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WWE Monday Night Raw 11/30/2015 Live Results Coverage

Posted by Unknown Monday, November 30, 2015
Tonight's episode of WWE Monday Night Raw for November 30, 2015 is coming to you live from the CONSOL Energy Center in Pittsburgh, PA. Follow along here for live, ongoing coverage of the results of the show to find out what happens as things occur and chat with fellow WWE fans in the comments below and in the chat on the sidebar!

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Last week we saw some steps to booking the upcoming PPV, TLC. The Authority announced that the new WWE World Heavyweight Champion, Sheamus, will have to defend his newly won title against the man he cashed in on, Roman Reigns. That match will be the main event, and a tables, ladders, and chairs match. We also saw Charlotte defend her Divas Championship against Paige in a rematch as she retained. On SmackDown, we saw Dean Ambrose win a triple threat match and become the new number one contender to Kevin Owens Intercontinental Championship. We also saw New Day have a country music jamboree on Raw, and a potluck dinner on SmackDown. Are you expecting more awesome things from The New Day this week?

PROMO: THE NEW DAY! My favorite thing on TV right now. Tonight is about The New Day as confetti is falling from the ceiling. They say tonight is a festival, a jubilee. They then give Big E a "Terrible Towel" (Pittsburgh Steelers towel) for him to wipe his sweat with. They then want everyone to give the Irish Champ a warm New Day welcome as Sheamus comes down to the ring. The celebration is for the new WWE World Heavyweight Champ. Sheamus sporting a new suit to fit the new Authority role. Good move. Sheamus says he is just so proud to be the champ. Sheamus then thanks The New Day and then The Authority. He goes on to say that HHH and Steph taught him his greatest lesson. When opportunity comes knocking, you let it in. He then thanks the man that made it all possible.. Roman Reigns. If he had accepted HHH handshake, Sheamus may not be champion. Don't give me another reason to hate Roman.. He then says Romans run as champion can only be measured with microscope coming in at 5 minutes 15 seconds. He closes with "Forget your Austin 3:16 because Sheamus 5:15 says I just kicked your arse!" I like that.. Then Roman Superman Punches the hell out of the champ. Grabs the belt and leaves.

*Commercial Break*

PROMO: Roman is backstage with The Usos and Dean Ambrose. HHH and Steph come back to take the title. HHH asks for the belt back but Roman hands it to Steph instead. They then announce Sheamus will defend his title against Roman tonight but Reigns has to win in under 5 minutes and 15 seconds.

MATCH: Tyler Breeze (w Summer Rae) vs. Dolph Ziggler

This match starts with a lock-up between the two, but Breeze takes the upper hand with a drop kick after an Irish Whip. Breeze holds the upper hand. Going back and forth trading counters with Dolph. Dolph goes shoulder first into the ring post and then is tossed out of the ring.

*Commercial Break*

Tyler Breeze is still in control when we return to action. Dolph starting to battle back hits a few elbow and a couple running clotheslines. A swinging neck breaker sets up for an elbow drop for a two-count. Ziggler goes for "Sweet Chin Music" but misses (BECAUSE HE SHOULD NOT USE THAT MOVE). Breeze takes control again. Breeze catapults Ziggler into the corner for a two count. Breeze charges Ziggler in the corner but Dolph reverses with a roll up for a two-count. They trade two-counts back and for the several times. Ziggler lands a huge super kick out of no where for the win.

RESULT: Ziggler wins via pin fall.
THOUGHTS: We've seen this match so many times already that it does not hold my interest well. I HATE that Dolph uses Sweet Chin Music. Hate it. Hate it. Hate it. I'm all for super kicks but Sweet Chin Music and tuning up the band should be Shawn Michaels territory only. That's like someone other than Taker or Kane using a Tombstone Piledriver a few years down the road. At least let him hit it if he is going to use it. Damn.

*Commercial Break*

MIZ TV WITH RUSEV AND LANA: Rusev and fiancé Lana join The Miz for another edition of Miz TV. Miz asks Rusev to ignore the crowd who is chanting "USA". Miz then brings up the injury and says it must've been hard for Rusev to watch the championship tourney instead of being in it. Rusev is upset that he did not get "get well Rusev cards" or.. yes.. chocolate strawberries. He then said someone did stick by his side and that's Lana. Who comes down to the ring now. Remember when these two did not like each other? Like less than 2 months ago. Lana says it was the happiest day of her life when she accepted the proposal. Miz then begins to say that Rusev made Summer Rae, Lana 2.0. But Rusev shut that down quickly. Lana explains all, and then says she never "went all the way" with Dolph as the crowd chants "Yes you did". And then Rusev does his best Bill Clinton and says he did not have sexual relations with that woman, Summer Rae. Then out comes Ryback to ruin the party. Ryback says we have seen enough of this garbage. The Big Guy reminds us that this isn't Teen Wolf, it Monday Night Raw and The Big Guy is hungry.

