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WWE SmackDown Live 9/6/2016 Results Coverage

Posted by Unknown Tuesday, September 6, 2016
Tonight's episode of WWE SmackDown for September 6, 2016 is coming to you live from the Pinnacle Bank Arena in Lincoln, NE. Follow along here for ongoing coverage of the results of the show to find out what happens as things occur and chat with fellow WWE fans in the comments below!

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This episode is our last SmackDown before their first "SmackDown only" PPV on September 11th this coming Sunday, Backlash! Tonight we figure out who will face off in the finals of the SmackDown Tag Team Championship tournament at Backlash after our two semi-final matches tonight. American Alpha will take on The Usos in what could be an absolutely great tag team match, and Rhino & Heath Slater will face off with The Hype Bros! I'm sure we'll see more of the SmackDown Women's Championship six pack challenge competitors as we build up to crown the first ever champ on Sunday as well. I'm expecting we get an official Dolph Ziggler vs. The Miz for the Intercontinental Championship announcement for Backlash, or it could possibly be a triple threat with Apollo Crews but I don't expect that one. Randy Orton and Bray Wyatt made their match official last week, and then of course we'll see Dean Ambrose and AJ Styles get some facetime as AJ look to grab his first ever taste of WWE gold at Backlash.

PROMO (In-Ring): Daniel Bryan is in the ring with the WWE SmackDowns Women's Championship belt! He reminds us of the women's six pack elimination challenge that happens in five days. He then explains the elimination rules, which I think most of us understand. But before that match on Sunday, all six women will be in a six women tag match tonight. But first, there will be a SmackDown Women's Championship forum right now, and he brings out Becky Lynch first. Becky teases that she was sure he would call out Nikki first, and Bryan says that even though he loves his sister-in-law but Becky was the number one woman picked for SmackDown. He asks Becky what it would mean to be SmackDowns first women's champion. She said it would mean everything, and make her long journey all the more worth it. But before she can finish, out comes Natty. She chants boring, and says that the real story is the draft was the worst night of her career because she got stuck with Becky Lynch. She says that now she is tortured by the sight of her cheap and unnatural hair color. Then comes Alexa Bliss. She says that everyone needs to stop. Becky stop talking about the past, Natty needs to get over her shortcomings, and Daniel needs to stop being a Bella trophy husband. Then comes Carmella, who spouts the same jargon she usually does. Then all three heels in the ring notice that Becky is trying to turn all three against each other. Then Naomi and Nikki come to Becky's side and a fight breaks out. Becky, Nikki, and Naomi own the ring.

PROMO (Backstage): Dean is eating backstage, and helps a young man with his drink by dumping a mass amount of sugar into his coffee and saying that its much better after taste testing. He and AJ will be face to face in the ring later tonight.

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PROMO (Backstage): Bryan and Shane are backstage, and talking about who should handle the women next time. Then comes The Miz. He is upset that the Intercontinental Title doesn't get its just rewards, and that he shouldn't have to face a loser like Ziggler. He says that Daniel just can't get over what he said to him on Talking Smack a few weeks ago. Daniel says that Dolph challenged him to a fight last week but he walked away, so if he walked away from a "loser like Dolph Ziggler" then what does that make him?

MATCH: The Miz(w Maryse) vs. Apollo Crews

Dolph Ziggler is on commentary.

RESULTS: The Miz wins via pinfall.
THOUGHTS: The Miz got Dolph Ziggler involved by slapping the headphones off his head, and then used Dolph to beat Apollo. Great heel move. Dolph was good on the mic, but I hope he loses Sunday. Also, The Miz sent his wife into the ring to get the Intercontinental Championship from Dolph so he didn't have to do it. Mind games, and more great heel stuff. Miz is on fire right now.

PROMO (Backstage): Renee is with AJ Styles and she brings up hoe things didn't really go his way last week as he got hung up on the top rope. Renee says that he must have some pretty harsh words for the champ tonight. He calls in the production guy who he claims gave that footage to Renee and tells him it wasn't very funny. Just about as unfunny if he were to get fired.

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PROMO (Backstage): Charly is with The Usos, and she asks them about their match with American Alpha tonight. They remind everyone that they are a two time tag champs, and even though American Alpha was drafted well before them they are out to show that they still run the tag team division.

PROMO (Backstage): Bray Wyatt is talking about life in the past. How we used to have to scrounge for food just to live another day, but there was another creature in the woods. The apex predator. The predator had no fear, morality, or conciouns. It was survival of the fittest, and soon mankind would evolve and adapt. They learned to build and create, and sooner or later they became the true fear. History has repeated itself. He says that Randy is no longer the same predator he once was, and he is a god. His weapon is far greater than anything you can hold in your hand, and he points to his chest. Saying that his heart and will to win will show that this Sunday, Randy is nothing but a mortal man.

