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WWE Monday Night Raw 6/13/2016 Live Results Coverage

Posted by Cayden Parkhurst Monday, June 13, 2016
Tonight's episode of WWE Monday Night Raw for June 13, 2016 is coming to you live from the Smoothie King Center in New Orleans, lA. Follow along here for live, ongoing coverage of the results of the show to find out what happens as things occur and chat with fellow WWE fans in the comments below and in the chat on the sidebar!

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The last Monday Night Raw before Money in The Bank! Expect Cena and Styles to have another war of words, and the Money In The Bank ladder match participants to get a lot of facetime. Reigns, Rollins, and Ambrose will meet up I a Shield reunion Ambrose Asylum, and John Cena and AJ Styles will sign their contract for their match! Anything and everything that happens tonight will build towards yet another solid PPV!

They open with a moment of silence for the tragedy in Orlando.

PROMO: The first promo of the night belongs to New Day! They talk about their fatal four way WWE Tag Team Championship match, and make fun of Kofi's shoes which are the Curry Low 2's. Which have become famous for looking like old men shoes. They are then joined by ine of the three teams they will face Sunday, Enzo & Cass. They say that they're walking out with the Tag Titles. Big Cass then starts in on Kofi's shoes as well. Cass then brings up Francesca 2, Xavier's beloved trombone. Cass asks where she was last night, which was apparently with Enzo. Enzo says that he had Franny out on Bourbon Street last night pouring bourbon places it shouldn't be poured. A verbal joust nearly broke out between the two, but they were interrupted by The Vaudevillians. They call everyone in the ring children, they then sing about the new era and how they will be the new tag champs. Then out comes the last team in the fatal four way, Gallows & Anderson. Anderson asks if this is Camp WWE's annual talent show, and Gallows says that they will be the last team standing come Sunday night. Then New Day, Enzo, and Cass have one word to describe their opponents.. You already know.. S-A-W-F-T SAWFT!!!

*Commercial Break*

MATCH: Gallows & Anderson, & The Vaudevillians vs. Enzo & Cass, & The New Day

RESULT: Luke Gallows, Karl Anderson, and The Vaudevillians win via pin fall.
THOUGHTS: Awesome match! Given tons of time to do some awesome spots, and I think this means either New Day retains or Enzo & Cass walk out new tag champs come Sunday in Las Vegas.

*Commercial Break*

PROMO: Stephanie and Shane are backstage, and Shane is upset that Stephanie said he was on vacation last week. Then the two argue about who gets what show. Shane tries to compromise by giving one show each, and Stephanie wants control of both. Then Corporate Kane comes in to offer his services, to which Stephanie replies he is psychotic. He hands her a resume, and a letter of recommendation from The Undertaker. Stephanie hands control of this interview over to Shane, and leaves.

PROMO: Zack Ryder is talking about Sheamus getting blindsided by Apollo Crews to some backstage employees. Sheamus overhears and says that after their match tonight he will be the only one laughing, and that Apollo Crews will become a joke after MiTB.

*Commercial Break*

PROMO: As Titus was walking down to the ring for his match, he is blindsided by Rusev. The two face each other for the United States Championship this coming Sunday.

*Commercial Break*

AMBROSE ASYLUM: It is time for The Shield "reunion" Ambrose Asylum where all three former members of The Hounds Of Justice will be in the ring together. Dean says that he feels like its WrestleMania season all over again with a great Money in The Bank ladder match, and two matches that can easily main event WrestleMania. One of those matches he has a particular interest in.. Being Seth vs. Roman. He then introduces Seth as "the scum of the Earth" as he invites him to the ring. The two share an awkward stare, and then he introduces Roman. I'm going to try my best to sum this up for you guys, but three guys going back and forth may be tough to keep up with. So stick with me. Dean asks about Seth's injury, Seth takes offense to that as if he hasn't watched his special on the Network, and says his knee is fine. Dean then pulls off the "How's your face because its killing me" joke. Then to an array of boos he asks Roman how The Big Easy is treating him. He looks at a scowling Seth Rollins and calls him a party pooper, to which the crowd begins to chant. They reminisce about the great times The Shield had. He brings up the championships they won together, and the epic six man tag matches the team had. Seth then says the best time he ever had in a ring, was when he destroyed The Shield, and when he cashed in on Roman at WrestleMania. Seth claims that he is the rightful champ since no one beat him, and Roman then asks if he is the champ then why is he holding the belt? To which Seth responds the only reason he has it is because his knee gave out from carrying the company. But he did earn that belt by beating Dean, Sheamus, and HHH while he was gone, but he cannot beat Seth Rollins. Seth is always two steps ahead of him. Seth says he did everything on his own to which Dean responds with J&J Security, Kane, The Authority, etc.. But Roman agrees. He did it all on his own. He screwed him at WrestleMania on his own, he tore up The Shield on his own... But at the end of the day people will call Roman "The Guy" not because he is a champ, but because he beat Seth Rollins. Dean then says that he could win Money in The Bank, and he doesn't care which person he cashes in on. As Dean preps to leave, Seth shoves Dean into Roman which sends him flying out of the ring. Roman gets back up and takes out Seth, then Dean grabs Roman and hits him with a Dirty Deeds and ends the night on top.

*Commercial Break*

PROMO: Dean and Stephanie are backstage, and Stephanie says that Dean will take on Jericho in the main event tonight.

