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WWE Monday Night Raw 12/7/2015 Live Results Coverage

Posted by Unknown Monday, December 7, 2015
Tonight's episode of WWE Monday Night Raw for December 7, 2015 is coming to you live from the North Charleston Coliseum in Charleston, NC. Follow along here for live, ongoing coverage of the results of the show to find out what happens as things occur and chat with fellow WWE fans in the comments below and in the chat on the sidebar!

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Last week on Monday Night Raw we saw The Authority abuse their power once again. They did give Roman Reigns a WWE World Heavyweight Championship match, but it had a lot more riding on it than that. The Authority wanted to show Roman that his actions did not only effect him, but also his friends and family. Roman had to beat Sheamus in 5 minutes and 15 seconds or he would lose his WWE World Heavyweight Championship match at TLC, Dean Ambrose would lose his Intercontinental Championship match at TLC, and the Usos would lose their WWE Tag Team Championship opportunity at TLC. Reigns did not win, but he did not lose either as Rusev, King Barrett, and Alberto Del Rio stormed the ring to help Sheamus and cause a DQ. The four men(Sheamus, King Barrett, ADR, and Rusev) then formed a new stable by the name of The League of Nations. This means that everyone keeps their title opportunities at the upcoming TLC PPV. We also saw Charlotte and friend Becky go one on one as the dirtiest player in the game helped Charlotte cheat out a victory. We also saw the return of Tommy Dreamer as he came to help The Dudley Boyz against The Wyatt Family! What else will we see this week on Monday Night Raw?

PROMO: The opening promo of the night belongs to The League of Nations! The newly formed faction starts off the show for us this week with some sweet new music going and an actual theme. Very nice. Sheamus says he has contemplated all day how he was going to tell the WWE Universe how he will beat Roman on Sunday at TLC for WWE World Heavyweight Championship, but he says it is very simple and points to his shirt saying "Sheamus 5:15". He then says that WWE has entered its international era. With all four League Of Nations stars from four different countries. Bulgaria, Mexico, England, and Ireland. Saying the group is "dominance personified". Before they can continue, The Wyatt Family makes an appearance out of no where in the ring. This would be awesome. Four on four and let Stroman wreck them all. Bray Wyatt introduces himself and says "I don't care about your nations. This is my world and I'm just allowing you to breathe in it." Before the groups could fight, out come The Dudley Boyz with Tommy Dreamer. Bray Wyatt tells them again that they are outmanned and outgunned so they should not get in his way. The Dudleys then introduce Rhyno! Rhyno! The Man-Beast! The family is complete. The Dudleys, Dreamer, and Rhyno join the ring with League Of Nations, and The Wyatts. Out comes The Usos, Dean Ambrose and Roman Reigns! This is amazing.

*Commercial Break*

MATCH: The Wyatt Family vs. Team ECW vs. The League of Nations vs. Roman, Dean & The Usos

Sorry but absolutely no way in hell I'm keeping up with this. There is one member from each team in the ring like a fatal four way. I will tell you who wins, and how they win. But a move for move update just is not possible. By the way, Team ECW is made up of The Dudley Boyz, Tommy Dreamer, and Rhyno. This is also an elimination match. Which I was unaware of since this was made during a commercial break. My apologies!

The Wyatt Family gets eliminated after Tommy Dreamer hits the "Dreamer Driver" and pinning Erick Rowan.

Team Extreme(ECW) gets eliminated after a Sheamus Brogue Kick knocks Bubba Ray Dudley out for the three count.

The League Of Nations is eliminated after a Roman Reigns spear knocks the champion Sheamus out for the three count.

RESULT: Dean Ambrose, Roman Reigns, and The Usos win!
THOUGHTS: Awesome start to Raw! I knew it would be big when The Wyatts confronted The League of Nations, but I was not expecting this. Good on ya, WWE. That was good stuff.

*Commercial Break*

PROMO: Renee and Sheamus backstage. Renee asks if the finish of that match will be the same on Sunday. Sheamus says it was a miracle and it won't happen again.

MATCH: Dolph Ziggler vs. Kevin Owens

Tyler Breeze is in the "VIP" section with Summer Rae.

The trash talking begins early for Kevin Owens. Owens controls the match early on with a lot of locks and holds. The two continue to trade holds and locks back and forth. Very technical match so far which you think would favor Dolph since he is a college wrestler, but Owens has been controlling the match easily. Ziggler then goes for his patented DDT, but Owens catches him and hits him with a big forearm. The two men go outside the ring and trade punches and kicks. Owens the hits a fall away slam as Ziggler nails the barricade. Owens goes for three pins in the ring and gets a two-count every time. KO then starts trash talking some more, but Ziggler starts a comeback. That's stomped flat very quickly as KO regains control. Zigglers quickness gets him out of harms way with a charging Owens. Owens then dodges a Ziggler splash, and then Dolph gets thrown shoulder first into a nasty collision with that ring post. Dolph makes it back in the ring at nine. He rolls into a running senton for a two-count.