*Commercial Break*

MATCH: Ryback vs. Rusev

We come back from break with the match already started. Rusev clearly in control. Then a Thesz Press puts Ryback in control. The Big Guy hits a big missile drop kick from the second rope. They both go outside the ring and Rusev gets driven into the barricade. Then he gets driven into the steel steps and some of it hit Lana. He gets counted out checking on Lana.

RESULTS: Ryback wins via count out.
THOUGHTS: Why? All this was is a stupid way to reintroduce Lana and then watch them make out. Then a short, ridiculous match afterward. Why?

PROMO: Dean and HHH are backstage. HHH wanted to say congratulations on becoming #1 Contender for Kevin Owens Intercontinental Championship. Then he informs that if Roman does not win tonight, Roman loses his title match at TLC and so does Dean.

*Commercial Break*

PROMO: The Dudley Boyz are in the ring with four tables. Bubba Ray talks about how The Wyatts handled them both Raw and Smackdown last week. They say that The Wyatt Family has made a name for themselves by doing things others could not. They say that The Wyatts failed however, because the two brothers are still standing. They remove the blankets from the tables in the ring revealing that each of them have a name of a Wyatt Family member on them. They then invite The Wyatt Family to come down to the ring and settle it tonight. Down to the ring they come. Bray says they accept the challenge, and says they should be careful inviting the devil into your back yard because he might just stay. The Dudleys then reveal that they have a family of their own. OUT COMES TOMMY DREAMER! AWESOME! Tommy Dreamer is standing side by side with The Dudleys as The Wyatt Family surrounds the ring. Dreamer and The Dudleys use kendo sticks to make The Family retreat.

*Commercial Break*

MATCH: The Wyatt Family vs. The Dudley Boys & Tommy Dreamer

This match was started during the break. So therefore I missed most of it, so I will hit the high points from when the break ended and what was actually shown on the show!

-Tommy Dreamer tagged in to a huge pop from the crowd.
-The Wyatts beat the hell out of Dreamer.
-Dreamer does not mount any offense before tagging in Bubba.
-All hell breaks loose as everyone is in the ring fighting, ref rings the bell.
-The Wyatts destroy all three men.
-Bubba Ray stands up pushes Bray off the apron through a table. The three men retreat.

RESULTS: No decision.
THOUGHTS: Tommy Dreamer return was very cool. Would have liked to see a fourth person come out for a 8 man tag match, but I'm hoping that comes next week for as tables match at TLC! Would be awesome!

*Commercial Break*

MATCH: Goldust vs. Alberto Del Rio

ADR starts with the upper hand coming out of the gate hot. He tears Goldust apart with clothesline and a DDT. Goldust hits a clothesline and a punch of his own. Then a power slam for a two-count. ADR starts to target the arm, but Goldust hits a spine buster. Goldust slips on a move and ADR takes advantage. ADR then hits his foot stomp from the ropes for the win.

ADR locks in the cross arm breaker on Goldust after the match. Out comes Swagger as ADR retreats.

RESULT: Alberto Del Rio wins via pin fall.
THOUGHTS: Just a quick match to get ADR and Zeb some air time. Would've liked to see a better match for Goldust because we all know he can still go. Swaggers run in just builds the hype for their inevitable meeting at TLC in what I think will be a chair match for the title.

PROMO: Becky Lynch and Charlotte backstage. Becky asks Charlotte to have a match against each other tonight to remind each other they came to have fun and to help forget about Paige.

*Commercial Break*

MATCH: The Lucha Dragons vs. The Usos

This is a #1 Contenders Match for the WWE Tag Team Titles.


Jimmy starts off against Kalisto. Kalisto gets the upper hand, but Jimmy gets a punch in. Then Kalisto hits a kick for a two-count then tags in Sin Cara. There are so many good commentary moments happening right now I wish I could tell you guys. Have a mentioned I love The New Day? Then all four men in the match suicide dive onto each other one after another. The New Day then get involved for a DQ.

RESULTS: The New Day gets involved for a DQ. No one wins.
THOUGHTS: This way The New Day does not have to fight anyone at TLC and they can keep their titles forever! I'm all for that.

*Commercial Break*

PROMO: Stephanie is with The Lucha Dragons and The Usos. They say they should have a triple threat for the tag titles. Stephanie agrees and says the Dragons are in. The Usos are in too.. IF Roman defeats Sheamus tonight.

MATCH: Sasha Banks vs. Brie Bella


Sasha starts off with the upper hand. But Brie gains control. Brie then takes control off a distraction, and then Sasha does the same. Alicia Fox, who accompanied Brie, is escorted away from ringside after being attacked by Team B.A.D. Sasha dominates the match. Punches, kicks, just pure domination by Sasha. Brie then comes back with the "YES!" kicks made famous by her husband. Naomi and Tamina cause a distraction for Sasha to lock in the Bank Statement for the win.

