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Mailbag Q&A February 2018 Inbox

Posted by Anthony Mango Thursday, March 1, 2018
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Do you have a question that you want to ask the minds over at Smark Out Moment? Our version of the WWE Inbox is the Smark Out Moment Mailbag. Once a month, we set aside some time to answer any of the questions on your mind, whether they be wrestling related, trivia to try to stump us, or just general questions to get to know Tony Mango and the other members of the team better.

Here are your submissions for this month:

Sent in from Ben W

Question: "If you had to "gun to your head" decide who the biggest part of this "women's evolution" is, who would it be?"

Answer: Charlotte Flair. I think without her, WWE doesn't have the same motivation to keep pushing forward, because part of this is their love of Ric Flair. Plus, she's been the headlining person in all this, even going back to NXT. If not Flair, then possibly just Triple H himself for having the drive to push all this.

Question: "Who do you think does more harm to the current roster Randy Orton or John Cena?"

Answer: I don't think either of them do any harm, actually. I think they both serve their purpose very well.

Question: "On a scale from 1-10 how surprised were you when you found out WWE booked Wrestlemania on Rusev day?"

Answer: The blasphemy of them...

Question: "Are there any more "first time ever" matches/feuds you'd like to see for the women's division going forward or are WWE blowing their load on everything all at once?"

Answer: I'm not adamantly excited about any women's matches I can think of in that capacity, but if Ronda Rousey is good, her against Charlotte is the main thing.

Sent in from Frankie DiCalogero

Question: "Do you think Elias can ever go up to Main Event Status?"

Answer: Possibly, but I don't think it will happen.

Question: "Does Seth Rollins need to go to Smackdown Live, in order to revive his career?"

Answer: Definitely. He's not winning that Universal Championship if Roman Reigns, Brock Lesnar and Braun Strowman are all on Raw.

Question: "Did you see the Celebrity Big Brother cat? It does not look enticing in my opinion."

Answer: I actually haven't seen a single episode of CBB. I completely skipped out on it when the cast was revealed.

Question: "Are you fine with Shinsuke Nakamura as champion!"

Answer: To be honest...I'm not. I don't think he's entertaining enough to command that presence for a good run. Part of me is going to be hoping Styles retains, even though I know that's against the proper etiquette and the way things are going.

Question: "Are you pumped that WrestleMania next year is between Phily or MetLife Stadium?"

Answer: I really hope it goes between those two and that I get a chance to go, and that it doesn't suck haha.

Question: "Are annoyed that Mysterios appearance is just a one off?"

Answer: Oddly enough, yeah. That was the best Mysterio has looked in a while to me, so I want him back and in the 205 Live scene.

Question: "Do you know how to ice skate?"

Answer: Nope. I don't know how to rollerskate, either.

Question: "Pens or pencils?"

Answer: Staedtler Integrity 9505 mechanical pencils.

Question: "Pasta with chicken or shrimp?"

Answer: 9 times out of 10, chicken.

Question: "Favorite seafoods?"

Answer: Crab, then lobster, then shrimp and salmon tied, then I'm not sure. Clams and linguini is so good. Gotta love just normal scallops or fried flounder or whatever.

Question: "Do you think WWE will have Ricochet win the Cruiserweight Title, or just have him stay in NXT?"

Answer: Since we know the breakdown of the tournament now, I think he's staying in NXT for a while.

Question: "Have you seen enough upside for Adam Cole?"

Answer: Still not enough for me to go gaga over him, but I don't dislike him.

Question: "Juice or Soda?"

Answer: Juice. I don't drink soda at all.

Question: "What are some of your favorite childhood games? Hide and Seek was probably my favorite?"

Answer: Freeze tag was always fun. Simon Says was another I liked.

Question: "Would you have been fine with Balor winning the rumble, and verses Styles where the winner is the leader of the Bullet Club?"

Answer: I actually would prefer that to Shinsuke Nakamura vs. AJ Styles, yeah.

Question: "Would you rather a snake suck on your flesh, or a kangaroo kick you?"

Answer: If the snake has no teeth, I'll go with the snake haha.

Question: "What is cuter. A cute smile or laugh?"

Answer: Can I cheat and say laugh because it has the smile attached to it?

Question: "Popcorn with butter or no butter?"

Answer: Always butter. Lots of it. Ideally, Buncha Crunch mixed in, too.

Question: "Does EC3 vs The Velveteen Dream sound good for New Orleans?"

Answer: I'm down for it.

Question: "Hot Dogs plain or with things on it?"

Answer: Most of the time, plain, but once in a while, a cheese dog or a chili cheese dog. Never ever ketchup, mustard, or relish.