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MATCH: Nikki Bella, Becky Lynch, & Naomi vs. Alexa Bliss, Natalya, & Carmella

RESULTS: Alexa, Natty, & Carmella win via submission.
THOUGHTS: This match started off a little rocky, but it got better as we went on. Carmella needs a lot more work along with Alexa Bliss, and it is becomes more and more clear every time they are in the ring. They'll get better! The SmackDown women's division could be very very good in the near future.

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MATCH: The Usos vs. American Alpha

This is the first semi-final match for the SmackDown Tag Team Championship tournament. The winner will go on to face the winner of The Hype Bros vs. Slater and Rhyno at Backlash!

RESULTS: American Alpha wins via pinfall.
THOUGHTS: This match lasted 30 seconds.. The Usos attacked them with some cheap shots right away, but American Alpha bounces back out of nowhere for a quick win. Wow. I saw the heel turn coming, but not the 30 second match.

PROMO (In-Ring): After the match, The Usos extend their hands in a seemingly show of respect but turn on American Alpha targeting Chad Gables left leg. I was definitely expecting this heel turn.

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PROMO (Backstage): Charly stops Randy and asks him about what Bray said earlier in the night. Randy says that Bray loves telling stories. So he told one of his own. About a man that kills a rabbit, but sees a snake. Both the man and the snake wanted the rabbit, and the man kept a close eye on the snake. The man looks over, and sees the snake not moving. SO he happily grabs the rabbit, but as he takes his first step the snake strikes. The snake wanted the rabbit, but when he saw the man thats when he knew that he could have both of them if struck at the right time. Thats what he plans on doing at Backlash.

PROMO (In-Ring): Fandango says that his tag partner, Tyler Breeze, isn't here tonight as he is in Dubai getting the finest silks for their upcoming fashion show. But he found someone to tango with him as we see a tattooed woman in the ring with him. He asks if her moves are as wild as her tattoos, and he hits his music. They start dancing as Betty is clearly a different style, and she says "these hips are the truth and you can't handle the truth". He kicks her out and asks for anyone else to come dance with him. Kane answers the request and chokeslams him.

PROMO (Backstage): AJ is walking backstage and two workers are looking at their phones. He freaks out asking if they are taking pictures of him to which the man replies that he is looking at pictures of his family. AJ looks and says "Wow great family." and then chucks his phone at the wall. Repeating that he is the face that runs the place, and tells the guy his phone is broken.

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MATCH: The Hype Bros vs. Heath Slater & Rhyno

This is semi-final number two! The winner here will go on to face American Alpha at Backlash for the SmackDown Tag Team Championships. Also, Heath Slater & Rhyno must win the entire tournament for Heath Slater to get a contract.

RESULTS: Heath Slater & Rhyno win via pinfall.
THOUGHTS: I pray that Slater & Rhyno win this tournament. One, I want Slater on SmackDown. Two, Slater has consistently been amazing on TV so he deserves a belt. Three, Rhyno is on the tail end of his career and I'd love to see him as a champ. And Slater celebrating with his seven kids was amazing as well.

BREAKING NEWS: Shane McMahon has told Renee that American Alpha is questionable for Backlash, and that Shane will join her and Daniel Bryan on Talking Smack. The The Usos come in saying that the frustration they showed has been bottled up for years. They have carried the tag team division for years, but now that there is a new team(American Alpha) they'd rather cheer for them instead of The Usos. For years they fought to get respect, we'll they're done with that now. Heel Usos could be great.

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PROMO (In-Ring): Dean and AJ meet face to face one last time before Backlash! Charly Caruso is in the ring with the two men, and Dean asks her to leave because things may get a little heated. Dean says he brought AJ a gift and hands him a bag. In the bag is an old bowling trophy. A participation trophy, and Dean says thats the only trophy you're getting from him. AJ says this is no joke, and that Dean has no idea who he is dealing with. If he did, then he wouldn't make him out to be a joke. And Dean asks to play the footage of AJ getting hung up on the rope again claiming he certainly is a joke, and pulls out the soccer mom jab again. AJ points to the wrist band that was once John Cena's, saying that this is no joke. He doesn't want anything handed to him, but he wants to take that trophy on his shoulder(the WWE Championship) on Sunday at Backlash. He says that he should please keep making a joke out of him, look through him, look past him, it doesn't matter. John took him seriously, and he beat him clean in a WWE ring. And he says that we should all be honest, and he is no John Cena. He may be a better wrestler than John Cena, but that is not the game Dean plays. When he is in the ring its a battlefield and he takes people places they've never gone to. He says that you don't get trophies for being "the face that comes in second place". AJ hits Dean with a low blow, and then breaks his participation trophy.


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