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Call the Spot on the Card #14: WWE Elimination Chamber 2018 Participants

Posted by Anthony Mango Friday, February 16, 2018
Welcome to the fourteenth edition of CALL THE SPOT, where we present a list of wrestlers and you must choose what place on the WWE Roster Hierarchy they should be put in: Hall of Fame, Main Event, Upper Midcard, Midcard, Jobber and Released and a special new seventh category for one of these options.

The rules are that each spot must be filled and only one person can be in each spot, so no ties can happen, nor can anyone opt out. No matter how difficult it might be, you have to pick.

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This edition is going to revolve around the seven men and six women who are competing in the 2018 Elimination Chamber matches at the upcoming Raw event on February 25th.


Alexa Bliss |vs| Bayley |vs| Mandy Rose |vs| Mickie James |vs| Sasha Banks |vs| Sonya Deville

6) RELEASED = Sonya Deville

I do think Sonya Deville has an upside to her and that she can eventually become a quality performer, but right now, she doesn't have any qualities that stand out to me as anything super special.

Again, I want to reiterate that she's not someone I consider bad at all. She's totally adequate, particularly for someone with as little pro wrestling experience as she has. However, this sounds mean to say, I can't see them pushing her all that much in the future unless she improves to have a true character (beyond "I fight people" - so does everybody else in WWE; that's kind of the point).

5) JOBBER = Mandy Rose

This is basically the same sort of situation with Deville, as both are new and need at least another year on the roster before they will come into their own.

The difference between the two is entirely looks, which is superficial and judgmental, but it's just the way some things work.

Between the two, Mandy Rose is the more easily marketable standardized beauty, and she also seems to have a slightly better grasp on her character than Deville, so she would be easier to turn into a jobber who goes out, looks hot, loses and then bitches about it.

4) MIDCARD = Bayley

People used to love Bayley, and that doesn't seem to be anywhere near as much the same as it used to be, so that was a big factor into Bayley's placement for me.

She's still the babyface who can get picked on and maintain at least some of her fan base, though, so I think she's a perfect midcard fit. As she loses to the more important people, it makes sense, but she's still not a total jobber. Basically, she'd be in an Apollo Crews type role.

3) UPPER MIDCARD = Sasha Banks

This was a close call between Banks and Bayley, but what separated the two to me is how Banks seems to be more frequently booked like a better overall superstar. Just look at her performance in the Royal Rumble, nearly going the distance.

I still think she's outclassed when it comes to her character, and that that makes all the difference in the world in why she's not the Main Event, but as far as in-ring talent, she might be the top of the list if we're looking on February 2018 terms.

2) MAIN EVENT = Alexa Bliss

Bae runs this division. Sure, she might not be the best in the ring, but her promo skills are LEAGUES above the rest of the women. She's the only one who feels natural when she talks, for the most part.

Plus, she isn't bad in the ring! I think people forget that you don't have to be 10/10 amazing or 0/10 awful. Bliss has some things she can improve on, but I'd rather her be the champion dictating where the title goes than to have her doing nothing while someone else fails to accomplish the same task.

1) HALL OF FAME = Mickie James

Even before her return to WWE, it was obvious Mickie James needed to be in the discussion for a future Hall of Fame induction down the line. Now that she's back in the fold, it makes even more sense for her to be in this spot as the legend who can put over other people while still maintaining her role as a potential champion at any given moment.


Braun Strowman |vs| Elias |vs| Finn Balor |vs| John Cena |vs| The Miz |vs| Roman Reigns |vs| Seth Rollins


So this is a brand new category, and it needs a little explanation. Originally, the Call the Spot had five categories, with a sixth one needed down the line for potential options, which was placed above the top spot. Now that there is a seventh spot needed, it only made sense to add something lower than the lowest, and the only thing worse than being released is being essentially erased from company history.

When I thought about this, I hated making this pick, but every single person has made a bigger impact than Elias, so he would be the easiest person to be removed from WWE history without making waves.

Originally, I had Elias down as my Jobber spot as a comedic loser, but I had to rearrange things with Seth Rollins being added into the mix.

I like Elias a lot. I was fond of the gimmick back in NXT and I think he's taken it to a new level on the main roster, but everybody else has just made too much of an impact to argue removing like this.

6) RELEASED = Finn Balor

It's a shame to have to cut anybody on this list, but for my money's worth, Balor is the person I enjoy the least.

He's undoubtedly talented in the ring, although I think he can be overrated at times. On the mic is a different story, since he has no character and leaves much to the imagination.

By no means if this a release as far as "so horrible, he should be fired," but more so "everybody else has more to offer for my tastes and somebody has to go."

5) JOBBER = The Miz

Ouch...this sucks, because I really, really wanted to put The Miz down as my Main Event pick and just couldn't bring myself to demote the other names to boost him up, except one, but I'll explain that below.

He simply isn't going to be in the same position as the two juggernauts or Cena, even if he talks circles around two of them and he's one of the most consistent and overall qualitatively most entertaining performers in the company's past decade.

The Miz can do better with a jobber spot than the other three, almost in the same sense that you can sometimes take someone who is suited for upper management and keep them lower because they just do the job so well. Still sucks, though.

4) MIDCARD = Seth Rollins

I was so tempted to put Rollins lower, but I couldn't think of a way to make him work as a Jobber and I feel like he's more important and overall entertaining than Balor, so in a way, The Miz was demoted because of how I like him better....but I feel dirty about that.

3) UPPER MIDCARD = Roman Reigns

In WWE's mind, I'm sure I have the wrong thing here and I should swap out my next pick, but for my money right now, I don't think it would hurt Reigns to miss out on the Universal Championship in favor of Braun Strowman. More on that below.

Reigns is someone you either blindly hate and would put in the Released category, or you acknowledge that he does have some positives and with his credibility being the way it is, you almost have to at least give him this spot, if not the two higher levels.

2) MAIN EVENT = Braun Strowman

Give him the fucking belt. This dude is killing it.

1) HALL OF FAME = John Cena

Bottom line, if everybody on this list retired immediately and for some reason, WWE only allowed one of them to go into the Hall of Fame, despite the future HOF status that Reigns and Miz have, Cena would have to take priority.

He is basically in this spot right now, as he's a legend in the business and perpetually at the top of the card, but doesn't show up all that often in comparison to the true main event players.


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