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WWE Power Rankings Top 25 Superstars This Week: 7/2/2017

Posted by Anthony Mango Sunday, July 2, 2017
Welcome to another edition of Power Rankings from Smark Out Moment! Each week, we will break down the current roster and examine who has gone up the WWE hierarchy and who has unfortunately taken a step down the ladder. Factoring in things such as wins and losses, suspensions, injuries, making a name for one's self, being humiliated, and more, who is at the top of the food chain and who needs to make up some ground next week?

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25. Aiden English / Curt Hawkins

Homeboy got a segment this week where he didn't cry! That's what his psychologist would say is a big step in the right direction. Sure, he got wrecked by Randy Orton, but it's better than not existing on the roster at all, which is what it's felt like recently.

Speaking of giving a shout out to people who never appear but got a chance to this week, Curt Hawkins not only got a segment, but a match, and it wasn't a quick loss effort to a lower card guy like Kalisto. Fighting Seth Rollins is a major improvement to doing nothing. Baby steps.

24. Dean Ambrose, Heath Slater and Rhyno

Poor bastards. They followed up the horrible LaVar, LaMelo and Lonzo Ball segment and lost their match to The Miztourage. When someone on your team takes a loss to Bo Dallas, you know it's a bad week.

23. Mike and Maria Kanellis

After not appearing on the post-event edition of SmackDown Live, WWE needed to do much more with Mike and Maria Kanellis this week than they did. This should have been an actual segment to showcase who they are to the people who didn't see Money in the Bank. Instead, they were interrupted by Sami Zayn. When a guy who is booked to seem like a dork makes YOU look like the chump, that's nothing to be proud of. WWE is already dropping the ball with this duo.

22. The Fashion Police / The Ascension

In a much more entertaining segment than the one with the Kanellis couple, Breezango started to get to the bottom of who ransacked their office. Meanwhile, The Ascension got some television time and some tickets to a concert, along with a cheese platter. Behind the scenes, I hope that wasn't their actual stipend for the week.

21. Bray Wyatt

How the mighty have fallen. Wyatt finally won the WWE Championship earlier this year, two weeks after John Cena won his historic 16th world title reign. He had a main event match against Randy Orton at WrestleMania. Then, the Superstar Shake-Up happened and he dropped off the face of the earth, essentially. This week, all he did was cut a generic promo in opposition to Rollins, which is something we've seen Wyatt do virtually every week for years. It's nothing special at all. It's the direct opposite of being worth watching at this point.

20. Enzo Amore

In one of the more important segments on Raw this week, Enzo temporarily had the crowd thinking that he convinced Big Cass to turn babyface again. Of course, it didn't work out so well for him, as he ate a clothesline and got tossed down the ramp, but for a split second, he was happy again.

19. Seth Rollins

Defeating Curt Hawkins means nothing. Cutting a half-assed promo against Bray Wyatt means nothing. But, let's be honest with ourselves. Rollins is a top guy on Raw and he still had a better week than the people listed lower than him, as he won his match.

18. A myriad of women's wrestlers

This week saw two matches where the majority of the female talent on Raw and SmackDown came up losers in the same segment. On Raw, it was the gauntlet match where Nia Jax swept through the competition before Sasha Banks stole a victory at the end. On SmackDown, it was the Money in the Bank rematch where Carmella replicated her previous win.

Dana Brooke had the worst showing of them all, barely being a factor in the slightest bit. Everyone from Charlotte Flair to Bayley, Becky Lynch to Emma had their moments, but they all came up short in exactly the same fashion. Bottom line, they were losers.

17. The Hype Bros

For being away for so long, Zack Ryder came back and had his shot to re-earn a title opportunity against The Usos. He and Mojo Rawley came up short, but The Hype Bros can now be reinserted into the tag team division on SmackDown and not seem like they lost much of a step.

16. Lana

Despite a quick loss, Lana still received her second women's title match in her career. Considering how this is only her third match on the main roster (if you count her WrestleMania performance), that's still pretty impressive.