*Commercial Break*

We come back with Owens still in control. Taking it to Dolph as Breeze watches at ringside. Dolph finally comes back with a little bit of fire, and starts to mount some offense. He goes for his DDT again, but KO catches him and dumps him outside the ring once more. KO starts trash talking Michael Cole and Ziggler catches KO and finally hits the DDT. Both men get back in the ring, and Dolph pins for a two-count. Dolph gets thrown into the corner, Owens goes for the cannonball but misses. Dolph jumps up and hits the Famouser for a two-count. KO hits a huge pop-up powerbomb out of nowhere for the win.

Ambrose comes out as soon as the pin fall happens with popcorn and a drink. Its his birthday so let the man indulge a bit. He then tosses the popcorn and drink in KO's face and leaves the ring a happy man.

RESULT: Kevin Owens wins via pin fall.
THOUGHTS: Great match! Two awesome matches to start the show and its almost an hour in. That's good stuff right there. Less is more.

PROMO: Bray Wyatt with his family behind him talks about The Dudleys, Tommy Dreamer, and Rhyno. Stroman wants to become Dreamers nightmare. Stroman and Dreamer go one on one later tonight.

*Commercial Break*

PROMO: Miz is with Neville backstage. Miz saying he can Neville a star. He brings in Donny from the "hit show" Donny that airs right after Raw. The crowd goes mild. Donny says he'd rather have Neville on the show over Miz. And no one cares. Still.

MATCH: Team B.A.D vs. Alicia Fox & Brie Bella

Sasha Banks and Naomi will be representing Team B.A.D. Sasha Banks is bae by the way.

Sasha starts off against Alicia Fox. If Alicia even mounts any offense against Sasha that ridiculous. Which she does. Sasha quickly tags out. Naomi also gets a tiltawhirl back breaker. Team B.A.D. rolls to the outside. Tamina then gets involved and grabs Alicia's hair slamming her down. The Boss then gets tagged back in, she quickly tags Naomi back in for a double team maneuver. Naomi and Sasha dissecting Alicia with quick moves and quicker tags. Alicia starts to come back, but Sasha hits a clothesline to regain control. Alicia and Sasha tag out. Brie starts the "YES!" kicks on Naomi. They get a two-count. Naomi hits the Rear View off a distraction for the win.

RESULT: Team B.A.D wins via pin fall.
THOUGHTS: Not terrible. Definitely a different feel than the first couple matches. Waiting for the implosion of Team B.A.D though.

PROMO: THE NEW DAY! They join Team B.A.D in the ring and give them unicorn horns and then they all do the "UNITY" thing that Team B.A.D does. Not really much of a promo.. But I already typed it out.

*Commercial Break*

MATCH: The New Day vs. The Lucha Dragons

Sin Cara and Kofi start the match. Sin Cara jumps to the outside but Big E catches him and tosses him across the world.

*Commercial Break*

We come back with The New Day still in control. Big E drives Kalisto into the barricade with like a 10 yard running start. Then they start the Unicorn Stampede stomps. The Lucha Dragons start to use their speed and high flying maneuvers to start a comeback. The Lucha Dragons get a roll up pin for the win while Kofi was distracted by Woods getting beaten on by The Usos who were on commentary.

RESULT: The Lucha Dragons win via pin fall.
THOUGHTS: This match was rather boring, but the promo beforehand was great as usual. I am still very excited for the Tag Team Championship ladder match at TLC!

PROMO: Renee Young is backstage with Roman. Sheamus is not teaching Roman any lessons Sunday night or tonight according to Roman. Unless its braiding facial hair or acting like a jackass.

*Commercial Break*

MIZ TV WITH CHARLOTTE AND RIC FLAIR: Is Charlotte following in her daddy's footsteps by becoming the dirtiest player in the game? I guess the Miz is going to find out. You'd think The Miz would stop doing these things since he never ever ends up on the right side of things. Like ever. But hey, here we go. Charlotte could be one badass heel of that's the direction this is going. She definitely has her dads swagger as a heel. Ric obviously is very proud of his daughter, and then announces he will be in his daughters corner at TLC. I love Ric Flair, but he needs to go away. Charlotte is showing some serious heel power right now. When asked about Paige, Charlotte says anything she has to say to her will be said on Sunday. Ric then steps up to the plate saying this is not the time to give his daughter the third degree. Miz continues to push the buttons, and Charlotte snaps. Saying she will destroy Paige for everything she said about her and her family. Paige then comes out to join the fun even though Miz said Paige was not here originally. Ric is trying to get Charlotte out of the ring saying "We are Flairs and we are champions." Paige smacks him right across the face and Ric says "Get her!" as Paige flees the arena. Charlotte plays that "better than you" bitch role perfectly. I hope to see more of that to come!