Question: "Since last year was a bit of a downer for WWE, do you like the way they're starting the new year off?"

Answer: In some ways, yeah, and in other ways, not at all haha. WrestleMania will be a big factor in how that plays out.

Question: "With the growing reports that Brock Lesnar will be leaving after WrestleMania, there have been reports of Lashley being put into that Lesnar role. Are you okay with that? Especially with the fact that Lashley has just recently signed a contract."

Answer: I've never been the biggest fan of Lashley, so I don't want to see him given that top primary focal point spot that Lesnar has, where he's a champion and doesn't do all that much. I'm okay with Lashley being given the "tough MMA guy" thing, though.

Question: "Do you like pretzels?"

Answer: Meh, I have to be in the mood for them. They're good when I want them, and when I don't, they're just cardboard.

Question: "Would you rather be trapped in a room with Braun Strowman, or Paige?"

Answer: Depends on what we're doing. If we're just chilling, Strowman.

Question: "Are you someone who dreams when they sleep?"

Answer: If I ever remember my dreams, which I normally don't, they're always something stupid and mundane.

Question: "Would you agree that Baron Corbin has the best new music in WWE? I really, really like it!"

Answer: I like it, but I don't like it enough to download it like I have with some others.

Question: "Are you digging Drake Maverick as the 205 Live General Manager?"

Answer: Admittedly, I find him a bit over the top and I'd like for him to tone it down a bit, haha, but I do like him overall.

Question: "Did you ever cheat on any test in school?"

Answer: All the time if it was something I knew was pointless for me to take, like Chemistry. I was never going to have a career in that field and I felt like my time was better used elsewhere than studying.

Question: "Have you heard that the UNO company is making a new game called DOS?"

Answer: Nope, but that's hilarious. If it doesn't work, well, TRES is the charm.

Question: "Have you ever done cliff-jumping?"

Answer: Never have, never will. I've never even seen Cliffhanger.

Question: "Were you a fan of Dodgeball as a kid?"

Answer: That was actually one of my more favorite games to play in Phys Ed class.

Question: "What is the best thing you can cook?"

Answer: Apparently, I can cook a mean grilled cheese.

Question: "When you eat a meal, do you eat one thing and then move on to the next, or do you just go all around? Follow up question, do you need to drink something during your meal, or do you wait until after your done eating?"

Answer: I like to balance things out on my fork as much as possible to eat a little of everything, and I go from thing to thing and whittle it down until the last bite of each is potentially the best bite. I never eat all of one thing and then move on to another. As far as drinking goes, I'll drink when I need to, but I'm actually not someone who requires a lot to drink, so one glass of water can last me an entire meal and I can still have some left.

Question: "Do you like the "Dilly-Dilly" commercials for Bud Light?"

Answer: No idea what those are haha.

Sent in from Howard Starr

Question: "If Hulk Hogan hadn't left WWF in 1993 and continued to challenge Yokozuna for the world title, would he had stayed with the company and who would he had feuded with despite his age back then?"

Answer: Lex Luger got his push out of Hogan leaving and them wanting to replace the American hero, so I think that wouldn't have become a necessity and instead, Luger would have been a heel that Hogan feuded with. Owen Hart and Bret Hart would have had their match at WrestleMania as just a big feud with no title on the line. Yokozuna probably would have been up against The Undertaker at WrestleMania instead of at the Royal Rumble.

Sent in from Andre Boughton

Question: "Got a few questions for the mailbag. First id like 2 say I've been listening to you guys for what feels like years now and I was very happy with how y'all my questions it was my first time writing in and I was pleased the discussion... What r your thoughts on turning bayley into a angry heel 2 be the first opponent 4 rousy?"

Answer: I think Rousey is going to be working with Mickie James now that she's a heel, since James is a veteran who will lose and can help her learn more in the ring, but Bayley wouldn't be a bad choice, either. I just don't think she's turning heel any time soon and if she or Sasha Banks does, it'll be Sasha who turns.

Question: "As a black man from south side of Chicago I've always gravitated to the wrestlers from the hood like new jack Harlem heat even crime time.. who r your favorite black wrestlers of all-time and can the wwe tap into the hood without being racist or funny ,kinda like bad news Brown just big black tough and pissed off."

Answer: Off the top of my head, some of my favorites are Mark Henry, The Rock, Ron Simmons, Booker T, Shelton Benjamin, The New Day, The Godfather, MVP was fun, I think Alicia Fox is underrated as a character, really digging Cedric Alexander's in-ring work. As far as the hood thing goes, I don't see why they can't do that, and I'm surprised they haven't had anybody try to tap into that market in a while. That's a shame. If someone were talented enough to pull that off, they could really go somewhere.

