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What Does Sasha Banks' WWE Women's Championship Reign Look Like?

Posted by Unknown Tuesday, August 2, 2016
Ask anyone, and they'll tell you that Sasha Banks' journey to the title has been a good six months in the making. It might as well have started the moment she stepped onto Raw a year ago. She plays the anti-hero/almost face role well, the crowd responds to her genuine love for the ring, and her work is about as good as you can expect for from a 24 year-old. After picking up a submission victory from former Women's Champion Charlotte last week on Raw, Sasha Banks has officially begun her first of many title runs as WWE Women's Champion. Yet, with it being a TV victory that came weeks before the predicted one at SummerSlam, what does her immediate future at the top of the women's division look like?

Sasha Banks vs. Charlotte for the Women's Championship
Sasha Banks holds up the WWE Women's Championship for the first time.

I can say with certainty what the worst possible option is: losing the belt to Charlotte at their rematch. It hurt when this happened in NXT to American Alpha, but at least it was in line with their story. Sasha has never been pinned or submitted since she got to the main roster, and they need to keep that momentum. The major reason why she was able to pick up that victory was because she got Dana Brooke tossed from ringside, which means if she's going to retain at SummerSlam, there needs to be a way to neutralize Dana's presence.

Sasha Banks vs. Charlotte with Dana Brooke for the WWE Women's Championship
The exact moment everyone realized Sasha could win this match.
This could be an opportunity to elevate the match by convincing the powers that be to put it in a steel cage. A less violent option could be a Lumberjill match. Provided everyone is dressed properly to fight, and the Lumberjills are actually utilized, this could be a great way to make this first pay-per-view of the new era special. It also works with the fact that everyone hates Charlotte and Dana, and they are quickly outnumbered even if Dana is one of the Lumberjills. Sasha and Charlotte have a tendency to spill out of the ring, where Dana can serve Charlotte best. Having all of the other Raw female superstars all too eager to take a shot at Charlotte when that happens will force the match to take on new dynamics.

Bellas lead the Lumberjills to the ring at Night of Champions
In 2010, the Divas brought high heels to a wrestling fight.

Once Charlotte is squared away, there's the issue of number one contender. There are a lot of deserving ladies in line, and Sasha should be taking on as many as she can. With two strong champions back to back, there's a possibility this could get very one-note. The difference should be that Sasha is a defending champion, and though her tactics are nasty, she's never going to run from a fight. It's important she maintains her place as an anti-hero. She might be the sweet and fun-loving BFF of Bayley, but she's also a menace in the ring and that never should be dialed down. I also wouldn't be opposed to bringing back her signature stamp. Who says kayfabe is dead?

Pitting her against that BFF might serve that arc. When Bayley comes to the main roster for good, their adorable friendship should be put in limbo. Despite the cringeworthy nature of their backstage interview at Battleground, there was a hint of a really strong story there. Sasha doesn't have any other friends, and Bayley won't take her crap. Sasha is also aware of just how good Bayley is, and maybe could be the only person on the main roster who sees her for the threat she is. When Sasha is victorious at SummerSlam, Bayley's music should hit within moments, and Sasha should act scared. She could deny Bayley a title shot, saying she hasn't earned it yet, but also effectively turning her back on the best friend who she face timed immediately after winning the championship. That would let Bayley get some reps on SmackDown, workin her way up to meeting Sasha at the Royal Rumble. The payoff to those two arcs would be incredibly worthwhile.

Bayley wins the NXT Women's championship
Bayley and Sasha can take each other to their limits, and still hug it out.

There's one match that is unavoidable: the Four Horsewoman Fatal 4-Way. The first time this happened in NXT, it was stunning. To get lightning to strike twice, there needs to be a strong build-up. Becky and Bayley should be clashing on SmackDown, and Sasha and Charlotte doing the same on Raw for weeks before it's announced. Stephanie and Shane can come together and agree that all three have earned a no.1 contendership for WrestleMania. That's the only stage this should be happening on.

That's also the earliest Sasha should give up the title, possibly to either Becky or Bayley. Yes, Naomi deserves a title run. Yes, Natalya should get one more title. Yes, they are very high on the idea that Eva Marie could be a real force to be reckoned with, and yes, Nikki Bella probably has a transitional champion reign left in her. However, none of these women should take out Sasha. Plenty should come close, showing that she has to fight tooth and nail to keep that championship around her waist. Paige, Alexa Bliss, and Asuka are also on my short list, but the four of them (Sasha, Becky, Charlotte and Bayley) embody this movement in women's wrestling. As a result, they need to be protected for some time.

Four consecutive title reigns would be a major statement. 
When it comes to Sasha dropping the belt, it's simple: to beat a Horsewoman, you have to be a Horsewoman.

Let us know: What are you most excited about with Sasha's championship reign, or are you not excited about any of it at all?

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