15. Cesaro, Sheamus and Elias Samson

Cesaro, Sheamus and Elias Samson lost their match to The Hardy Boyz and Finn Balor, but their match was one of the bigger matches on Raw as far as length goes. They weren't shown up and humiliated, nor is this loss going to particularly hurt them, but it's still a loss.

14. Sami Zayn

Points in favor of interrupting Mike and Maria Kanellis, points deducted since he lost to Baron Corbin. It's still a step up from last week where he only made a quick appearance.

13. The Usos

The Usos were able to take The Hype Bros out of the tag team title hunt with a victory over them on SmackDown Live. They also followed that up with an appearance on Talking Smack that had its funny moments.

12. Randy Orton

While Orton didn't really accomplish much as far as in-ring action goes (since he just hit an RKO on Aiden English), he did position himself in a way to get another WWE Championship match against Jinder Mahal.

11. The Hardy Boyz and Finn Balor

Jeff and Matt Hardy teamed with Finn Balor to defeat Cesaro, Sheamus and Elias Samson. It's not worth much, but it was a long match and they were the victors. Plus, it's technically a win over the tag team champions.

10. Baron Corbin

Mr. Money in the Bank avenged his loss to Sami Zayn from before by taking him out this week on SmackDown.

9. Goldust

FINALLY, Goldust and R-Truth went to wrestle instead of just cutting promos....sort of. Their match didn't really happen, but it was done so in a way that Goldust completely showed up his former partner.

8. The Miztourage

The absolutely atrocious segment with The Ball Family should rank The Miz lower on the list, but I'm not docking him points for something that wasn't his fault. That was entirely on the Balls. He did the best he could with what little he was given. Then, to follow that up, his team defeated Dean Ambrose, Heath Slater and Rhyno. This is the first win we've seen Bo Dallas and Curtis Axel get in a while and they seem to be off to a good start following The Miz.

7. Big Cass

Cass had the crowd fooled that he was realigning himself with Enzo, only to reiterate how that's not the case anymore and how Cass has a newfound mean streak to him. Tossing Enzo down the ramp will be an image we see for a long time.

6. Braun Strowman

Strowman showed up, outsmarted Roman Reigns, beat him down, tossed him into an ambulance and sent him on his way out of the top 25. Give him the belt!

5. Naomi

Naomi reasserted herself as the top of the women's division on SmackDown by not just retaining her championship, but doing so in quick and decisive fashion, showing up Lana as not being on her level.

4. Sasha Banks

Banks capitalized on a late draw, but regardless of the circumstances, won the gauntlet No. 1 contender's match to earn a title shot against Alexa Bliss at Great Balls of Fire. This shoots her far up on the rankings, as not many other people actually earned themselves championship matches in comparison this week.

3. Nia Jax

This was one of the first times I legitimately thought they booked Nia Jax the way she needs to be booked. She has so much left to learn to get to the point where I think she's talented, as she's not there yet, but from a storyline perspective, she looked like a BEEEEEAST this week by running through the gauntlet. Yes, Sasha Banks eventually won, but the real star was Nia Jax.

2. Samoa Joe

Don't buy into the hype that Samoa Joe is going to beat Brock Lesnar at Great Balls of Fire. He isn't going to. However, in a kayfabe sense, he does look like he's more than equipped for the challenge. When's the last time someone other than Goldberg made Lesnar look like he was up against an actual fight like this? Joe turned Lesnar into a red-faced coughing "soon to be ex-champion" with his Coquina Clutch.

1. Carmella

Why WWE felt the need to redo the ladder match just to have the same result happen is beyond me and a discussion for various arguments, but I'm happy that Carmella retained her briefcase and stood tall above the rest of the women's division on SmackDown. Get it, girl!

Not only were the women dominant this week as far as a ranking system goes, they also made history by main eventing all three major shows (Raw, SmackDown and NXT), which goes to show that no matter what hiccups happen along the way, the women's revolution has fully taken hold and we are thankfully out of the old eras style of booking when it comes to female talent in WWE.

Do you think anyone should be listed differently?
What can these Superstars do to get back up at the #1 spot?
Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!

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