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WWE Monday Night Raw 11/16/2015 Live Results Coverage

Posted by Unknown Monday, November 16, 2015
Tonight's episode of WWE Monday Night Raw for November 16, 2015 is coming to you live from the Bon Secours Wellness Arena in Greenville, SC. Follow along here for live, ongoing coverage of the results of the show to find out what happens as things occur and chat with fellow WWE fans in the comments below and in the chat on the sidebar!

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This is the last Monday Night Raw before Survivor Series and we will know who will be competing in the semifinals of the WWE World Heavyweight Championship tournament. Roman Reigns will continue to climb through the ranks in order to finally win his first world title. Who will be in the Final Four for Sunday and who will walk out of Survivor Series as the new WWE World Heavyweight Champion? Meanwhile, Bray Wyatt issued a challenge to the Brothers of Destruction to a match at Survivor Series. Will Kane and The Undertaker make one final message to the Wyatt family? What do you think the Survivor Series card will look like?

PROMO: Before the opening credits of Raw are played, we see the entire roster standing on the ramp as Lilian Garcia asks for a moment of  silence to honor those fallen from the terrorists attacks in Paris on Friday. After we get Raw started, we hear the announcing crew hype up the four quarterfinal matches in the WWE World Heavyweight Championship tournament. We then hear that familiar gong and see a pack of druids walk down the ramp, signaling the return of the Brothers of Destruction when we hear the Undertaker's theme song. The Undertaker and Kane are in the ring and say that they are the true army of darkness. He states that there is no one, living or dead, that can tame the powers of the dark side (Star Wars pun ftw!) Kane then promises the Wyatts will suffer through the fires of eternal damnation. Taker then says that it does not matter which two members of the Wyatts will compete on Sunday, that their destinies are sealed. The Wyatts interrupt them and stand on the ramp. Bray then says that after 25 years, it is time for a new army of darkness and that Taker and Kane will be known as the brothers that got destroyed. He states that the druids are now a part of the Wyatts as they try and attack the two legends, but fail horribly (can we talk about how small they are? Really? You couldn't find anyone bigger?) Bray says that their date with destiny is on Sunday as we go to break.

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MATCH: Neville vs. Kevin Owens

This match is a quarterfinal match in the WWE World Heavyweight Championship tournament. Neville goes for a quick roll-up and then tries to vie for control. Neville then uses his acrobatic athleticism to get ahead and puts in on the mat for an early Red Arrow but Owens rolls out of the way but then Neville hits a moonsault off the top rope onto the mat to hit Owens as we head into break.

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Back from break and Owens hits a big clothesline and applies on a choke hold on the ring mat. Neville escapes when Owens goes for a vertical suplex and both men exchange Flair chops. Owens sends Neville into the other side of the ring rope and superkicks him. Neville manages to escape the 10 count and get back in the ring but Owens was prepared and hits Neville in the gut with his knee and goes for two. Neville got sent into the corner but counters with a snap german suplex and hits a second rope Phoenix Splash and gets a two-count. Neville then tries again but was not able to do it and instead hits an enziguiri on Owens. A third Phoenix Splash attempt and Owens counters and goes for his finisher but Neville counters with an incredible reverse hurricarana. The high-flyer then goes for a Shooting Star Press but sees Owens getting up and misses and is hit with the Pop-Up Powerbomb and Owens goes for the 1, 2, 3 and gets the win.

RESULT: Kevin Owens
THOUGHTS: Great match between these two. Neville had one of his better outings in his main roster career and proves that he can be a top of the card wrestler. Despite the loss, Neville's stock went up by a lot with this performance.

The announcers then hype up the remaining quarterfinal matches of the night and announce that Paige and Charlotte will have a contract signing tonight for their Divas title match at Survivor Series.

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We get back to Raw with a recap of Roman Reigns declining Triple H's offer from last week and his match against the Big Show. They show snapshots of Seth Rollins' surgery to repair his ACL, MCL and meniscus. We then see Tyler Breeze makes his way to the ring along with Summer Rae as we go to break.