Question: "I'm a big fan of the shmoes movie trivia podcast who your favorite players money r the patriots and team action and do listen to any other podcast like wrestling inc or Jim cornette or even Joe Rogan.. great job with everything u do and thanks"

Answer: Dan Murrell is my favorite, with John Rocha probably coming in second. Big fan of Kristian Harloff, Josh Macuga, The Patriots, I like Bibbiani. You gotta love Tom Dagnino, too.

Sent in from Peter Piccininni

Question: "Since WWE is alluding to TNA with Rockstar Spud WWE will start using more TNA names and gimmicks? I'd like Roode to turn heel and Be The Leader of The Selfish Generation again or The It Factor of Professional Wrestling or since that word is banned in WWE It Factor of WWE/Smackdown Live"

Answer: I could see them trying similar concepts, but not necessarily repeating the same ideas verbatim.

Question: "I heard Elias ask Cena for advice on his gimmick. Elias told John he wanted to use WWE walk with Elias, John loved the idea. What do you think of WWE walk with Elias? What do you think of Cena loving it the idea? I think that can only be good for Elias having Cena backing"

Answer: Good on Cena for helping out, and good on Elias for pitching the slogan. I like it.

Question: "The other wrestling podcast I listen to we are known as the SWAFT Nation. Who are we smarks or what is our fan name? Speaking of Oli Randy Orton from out of nowhere blocked him on Twitter you've ever been blocked by a wrestler on Twitter?"

Answer: Never really thought too much about a fan base name, actually. I'll have to ponder about that. As far as the Twitter question goes, I don't think I have, but that's mostly because I don't have much of a presence on Twitter. If I tweeted out all the stuff I say on the show and in my articles, I'm sure I'd have plenty of enemies haha.

Question: "Do you think Earl Hebner and then Gail Kim will be in the WWE Hall of Fame? The first 4 TNA Hall of famers are in why not the other 2. I think 3D go in before Jarrett to follow the order"

Answer: Hebner, I don't know. I wouldn't completely utterly rule him out. Gail Kim, I don't think so.

Question: "Who do you think is the face of WWE? I think the face has to be on WWE TV at least 10 months a year, be in other media like movies and do late night shows. I never seen Roman on late night, so I'll pick The Miz"

Answer: Despite how they want it to be Roman Reigns, I don't think there really is a singular face of the company right now, except if you count Triple H from a media side of things, since Vince isn't even as out in the public as HHH is anymore.

Question: "With my disability I like to know records example Taker is 23-2 at Mania. For Smarkout Moment I wrote down every category and question Play the Game, the Hall of Famers, good thing I did because I was going to suggest Jinder Mahal Face turn for this year, scored all 169 women in Divas/Knockouts, 30 roster women, 32 15-17 sexiest superstar contest, Smark Madness. Is there anything else from you I can score like that? Did I miss anything?"

Answer: Damn Peter, I need to figure out some of these statistics that I need for my records and get you on the job for them haha. If I think of something, I'll drop you a line. Thanks for being invested in that stuff!

Question: "Becky Lynch debuted in 15 Sexiest Superstars in 15 she came in 5th place, in 16 Becky came in 5th place, guess what 17 Becky came in 5th place always being in the last match of the first-round aka Round 1 Match 16. I think you should put Becky in the last match till she doesn't come in 5th. What do you think?"

Answer: I need to write myself a note about this and structure the bracket to put her in the last match again haha.

Question: "Can we get any ideas of what you are thinking for Smarkout Moment Hall of Fame? I'm thinking main eventer Tony Panel, Chris Jericho is Steve Austin, Future Legend Eric Rowen, Impression Wing Wago Shutup Drew or AJ Stylson. I thought of fan and came to conclusion I have no idea what goes on backstage. From what I do know I picked me for sign me up a legit reason, but I think it could be too early and someone is more deserving. If I do go in can I go in as Peter Piccininni/Petey Nice? I mean it is a wrestling Hall of fame after all"

Answer: Still weighing some options for the SOM Hall of Fame, but I'll be posting in The Mega Maniacs about it somewhat soon, as time is running out.

Question: "I used a Monopoly board to make Play the Game, game. What do you think of the rules? Property You Pick, but the property is owned by the lander and they pick if you land on it. Chance Smarks Choice, Community Chest Blind Tag, Railroad Wed, Bed or Dead, Utility Superstar or Porn Star and Go to jail All till all cards are played winner is the one with the lowest score"

Answer: Haha that's awesome!

Question: "If Roddy Piper was alive would he be the one to team with Rounda at Mania?"

Answer: I don't know if he'd be physically able to, but if not, I could definitely see them having him in their corner as a manager at the very least. You know he'd want to be involved in some way.


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