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WWE No Mercy 2017 Preview and Predictions - Triple Threat POV

Posted by Robert DeFelice Saturday, September 23, 2017
Welcome to another edition of Triple Threat from Smark Out Moment, where three of us get together to discuss three questions based on one big topic going down in the week of professional wrestling.

This week, Robert DeFelice, Andy Sahadeo and Tony Mango will be giving their opinions on what they foresee happening at WWE No Mercy 2017!

It's a huge weekend for the red brand, and even the head of Smark Out Moment wants in on this discussion! Roman or Cena? Asuka debuting on Sunday? Will Braun topple Brock? Let's discuss...

Question 1: John Cena and Roman Reigns have had a pretty intense build to their showdown at No Mercy. What do you think of the build-up and who do you think will win?

DeFELICE: I, for one, don't think that their build needed to be this harsh. At the end of the day people still see No Mercy as a B-level event, and it can be very well argued that this kind of intensity should have been saved for WrestleMania. In addition to that, I also really don't care for the constant fourth wall breaking in modern-day WWE. I think it is a useful tactic in sporadic usage but it's not the kind of thing I want to see on wrestling programming all the time. Outside of all that, here's the real kicker: the match will likely end due to something shady. My prediction is a Samoa Joe interference in favor of Roman Reigns. I hope I am wrong because there is nothing that I personally despise more than a huge match and then without outside interference having nothing to do with the match itself. These two are talented, definitely the biggest names that we have whether anybody likes it or not. I hope it's a classic and I hope Roman wins clean and we push forward to the collective future of the WWE.

SAHADEO: I personally thought the buildup was great. Seeing both John Cena and Roman Reigns, two behemoths of their respective eras, ether one another on the mic which made for incredibly compelling television. Cena's mic skills have definitely overshadowed Reigns but in the following weeks, I feel that Reigns really stepped up his game. It's kind of disappointing that we're getting this WrestleMania main event worthy match at No Mercy, but I guess they feel Cena doesn't have much time left as an active performer. I'm calling Cena wins considering it's on a small stage. Reigns could capitalize on a huge win at a bigger event.

MANGO: This build would have been much better had the match been booked for WrestleMania where it should have been. Instead, since it's at No Mercy, they had to cram more of it into a shorter amount of time. Improvements could have been made, but it was still good enough that they made people pay attention. Roman Reigns will definitely win unless they have someone interfere on Cena's behalf (or, more so, to Reigns' detriment) but WWE will make sure neither man looks bad.

Question 2: We are heading into Brock Lesnar's third consecutive pay-per-view title defense. Do you think that he and Braun Strowman will deliver in their match and what do you think is next for Brock Lesnar?

SAHADEO: Yeah, I think they'll deliver a solid 2-minute match to which Brock Lesnar will spam and endless amount of suplexes and win the match. Rinse and repeat. Brock Lesnar matches haven't been entertaining since the dawn of Suplex City and his push doesn't seem to be stagnating anytime soon until he finally drops the belt to Reigns at WrestleMania. The problem is is that I don't really care for what's next for Brock Lesnar. We all know what his deal is so there really is no point in getting invested in Brock. Next.

MANGO: Yes and no. Lesnar and Strowman will have a fun enough match, but it will be similar to the Samoa Joe vs. Lesnar encounter where I'll still feel hollow afterward with Lesnar retaining and beating another top guy. I don't like the idea of Lesnar running through the roster, because once he leaves, it feels like we're left with the scraps of the lesser folk. After this, Lesnar is going to be facing people like Finn Balor and Bray Wyatt, and I couldn't care less about those matches, nor the inevitable loss to Roman Reigns at WrestleMania.

DeFELICE: Brock Lesnar matches are huge attractions, even if they are repetitive. I'm looking forward to the showdown with the monster because it's a throwback to the old school days of gigantic titans battling it out for the ultimate prize. I expect to see Braun give the performance of a lifetime and Brock Lesnar give back to the business by making a star out of the monster before ultimately escaping by the skin of his teeth and moving on to his next challenge. I know they're trying to get as many in as they can before WrestleMania, so for Lesnar's next match, I'm going to suggest a Triple Threat against Seth Rollins and Dean Ambrose.

Question 3: With Asuka leaving NXT for the red brand, who would you like to see as the next Raw Women's Champion? Do you think we will see the undefeated Empress of Tomorrow at the pay-per-view?

MANGO: I don't expect Asuka to make an appearance at No Mercy, but I do expect her to be the next champion soon enough. Whether that happens at TLC or Survivor Series depends on their plans in the meantime, but I think we'll see Alexa Bliss retain in order to drop it to Asuka by December.

DeFELICE: I had originally picked Emma. Thinking she would get the win with the help of the Iconic Duo, but with Asuka debuting, I'm going to paint a different scenario. Alexa please keep away for the entire match and then miraculously pins Nia. As she walks up the ramp, gloating, Asuka's Music will hit and the champion's feet will be sealed. Personally, I'd really just like a victory for Emma. She really deserves it. However, we will see what happens…

SAHADEO: I feel like Bliss most likely won't retain the title and I also feel that whoever wins will pin Emma, which is practically a given at this point. I think we might see Nia Jax standing tall this Sunday amidst a pile of bodies in the women's division. As for Asuka, I can see her coming out and laying out Nia Jax right after her big moment to start a Nia Jax/Asuka feud. Jax has improved vastly so that's a feud I definitely would look forward to seeing. However, I would also prefer Asuka not get hot-shotted into the title picture so soon. Remember when Paige won the Divas Title in her debut? There's no point in sending such an established star straight to the peak because it's only downhill from there.

Those are our thoughts on the issue, but where do you stand?
Let us know your answers to these questions in the comments below!

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