*Commercial Break*

MATCH: Ryback vs. Rusev

"YAY THIS MATCH AGAIN!" -Said no one ever.

This is a rematch from last week when their match ended in a count out after Lana was injured.

The two big guys start with a test of strength which Ryback wins. Ryback then jumps over the top rope which Byron calls him "Flyback".. Not bad Byron. Not bad. Rusev then tosses Ryback out and then targets the left arm of Ryback.

*Commercial Break*

We come back to Rusev in control. Still attacking his left arm. Ryback then comes back with several knees to the stomach. Rusev then continues his attack on the arm but Ryback gets off a belly to belly suplex. Favoring his arm, Ryback begins to power back. He then hits a missile dropkick from the second rope for a two-count. Rusev then rolls out of the ring, but Ryback gives chase. Ryback accidentally steps on Lanas foot in the chase and tries to check on her while Rusev attacks him. Lana obviously faking the whole time, and Rusev locks the Accolade in outside the ring for a double count out.

RESULT: No one wins. A double count out.
THOUGHTS: If you could not tell from how I started the coverage of this match, I was not invested in this whatsoever. Very boring in my opinion.

*Commercial Break*

MATCH: Jack Swagger vs. Stardust

This match was started during the break so I will just let you know who wins.

ADR with Zeb come out to distract Swagger, and Titus is on the commentary team after his weekly segments with Stardust.

Stardust taps out to Swaggers Patriot Lock.

ADR attacks both Swagger and Stardust with a chair. Swagger evens the odds with a chair of his own.

RESULT: Swagger wins via submission.
THOUGHTS: I guess we found out what the chair match will be come Sunday. Anyone else think Zeb rejoins Swagger on Sunday?

PROMO: ADR tells Zeb he does not need him anymore. Since he is in the League Of Nations this makes sense. Only confirming that he will help Swagger on Sunday. Which means that God-awful MexAmerica gimmick is being flushed down the shitter where it belongs.

*Commercial Break*

MATCH: Tommy Dreamer (w The Dudley Boyz & Rhyno) vs. Braun Stroman (w Wyatt Family)

Its 10:48 pm. Tommy Dreamer is wrestling. Is this Impact in 2009 all over again?

Stroman obviously threw Dreamer like a tiny javelin. Twice. Then slaps him around like he's Chris Brown(I hope some of you understand the reference there). Stroman is basically crapping on Dreamer at this point as you can imagine. I'll report back when something changes. Dreamer starting to fight back and then gets locked in the bear grip and choked out. What a match. That we could have done without.

The Dudleys hop in the ring with Rhyno to make sure Dreamer is okay as The Wyatt Family stands on the outside looking devious.

RESULT: Believe it or not.. Stroman won by knocking out Dreamer.
THOUGHTS: Five minutes of my life I'll never get back.

*Commercial Break*

PROMO: Calling this a promo for lack of better words.. But Roman Reigns and Sheamus are supposed to meet face to face in the ring. The Authority has not been on the show yet, but I have a feeling that is about to change. Tables, ladders, and chairs are strewn about the ring. Roman tells Sheamus he is ready for the lesson that Sheamus was supposed to teach him. Roman recalls his first match in WWE which was a TLC match with The Shield. Sheamus answers the call, and comes down to the ring to confront Roman. However, he stops on the ramp. Sheamus says that TLC will end the same way Survivor Series did. Him standing above Roman as champion. Roman pulls his best Snoop Dawg impression and says "Come on, man. I'm standing right here." Roman pushes and pushes saying he thought the Irish loved to fight, but all Sheamus is doing is yapping. Sheamus rushed the ring but stops short. Saying he won't step foot in the ring that he called "a booby trapped little fort". At TLC he is not building a fort, but a castle. He will build it right on top of Roman, who again urges him to step in the ring. Sheamus says that Roman is just going to use weapons. Roman then empties the ring of all weaponry. One by one. Chair, table, then ladder. This last segment is making want to jab my eyes out and then stuff them in my ears so I cannot see or hear this utter crap. FINALLY Sheamus hops in the ring and the fight starts. Not that anyone is awake to see it after the 5 minute snorefest before it, but if you do happen to still be watching you see Sheamus throw Roman into the barricades and then a ladder. The fight dumps out into the crowd, and then out onto the ramp/stage area with hanging chairs, tables, and ladders. Roman goes for a power bomb, but Sheamus avoids it and drives him through the tables. He then grabs a chair and the beat down continues. Roman grabs a chair of his own, and gives chase to Sheamus. Sheamus then sends Roman into the barricade again and then preps the announce table. Reigns hits a superman punch, and then goes for a spear but Sheamus sidesteps it as Roman flies over the table. Roman then spears the champ through a table after he jumped off the announce table. Roman ends the night on top. But will that happen on Sunday night?

What do you think happens on Sunday? Let us know!


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