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Which WWE Superstars Might Be Better Off Switching Brands?

Posted by Steph Maxwell-Kavanagh Thursday, November 24, 2016
There's been a few of these moments with the brand split where we've all felt that one superstar would be better off here or there, better facing different opponents, or simply under different management. Many people believe that certain superstars would be better with their staunchest defenders behind them in management, or the complete opposite, in that there are those who are better placed to cope with an adversarial dynamic with upper management.

In the first case, there's Neville. As a Brit, I'll always be firmly behind those superstars local to my isle, but Neville is also a favourite because he does the high-flying moves that make me gasp with delight and keep my heart in my throat while I'm watching him in the ring. We've not seen a lot of Neville since he was drafted to Raw, turning up for the odd tag-team match up once he was cleared to return, but not really having any sort of singles push in the same way he was before the ankle injury just before WrestleMania. There's been a certain amount of people who think that Neville should head to the Cruiserweight Division, on the basis that he might be used properly there; but it seems more likely that he would get lost in the huge amount of new (to WWE, anyway!) talent. Perhaps, in this case, his best scenario would be to go to SmackDown, who lack some of that high-flying talent, where he and Kalisto could feud, which would benefit both of the lighter, smaller superstars, who seem to have lost the momentum they had before the draft.

Chris Jericho Wrestles Young High Flyer
Unusually, Neville seems to be keeping at least one foot on the ground here!

Another superstar people have been talking about switching brands is Sami Zayn. Sure, keeping him on the same roster as Kevin Owens gives us the potential for friction between the two old friends and rivals, but after watching the Kevin and Sami show for a few weeks, we were all hoping for something new. With Kevin Owens currently cosying up to Chris Jericho, and Sami seeming to have lost all of the push behind him, there are those who think that he would do better challenging for the Intercontinental Championship on SmackDown, battling the likes of The Miz and Dolph Ziggler, both good, consistent workers whose style would compliment that of Sami. This could be a good move for Zayn, to move to a roster more focused on story than on 'moments', where he could be allowed to develop a feud over time, rather than being thrown into storylines that last maybe a week.

Braun Strowman Challenged On Raw Roster
I don't know if it's the weird dark patch on his trousers, but I really do struggle to take Strowman seriously.

If all of these seem to be suggesting that Raw stars should shift to SmackDown, then that may be the case, although not simply because of management decisions. One has to remember that Raw has the larger roster, and that was before they added the Cruiserweights, hammering three different rosters into a three hour show, and often making the Cruiserweights and the women's division suffer for this. But SmackDown is not without its own problems, as tag teams such as Breezango and The Ascension are finding. Breezango have been on Main Event most weeks, rather than SmackDown, which is a serious step down for an amusing team that's fairly popular with a certain breed of fans. There have been suggestions that Raw would be better off with some stronger tag teams on the roster, real tag teams, rather than dragging Sheamus and Cesaro together to give false challenge to The New Day. Breezango would be a comic heel foil to The New Day's comic face gimmick, and The Ascension could provide a menacing presence that Gallows and Anderson seem to have been stripped of. It would certainly enliven Raw's tag team division, which feels rather stagnant, with The New Day nesting on the titles like broody hens.

Tyler Breeze and Fandango Team Up In UK
You've got to love a man in a kilt, even if he's clearly wearing something under it!

As for the women, I'm firmly of the view that there should have been two Horsewomen to each roster, and that Bayley should have gone to SmackDown. There, Becky would have learned to place her job and her championship over her friendship, something which both Charlotte and Sasha have already had to cope with. Not only that, but it would have given more balance to the Raw roster, which often feels like the Charlotte and Sasha show, requiring that some of the greener members of the roster be given a chance to show what they can do. Perhaps it would then make sense that Charlotte and Sasha fought it other less, giving other female superstars a chance. With Summer Rae and Emma out injured, the Raw women's roster has felt very samey, and Bayley hasn't made much of a difference there.

WWE Bayley Represents Raw Roster In Red
She's doing the shrug that Seth Rollins does. Is that a Raw roster thing, the shrug?

All in all, there are a number of superstars who might to better switching rosters. Who's your top pick to swap over, and why? Or do you feel like the correct choices were made, and we just need to let it play out?

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