MATCH: Charlotte(w Dana Brooke) vs. Paige

Becky and Natty are on the commentary team.

RESULT: Paige wins via pin fall.
THOUGHTS: I will be more than happy to see Paige back in action.

PROMO: Renee is with Cesaro and asks him about his match tonight with Sami. But before he can answer, Sami hops in. Cesaro is not a fan of Sami's actions. Sami isn't a fan of how Cesaro is acting like a big tough guy when they are in the same boat. Then Cesaro says that Sami has a lot to prove whether he likes it or not, and he should start tonight.

*Commercial Break*

PROMO: Charlotte gets mad at Dana Brooke for costing her the match earlier, and Dana obviously doesn't agree. Charlotte then says the agreement was that she gets to help become a part of her legacy, and if she screws up Sunday then there is no room for her in the history books.

MATCH: Sheamus vs. Zack Ryder

After the match, Sheamus tries to get an extra few fists in on Ryder but Crews comes to the rescue.

RESULT: Sheamus wins via pin fall.
THOUGHTS: Yawn is a good word for this I think.

*Commercial Break*

PROMO: Shane, Kane, Del Rio, and KO are backstage and they argue. Then Kane sets up a match where KO and Del Rio will team up to take on The Lucha Dragons. The kicker is, if KO and Del Rio lose, The Lucha Dragons will replace them in the Money in The Bank ladder match.

MATCH: Cesaro vs. Sami Zayn

RESULT: Sami Zayn wins via pin fall.
THOUGHTS: These two have incredible chemistry. This was no different.

*Commercial Break*

CONTRACT SIGNING: It is time for the contract signing for the match between AJ and John Cena. Cena comes out first, and he too echoes Dean Ambrose when he says that it feels like WrestleMania all over again. He says that he feels like WWE is pinnacle of sports entertainment but for 15 years AJ was told no that he couldn't come here. He has a lot of respect for AJ because that didn't stop him. John has won 15 titles, and AJ has won more. At long last the two are set to face off. John says that it is a history making match, and a history making contract signing. He says he spoke to Shane and they are set to do things differently. He asks Michael Cole to leave the ring as things could get "gamey". He says that all they need now is AJ Styles. Out he comes without Gallows and Anderson.. For now. AJ says that he has been making John's life a living hell, and Sunday he will do it again. When that bell rings he will be running circles around John. Two contracts lie in front of them. One contract says John Cena vs. AJ Styles in a singles match without The Club. The other contract gives him The Club at ringside. I love this move. He can sellout and bring The Club with him, or he can bring it back to how it was supposed to be. One on one with no one around. AJ says he sees right through this. John Cena thinks AJ can't beat him one on one. AJ Styles if you want to talk about "What if's" then lets. What if AJ would've been here 15 years ago? He wouldn't be a 15x champ, he wouldn't have won the rumble, he wouldn't be the face that runs the place, or be in crappy movies. Cena snaps. Yelling at him to shut up. He has a chance to man up and prove this to everyone but he continues to talk crap. He can sign one to prove John wrong, or he can prove he left his balls in Japan and bring The Club with him. AJ signs the one on one without The Club contract, and John signs it too. AJ is ready to prove this is real. AJ says John's time is up, and his time is now.

*Commercial Break*

MATCH: KO & Alberto Del Rio vs. The Lucha Dragons

Remember, of The Lucha Dragons win here they take KO's and Alberto Del Rio's spot in the Money in The Bank contract.

RESULT: KO and Alberto Del Rio win pin fall.
THOUGHTS: This was to be expected. It was a great match, but obviously The Lucha Dragons had no chance. The banter between Owens and Del Rio was great though.

*Commercial Break*

PROMO: KO is complaining to Stephanie about Shane putting his spot in the ladder match on the line. Then Shane gave Sami the honor of being on the mic for the Jericho and Ambrose match, and KO wants to be there too. Steph agrees with everything KO says and grants his request. Then Del Rio says he wants on the commentary team if they are, but instead she says he can be special guest bell ringer. Which I had no clue was a thing.

PROMO: Steph and Shane are arguing about their respective moves in the show tonight. Shane then says he will one up her again, and makes Cesaro the special guest ring announcer. They talk about Kane and how he is kind of crazy, then Kane shows up behind him. They tell him that he will not be getting the job. They are looking for someone with a little more.. Stability. To which he says Stephanie isn't stable either, and that he will run SmackDown and continue to co-run Raw with her.

*Commercial Break*

MATCH: Chris Jericho vs. Dean Ambrose

Don't forget that Cesaro, KO, Del Rio, and Sami will all be ringside doing different "jobs".

After the match all 6 participants in the ladder match brawl in the ring after KO attacks Dean. KO introduces a ladder to the chaos, but he ends up feeling its wrath. Everyone except Jericho is down on the outside, Jericho grabs a ladder and begins the climb and grabs the briefcase to end the night.

RESULT: Dean Ambrose wins via pin fall.
THOUGHTS: Kevin Owens is gold on commentary yet again. I liked the match, and the brawl was expected but I loved it too. I loved Jericho symbolically ending the night on top of the ladder with the briefcase, but my pick is still KO. So looking forward to this Sunday!


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Cayden Parkhurst is a journalism student at Indiana University Kokomo. Outside of his love for professional wrestling, he is a big fan of baseball and the Cincinnati Reds.


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