your reaction to Toys R Us closing? Mine Hellen Lovejoy Won’t someone think of the children o won’t someone think of the children"

Answer: It makes sense to me, as online ordering and Walmart really cut into the market, but it's a shame future kids won't be able to witness the joy of going to Toys R Us and being astounded by all the toys in the store.

Question: "Do you watch the Pre-Pre-show for PPV hosted by Cathy Kelly and Pre-Show of Raw and Smackdown on Renee Young’s Instagram?"

Answer: Absolutely not. I didn't even know that existed haha.

Question: "I took a one of those Facebook quizzes pick the WWE woman and they told me I’d be on a deserted island with Bayley good for me she’s the female Petey Nice. Using your personality who do you think you’d be deserted on an island with? Don’t say Alexa because she won best personality unless you really feel it "

Answer: I could see myself being paired up with Becky Lynch due to the love of puns.

Question: "What do you think of WWE Superstars using their real name on twitter? The perfect 5 Becky Lynch is not on Twitter, but Rebecca Quinn"

Answer: I think there's a fine line that WWE hasn't figured out yet where they need to decide if Twitter is a spot for personal tweets or kayfabe. Blurring the line can be fun, but it can also be problematic.

Question: "Do you think if Taker and Roman were undeafted at Mania last year’s Mania would have meant more? Requirement for this Taker beats Brock 30 and Roman beats Brock 31."

Answer: 1000% definitely would have mattered more. The same for John Cena challenging The Undertaker with the streak on the line.

Question: "If Roman is the new Cena who is his Orton?"

Answer: Right now, I'd go with either Seth Rollins or Braun Strowman.

Question: "At Lockdown 13 Bully Ray turned heel on Jeff Hardy. The fans went on to throw their trash in the ring at Aces and 8s. Do you think the fans will do the same when Roman beats Brock? I do believe that will happen, but that’s to nice I think ½ the arena shouts Fuck You Roman, the other we want refund"

Answer: I don't think we'll get a trash moment with that, but I do think WWE isn't properly anticipating the negative response this is going to get not just at WrestleMania, but also the night after.

Sent in from Howard Starr

Question: Who would win in a match between Roman Reigns now vs. Luther Reigns (2004)?"

Answer: Definitely Roman Reigns haha.

Sent in from Frankie DiCalogero

Question: "What weird food combinations do you like?"

Answer: I don't know if this would be considered weird or not, but my favorite "salad" combination at SaladWorks is spring mix, honey BBQ chicken, dried cranberries, apple chips and turkey.

Question: "When you are older, what do you think children will ask you to tell stories about?"

Answer: 9/11, the presidencies of Obama and Trump, what technology used to be like, the build of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, what Star Wars originally was like before Disney...

Question: "What movie can you watch over and over again, without getting tired of it?"

Answer: So many. Here's a few: Terminator 2, Reservoir Dogs, GoldenEye, Stranger Than Fiction, K-PAX, most of the MCU, Clerks, Ghostbusters, Robin Hood: Men in Tights, Not Another Teen Movie...

Question: "What is your favorite emoji?"

Answer: I love the upside smiley, I use the wink one a lot, regular thumbs up gets the most use out of everything.

Question: "What is the best/worst joke you've played on someone?"

Answer: I used to do a lot more small-time prank stuff rather than big ones, but I'm drawing a blank on anything that's a particularly good story to tell.

Question: "Is there a food that you want to try, but never eaten?"

Answer: Various animals, like snake.

Question: "What food is delicious, but a pain to eat? Ribs are the front runner for me."

Answer: Corn on the cob is annoying because it gets stuck in your teeth.

Question: "What's the spiciest thing you've ever eaten?"

Answer: I have damn near no tolerance for spice, so even mild things like most buffalo wings are too spicy for me. The spiciest thing I've ever had was a bite of a jalapeno and I know that's nothing for most people. Fuck all that ghost pepper type nonsense.

Question: "Does anything make you roll your eyes every time you hear it?"

Answer: Most of the time when someone is arguing that something is offensive, like the whole gender identity issue. On the opposite end of the spectrum, when people are pro guns, anti-abortion, or say things like a lack of religion is what is causing the problems in the world today. Any time someone blames video games and movies for violence. Any time someone says improper words like "yous guys" and "aks you a question" and "that how it be" or something, too, drives me crazy.

Question: "What's the most expensive thing that you have broken?"

Answer: Does my own spirit count?

Question: "What is the best riddle you know?"

Answer: Nygma, not Tom.

Question: "When was the last time you told someone: "I told you so.""

