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WWE SmackDown Live 9/5/2017 Results Coverage

Posted by Anthony Mango Tuesday, September 5, 2017
Tonight's episode of WWE SmackDown for September 5, 2017 is coming to you live from the Denny Sanford Premier Center in Sioux Falls, SD. Follow along here for ongoing coverage of the results of the show to find out what happens as things occur and chat with fellow WWE fans in the comments below!

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PROMO: Randy Orton (in a pre-taped segment) says he's seen many stars rise and fall. Shinsuke Nakamura is a star, but no one rises above The Viper. In another pre-taped promo, Nakamura basically says he respects Orton, but he's chasing his dream and the pain he inflicts on The Viper will be felt everywhere.

PROMO: Carmella and James Ellsworth are in the ring and almost immediately get interrupted by Kevin Owens. He says he's going to be the special guest referee of Carmella's match with Natalya coming up. Shane McMahon comes out to say Owens needs to stop being insubordinate. Owens says if it were up to him, he'd still be on Raw instead of SmackDown. Owens even goes so far as to say the entire McMahon family would have been better off if Shane hadn't survived the plane crash, especially his kids. Shane loses it and starts attacking Owens.

BACKSTAGE: Kevin Owens is being helped in the back. Daniel Bryan apologizes for Shane McMahon, saying he was out of line. Owens says he'd better enjoy his job when he has it, because he's going to turn SmackDown Live into The Kevin Owens Show by suing Shane, WWE, and every member of the McMahon family. Bryan asks for another way to handle this. Owens says he'll press criminal charges on Shane himself.

MATCH: Natalya defeats Carmella by pinfall. After the match, Carmella is pissed that James Ellsworth almost tried to cash in the Money in the Bank contract. She calls him a charity case and says his mother should've given him away at birth and that they're through.

PROMO: Dolph Ziggler heads to the ring, cutting a promo about how nobody in the audience appreciates what he does in the ring. Shame on them. They don't want him, they'd rather just have some dumb gimmick. He exits and John Cena's theme hits, with him coming back out parodying Cena's hat throw and such. He goes to the back again before coming out this time as Macho Man Randy Savage, complete with a woman who is his Miss Elizabeth. Nope, that doesn't work. He goes behind the curtain again, coming out as Naomi. Anybody can do what he just did, but nobody can do what he does in the ring. The crowd couldn't care less, right? Well, he doesn't give a damn about them, either. They all make Dolph sick. He leaves.

MATCH: Aiden English gets a rather quick pinfall victory over Sami Zayn. He tries to sing again after the match and Zayn chases him off.

BACKSTAGE: The New Day come up to Daniel Bryan to show him the new boxers they're selling. The Usos interrupt to say the tag title match next week will be a street fight. Bryan gets a phone call telling him to go to the ring for something.

PROMO: Daniel Bryan invites Shane McMahon to the ring. He reminds him that he never got physical with The Miz despite how much he wanted to and that their responsibility is to put the crowd and the talent first in front of themselves. Shane tries to justify it since it was about his kids and says he'll smooth things over with Kevin Owens. Bryan says it's too late for that. Vince McMahon called him and instructed him to inform Shane that effective immediately, he's indefinitely suspended.

INTERVIEW: Jinder Mahal tells Renee Young that it doesn't matter who wins the Nakamura/Orton match tonight. Something something raj.

MATCH: Baron Corbin defeats Tye Dillinger by pinfall

BACKSTAGE: After the commercial break, AJ Styles comes up to Tye Dillinger backstage to tell him he had a hell of a fight and he deserves a title shot. Next week in Las Vegas, the open challenge is only open to him.

BACKSTAGE: James Ellsworth apologizes to Carmella and begs her to give him another chance. He'll do anything. She says "from now on, we're doing things my way" and kisses him, then slaps him.

NO. 1 CONTENDER'S MATCH: Shinsuke Nakamura defeats Randy Orton by pinfall

BACKSTAGE: Kevin Owens threatens Daniel Bryan again. Bryan says Vince McMahon will be here next week to address the situation.


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