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Remakeover Repackage: Bo Dallas - A Change You Can Bolieve In

Posted by Unknown Friday, September 16, 2016
Bo Dallas has been toiling away in WWE obscurity since debuting in 2014. The former NXT champion has not even come close to being a relevant and compelling member of the main WWE roster. Some might even place Dallas in the category of WWE jobber (or "jobber to the stars" on his good days).

Despite his WWE career getting off to a rocky start, Dallas has the ability to succeed on pro wrestling's biggest stage and the bloodline to be a success. His family includes former WWE superstars Mike Rotunda (father), Barry Windham (uncle), the late Blackjack Mulligan (grandfather), former WCW star Kendall Windham (uncle), and current WWE Superstar Bray Wyatt (brother). He just needs an opportunity. Maybe Bo Dallas needs to go back to the drawing board.

Bo Dallas repackage remakover

Dallas debuted in WWE with a motivational speaker gimmick that included telling the WWE Universe to Bo-lieve. Unfortunately, the gimmick never found any momentum. Dallas was a midcard comedy act at best and at worst, a glorified jobber. Dallas was even humiliated by his childhood hero, Sting. He was a victim of the Scorpion Death Drop after attempting to confront The Icon during an interview segment. Dallas wasn't good enough to put over Sting in an official match. He then moved onto a midcard faction called The Social Outcasts. The group also included Heath Slater, Curtis Axel, and Adam Rose. Instead of performing comedy and doing jobs on his own, Dallas was doing it as a part of a stable.

The brand split has left Dallas on Raw and going it alone again. He has reverted back to his inspirational Bo-lieve gimmick. Dallas is wrestling a much more aggressive style than fans are used to seeing. However, he has only found success as of late winning squash matches against jobbers.

I Bo-lieve the transformation of Dallas can begin with these squash matches on Raw. Without further ado, let's take a look at the Remakeover/Repackage of Bo Dallas.

Step 1: Squash Match Swerve

Dallas needs to lose one of these easy squash matches to a local jobber. The story that has to be told is that Dallas' anger is unfocused. His new ultra-aggressive style is too sloppy and left him open to a small package for one of the most humiliating defeats in his career. His reaction should be to slowly make the walk of shame up the ramp while looking like a sad puppy. Dallas has shown to have charisma and the ability to convey different emotions to the crowd. He would have no problem taking fans on an emotional roller coaster ride.

Step 2: A Promo Interrupted

Dallas would then need to address fans about his crushing defeat the following week on Raw. He should cut an out of character promo that points out the ups and downs of his pro wrestling career. Dallas could attempt to finish the promo by starting to announce his retirement. Before he can finish, the promo is interrupted by the lights going out. The lights come back on and Bray Wyatt is in the ring with Dallas. Wyatt could then tell Dallas that he isn't done until Wyatt says that he is done. Dallas would be shocked at Wyatt's words before the lights went out again. When the lights come back on, Erick Rowan is also in the ring with Dallas. Wyatt and Rowan would deliver a beat down before carrying Dallas to the back.

Repackage Bo Dallas in The Wyatt Family

Step 3: Vignettes From The Wyatt Family Compound

Dallas would be kept off both Raw and SmackDown Live for at least a month while he's being reprogrammed at The Wyatt Family compound. During that time, vignettes would run from the compound showing bizarre ritual and reconditioning being endured by Dallas.

Step 4: New Look, New Move Set, New Finisher

Dallas would finally return with a new look, new moveset, and new finisher. His new look would include thick facial hair and a ring attire more suited to being a member of The Wyatt Family. Instead of carrying a sign that says "Bo-lieve", Dallas would carry a sign with him to the ring that says "Follow the Buzzards". His new moveset would include more mat-based wrestling without flashy moves like drop kicks. Dallas' new finisher would be Sting's Scorpion Death Drop, renamed The Wyatt Death Drop.

It may seem like lazy booking, but pairing real life brothers together is something promoters have been doing for as long as pro wrestling has been around. I'm not sure why there haven't been more additions to The Wyatt Family, but the addition of Dallas would make a lot of sense. There would also be classic storyline possibilities such as a run with the tag team titles, brotherly jealousy, and the brother vs brother feud.

Bo Dallas WWE repackage

I think Bo Dallas joining The Wyatt Family is a very interesting possibility, but what do you think? Do you think Bo Dallas should be rebooted as a deranged disciple of Bray Wyatt? If not, what is your idea for Bo Dallas? Drop your ideas in the comments below!

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