Answer: Oh god, the other day. Any chance I get, I acknowledge that I was right, whether it's to someone in person or it's in an article where I got a prediction correct or something.

Question: "What's your cure for hiccups?"

Answer: Time.

Question: "Do you think that aliens exist?"

Answer: 100% definitely.

Question: "What mythical creature do you wish actually existed?"

Answer: The Loch Ness Monster would be pretty sweet. Never been a big fan of Bigfoot or the Jersey Devil or most other cryptids, but some of them would be interesting as hell if they just popped up and were real the whole time.

Question: "What movie quotes do you use on a regular basis?"

Answer: The sad part is most of them have been around so long that I don't even recognize them as movie quotes anymore, especially if they're more mundane like "I've got a bad feeling about this" from Star Wars. I do like pulling out "a tree doesn't think it's a tree, it is a tree" once in a while.

Question: "What's the funniest actual name you've heard of someone having?"

Answer: Moxie Crimefighter Jilette take it for me, and another one that I won't type out here because there's no other person with that name in the world and if that kid ever searches for his name online, he'll only come across this site and feel bad about himself, but his last name is Hightower and his first name starts with an X and isn't Xavier.

Question: "What TV show character would it be most fun to change places with for a week?"

Answer: Lucifer would be a fun option for sure.

Question: "What is something that was cool to you when you were younger, but not now?"

Answer: I used to be on the lookout for cool shaped rocks. Now, I couldn't care less.

Question: "If magic was real, what spell would you like to use first on?"

Answer: Some kind of immortality thing for myself along with the ability to heal other people whenever I chose to, so I could do the same for them.

Question: "Do you eat or drink food that is past it's expiration date, even if it smells fine?"

Answer: Nope, if the expiration date is up, I don't risk it.

Question: "What was the last sound you sung to?"

Answer: I'll give you the most recent few: a cover of Stand By Me by Bootstraps, Somebody Else by The 1975, In the Air Tonight by Phil Collins, Better Off Alone by Alice DeeJay, The Bravest by Sir Rosevelt, Something Just Like This by The Chainsmokers and Coldplay.

Question: "Are you comfortable speaking in front of a large amount of people?"

Answer: After doing plays in high school and doing this podcast, no problem.

Question: "Are you a procrastinator?"

Answer: I'll answer that question later.

Question: "What do you do to make yourself fall asleep?"


Question: "What's your: "Back in my day, we...""

Answer: Usually it's about how technology sucked in comparison, like VHS tapes or CDs skipping in the walkman that didn't fit in your pocket.

Question: "Have you ever been pulled over by a cop?"

Answer: A few times, and only once was it justified, which is ridiculous.

Question: "Did you ever pretend to be sick in order not to go to school?"

Answer: When I was little, I used to milk being sick and over exaggerate, but I'd never fully lie about it.

Question: "Have you ever been in a car accident?"

Answer: Two of them, but I wasn't driving in either.

Question: "Do you trust anyone with your life?"

Answer: Two people, possibly three to seven but I'm not sure about five of them.

Question: "If you could be any age for a week, what age would that be?"

Answer: My prime was 17, so maybe that. If I could be a certain age but not have to be tied down to what I was around that time frame, I'd go with something like 22.

Question: "Would you be willing to eat a bowl of crickets for 40,000 dollars?"

Answer: I'd throw up, but hell yeah, give me the money and I'll eat those crickets.

Question: "Do you like corn dogs?"

Answer: Corn dogs are awesome and very underrated.

Question: "Do you use the five second rule?"

Answer: Nope.

Question: "Do you like sandwiches? If so, which condiments?"

Answer: Sandwiches are amazing, but I don't put any condiments on them, actually, cause I hate mustard, ketchup, mayo, vinegar, etc. I'm more of a lettuce and cheese and bacon or chips type of guy.

Question: "Final question and this one will be about wrestling. Didn't ask really any wrestling questions because WrestleMania is in a few weeks. Anyway, What do you think about Daniel Bryan returning to in-ring competition and are you liking his storyline, and is it a guarantee he fights Styles and Nakamura at this year's SummerSlam and next year's WrestleMania?"

Answer: I'm hesitant to trust that he's healthy enough to perform at the level he did before, but I'm super excited to see him return and this makes me infinitely more interested in the possibilities we get to see in the future, like matches against AJ Styles, Seth Rollins, The Miz, Kevin Owens, etc. I think he could have some killer matches with Apollo, Chad Gable, Jason Jordan, The Velveteen Dream and so many people. Next year's WrestleMania better include Styles vs. Bryan more so than Nakamura vs. Bryan, and I damn sure better not see Bryan face Brock Lesnar at any point.


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