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Mailbag Q&A February 2017 Inbox

Posted by Anthony Mango Friday, February 17, 2017
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Do you have a question that you want to ask the minds over at Smark Out Moment? Our version of the WWE Inbox is the Smark Out Moment Mailbag. Once a month, we set aside some time to answer any of the questions on your mind, whether they be wrestling related, trivia to try to stump us, or just general questions to get to know Tony Mango and the other members of the team better.

Here are your submissions for this month:

Sent in from Silent Wind of Doom

Question: "Have you had any misconceptions about wrestling that you had from childhood that you realized were wrong WAY too friggin' late in life??"

Answer: I remember thinking Bart Gunn was really Billy Gunn's brother for a long while. I also thought it was actually Bill Clinton who showed up to those events instead of an impersonator because I forgot that he was portrayed as a bumbling fool who stared at Sunny's cleavage, so in my mind, it was just remembered as "Clinton was at WrestleMania X" and became a fact to me.

Question: "What's the weirdest thing a significant other or casual partner asked you to do?"

Answer: An ex of mine was disappointed to hear that I wouldn't let her pop a pimple of mine. Thankfully, that's the weirdest thing I can think of. I don't mesh well with weird.

Question: "If you were a wrestler, what would your name, gimmick, finisher, and song be? Please, do what you think it would be for everyone who didn't make the show."

Answer: I have no idea about the specifics, but I'm sure I'd go with some kind of douchey intellectual type heel, or just the ANTON character from MPW.

Question: "Favorite movie?"

Answer: Terminator 2: Judgment Day has been my favorite movie since it came out and I'm pretty sure it always will be. Close calls are Robin Hood: Men in Tights, GoldenEye, Reservoir Dogs, Fight Club, The Godfather, The Shawshank Redemption, Clerks, Naked Gun, Stranger Than Fiction, K-PAX, The Usual Suspects, Not Another Teen Movie and The Island.

Question: "I loved Tony's manipulation talk last month. I've got puppetmaster tendecies, but I fortunately only use my powers for good. What's the most screwed up thing you've done to another person? Do you regret it??"

Answer: I really haven't done anything all that bad to people. I've busted some balls maybe a little too hard, but I've tended to make it up to them afterward and apologized right away. I don't think I've ever particularly hurt anybody's feelings or screwed them up. Some petty vandalism in my younger days, maybe? Then again, some of those trash cans had it coming to them...

Sent in from Howard Starr

Question: "For the next mailbag, This is an old school question, Would Hogan and Savage ( MegaPowers) could've gotten a tag team title shot against Demolition and had stayed together if it hadn't been for Hogan's lust for Elizabeth?"

Answer: I think if this were a more modern era, they definitely would have held the tag team titles at least for a short run, as WWE got to a point where they really liked to pair up people in that scenario (HBK and Austin, Triple H and Austin, The Rock and Mick Foley, Cena and Otunga, etc). Hogan's wandering eyes on 'lizabit' screwed all that up.

Sent in from William Carey

Question: "Who are the biggest non-kayfabe heels in wrestling?"

Answer: Kevin Dunn, Vince McMahon, Kevin Sullivan, Chris Benoit, Hulk Hogan, maybe John Laurinaitis, New Jack, Vince Russo...

Sent in from Peter Piccininni

Question: "Who had it worse at 30 in the rumble Rey mysterio jr or Roman reigns?"

Answer: Definitely Rey Mysterio. They knew what they were doing with Roman Reigns and it was a strategic choice. With Mysterio, they probably thought he would get a legitimate good response and just underestimated how upset fans would be that Daniel Bryan didn't come out. I felt bad for Mysterio, but with Reigns, anybody who booed fell right into WWE's trap.

Question: "You said during rumble post show anyone but orton for the win I kept thinking James Ellsworth. So would pick James over randy?"

Answer: Oh no, I didn't mean anybody but Orton winning in the whole Royal Rumble, but just that I had hoped for Chris Jericho and then a couple of other names. I would have been cool with Finn Balor, for instance. Even though I don't think the Orton/Wyatt feud is good enough for the world title to be shuffled around and such just to accommodate it, I don't think there's any argument against it being a better choice than someone like Ellsworth, which would have just been a travesty.

Question: "Callen can you talk about the sign taking away situation at smackdown don't recall hearing your side of the story?"

Answer: n/a.

Question: "Does the raw woman's title mean anything?"

Answer: Definitely. It just happens to be problematic where they keep tossing the title back on Charlotte after having her drop it on Monday Night Raw. They're screwing things up and if they stop booking the title to fit their goals of Charlotte and instead, let it go in a natural direction, it will be better off.

Question: "What is your favorite type of rumble match WWE you know tna (gauntlet match) same rules final two win by pin fall or Lucha underground Aztec warfare same rules but you are eliminated only by pin fall?"

Answer: WWE's version is better. Usually, the simpler is the better one to me. What happens in TNA if there are three men left and two of them go out at the same time, for instance?

Question: "Did super cena lend his powers to Brady?"

Answer: It sure seems like it, didn't it? The top dog starts off losing and then makes a big comeback is the typical Cena storyline.

Question: "Need a new computer dell or Mack are my options what do you think?"

Answer: I've never had a Mac, but from my experience with them, they seem to be overpriced and more of something that people only tend to be obsessed about if they apply some kind of intrinsic value to the brand itself and their identity as an Apple fan. I've had 2 Dell computers and they served me rather well, but if you're looking for something high quality, you're probably best off looking for the subreddits where people can pick how to build a pc piece by piece to ensure you have great hardware for each element.

Question: "Was going to wait till April (autism awareness month) but computers problems. So how high functioning do you think I am? Fighting the state for help not really getting anywhere."

Answer: I really couldn't say, since I'm not qualified to really have a rubric for it.

Sent in from Wolf Jones

Question: "Does Shaun still have his Blink 182 tickets?"

Answer: n/a.

Question: "Who is your least favourite wrestler on the roster today and why?"

Answer: I'm not too fond of Bo Dallas, Darren Young, Epico, Nia Jax, Angelo Dawkins, Sawyer Fulton or Steve Cutler.

Question: "Who is your least favourite wrestler of all time?"

Answer: I remember really, really disliking Eric Escobar, Ricky Ortiz, Bam Neely, Khali, and a laundry list of shitty older wrestlers back in the earlier days who I can't even necessarily recall. I never liked people like Mantaur and Hercules or most of the nameless jobbers.

Question: "Tony, who is your least favourite panelist of all time?"

Answer: I usually don't like playing favorites, but if you see who has been invited back often and who has only appeared on an episode or two, you'll figure it out haha.

Question: "Do you and the guys get on in life?"

Answer: Huh? We get ON...all day all night

Sent in from Shaun Walker

Question: "Ya know what fuck it im going to ask a question fir the next mail bag just for lols if you could date ya dream girl what would her name be?"

Answer: I don't know if I have a true #1 pick, but some of the names that I've always been partial to are a lot of J ones like Jessica, Jennifer, Juliana, Jillian, but I also like Elizabeth (Liz for short), Valerie, Denise...just don't give me someone named Gretchen or Bertha or Peg or something ugly like that haha.


Tony Mango is the founder, editor-in-chief, head writer, host of Smack Talk, and much more for Smark Out Moment as well as all branches under A Mango Tree including Fanboys Anonymous. He is a writer, creative director/consultant, media manager and entertainer. You can follow him on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn.


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