RESULT: Sasha Banks wins via submission.
THOUGHTS: I love Sasha and she is almost always incredibly fun to watch in the ring. This was different. She needs to win on her own instead of off distractions repeatedly.

*Commercial Break*


This match has a ton riding on it. Roman Reigns has 5 minutes and 15 seconds to defeat Sheamus for the WWE World Heavyweight Championship. If he does win, Roman is the champ, Dean gets his IC Title match at TLC, The Usos are in the Tag Team Championship match at TLC, and there will still be a WWE World Heavyweight Championship TLC match as well. If he does not win in under 5 minutes and 15 seconds, he will not get a championship match at TLC, Dean Ambrose will no longer be the #1 Contender for the IC Title, and The Usos will lose their Tag Team Title opportunity.

As the match starts Sheamus tries to leave the ring. Roman goes for two quick pin falls. Roman then hits a huge clothesline for a two-count. Sheamus ducks out of the ring, and then drops Roman on the apron. Then tosses Roman into the barricade as the time ticks away. 4 minutes left. A big running high knee gets Sheamus a two-count. Sheamus then locks in a chin lock to leak time off the clock. 3 minutes to go. Roman finally breaks free for a clothesline for a one-count. Roman then hits a big boot for a two-count. Sheamus rolls out of the ring and Roman chases and gets him back. A Samoan drop gets a very close two-count. 2 minutes left. Sheamus rolls out of the ring feeling the superman punch coming. Roman gives chase and is tossed over the announce table. 1 minute and 30 seconds left. Roman breaks the 10 count and then goes right after Sheamus. He cannot get Sheamus back in the ring with 1 minute left. 50 seconds left Roman sets up for a spear. Then Rusev comes out to attack Roman Reigns. Barrett and Del Rio take Sheamus out of the ring. Reigns wins via DQ.

Sheamus then announces that he, King Barrett, Alberto Del Rio, and Rusev call themselves The League of Nations. I love where this is going. A new faction with two champions and a King in it?!

Then Ambrose and The Usos storm the ring. Ready to fight.

RESULT: Roman Reigns wins via DQ.
THOUGHTS: Saw this coming. Reigns wins the match, but not the title. Thus meaning everyone should get their original title opportunities since he technically won the match.

*Commercial Break*

MATCH: Charlotte (w Ric Flair) vs. Becky Lynch

This starts with a lock up, and then a great chain wrestling sequence. After a couple of quick moves by each Diva and then Charlotte goes for a Figure 8 and then a stalemate as both Divas show respect. More amazing chain wrestling ensues as the two trade pin attempts. Charlotte then hits those 3 leg suplexes. Then the classic knife edge chops. Charlotte goes for another pin for a two-count. Then Becky targets the arm setting up for the Disarmer. Charlotte then goes down holding her ankle, and then Ric gets up on the apron as Charlotte shows she was faking the whole time and rolls up for a pin. Becky is not happy.

RESULT: Charlotte wins via pin fall.
THOUGHTS: The dirtiest player in the game strikes again. Wish they would have let them wrestle it would have been 90x better than this.

They announce The League of Nations will face Roman, Dean, and The Usos in the main event.

*Commercial Break*

PROMO: Charlotte and Becky backstage. Becky accuses Charlotte of cheating. Charlotte says it was strategy and that she did it to teach Becky a lesson so she sees the bigger picture. Paige then comes in to talk to Becky as Charlotte leaves and says "At least your friendship was not affected right?". The seed has been planted.

PROMO: Adam Rose debuts "The Rosebush" which is some gossip thing. It was actually kind of funny.

PROMO: Stardust is talking about a star on top of a Christmas tree or something and then calls for the Ascension but its actually Titus. Stardust and Titus together is entertaining.

*Commercial Break*

MATCH: The League of Nations & The New Day vs. Roman Reigns, Dean Ambrose & The Usos

There is sure to be some action in this match. So I'll just hit the high spots for you all to make sure I do not lose anything as it could be fairly fast paced to make sure all eight men get their stuff in.

The New Day comes out in a very serious manner. They have joined The League of Nations to make it 7 on 4.

-Roman and his team use New Days tag and stomp routine on Xavier Woods.
-Xavier Woods again gets destroyed.
-One of The Usos tweaks their ankle and Woods hits a nasty super kick.
-They have been beating on Jimmy's "injured" knee for a while now.
- Finally a tag to Jey who livens the match.
-Roman gets tagged in and takes out almost everyone.
-Del Rio drives Reigns into the barricade.
-There are way too many people in this to be entertaining.
-Dean comes in and takes out everyone even on the apron
-2 suicide dives by Ambrose on Sheamus, one on his team.
-Everyone is super kicking everyone.
-Superman Punch on Del Rio
-Brogue Kick on Ambrose for the win
-New Day and League of Nations beats on Ambrose and Reigns

RESULT: The League of Nations & The New Day win via pin fall.
THOUGHTS: WOW! What a terribly boring match. Way too many people to be entertaining, and a major let down to what was a much better Raw than last week.


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