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MATCH: Tyler Breeze vs. R-Truth

Both men lock up as they head into the corner and Truth hits a drop toe and slams him to the ground. Truth goes for a leg drop but misses. Breeze then takes advantage and goes on the offensive but is soon hit with a hip toss. While Truth celebrates, Summer Rae then applies chap stick on Breeze's lips (very macho! so much man) Breeze then gets in control of the match and goes for a half-crab hold but Truth was able to get to the ropes. Truth goes on the offensive and even hits a scissor kick for a two-count. Breeze then gets up and hits Truth with the Beauty Shot and gets the win.

RESULT: Tyler Breeze
THOUGHTS: Competitive match but this wasn't the time to have one. Breeze needs to start winning in more impressive fashion if you want to build him up.
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MATCH: Dolph Ziggler vs Dean Ambrose

This match is a quarterfinal match in the WWE World Heavyweight Championship tournament (and man am I excited for this match). The two men lock hands and Ambrose gets the early advantage but Ziggler reverses it. Ambrose then works the wrist again, but Ziggler once again reverses it and goes for a quick pin attempt only for it fall short. More mat wrestling from these two and Ziggler goes for the small package, but it goes again for a two-count. They then throw each other in the ropes, but Dean grabs onto the rope as Ziggler misses a superkick. More mat wrestling until Ambrose gets the advantage and clothesline him out of the ring. He then tries to jump out of the ring but Ziggler walks away and gets back in. More amateur wrestling from the two and Ziggler goes for a unique crucifix-esque submission hold. Ziggler then hits a dropkick but Ambrose counters and is control. He gets a pin attempt but only goes for two. Ambrose hits a half-Boston crab on Ziggler and then goes to the rope for an elbow drop, but Ziggler counters and goes for a short sleeper hold. Ambrose gets out and both men exchange offense and then both hit each other with a crossbody at the same time. Both go to the top rope but Ambrose appears to be in control until both competitors fall to the ground as we go to break.

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Back from break and Ziggler is outside the ring and Ambrose hits a suicide dive through the top and middle rope. As they get back into the ring Ambrose rushes forward towards Ziggler but the show-off hits a famouser on Ambrose only to get a two-count. Ziggler then tunes the band for Sweet Chin Music but Ambrose counters and sends Ziggler to the corner and Ambrose hits a big clothesline but can only muster up a two-count. Both men go to the rope and Ziggler connects on a top-rope facebuster but before Ziggler can try and get a pin, Ambrose rolls out of the ring. As Ambrose is put back in the ring, he quickly goes for the small package but gets a two-count. Ziggler quickly connects on a superkick that is only good for a two-count. They both punch each other as Ziggler then pushes Ambrose to the ropes but Ambrose holds on and Ziggler goes for the roll-up. The Lunatic Fringe then counters into Dirty Deeds and gets the win.

RESULT: Dean Ambrose
THOUGHTS: Another fantastic match. The first part was better suited for pure amateur wrestling fans and showed off both men's great mat wrestling skills and the second part was also phenomenal. Great first half of Monday Night Raw with two great matches.

PROMO: Ambrose then takes the mic and says that if he wins the WWE World Heavyweight Champion, he will turn the WWE around and have more pyro, less talking, and Michael Cole be replaced by a fish tank. He says that he will turn the WWE into the Ambrose Asylum.

We see a small recap on the night Charlotte, Becky Lynch, and Sasha Banks debuted on the main roster as a way to hype up the Paige-Charlotte Divas title match at Survivor Series as we go to break.

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MATCH: The New Day vs The Usos and Ryback

PROMO: The New Day come out and scoff at the Undertaker's 25 years in WWE and say that the real anniversary is their one year anniversary of being together. They then call out The Usos and make an impression of Jey getting injured ("When we say Uuuu, ya'll say Owww!) Big E then goes back to something his granddad said ("When life gives you booty, you make booty-ade!) They are then interrupted by The Usos and Ryback who make their way to the ring as we go to break.

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Jimmy Uso and Xavier Woods start things off and Jimmy sends Woods out of the ring. Jey tags in and flies out of the ring and hits both woods and Big E. The New Day recovers and tags in each other as they stomp Jey in the corner. The tag champs are in control as Kofi Kingston connects on a big dropkick. Big E tags in and hits a splash for a two-count. Big E then goes for the abdominal stretch on Jey and calls Ryback stupid. Kofi tags in and stomps on Jey's face and goes for a pin that goes for a two-count. Ryback then tries to get in the ring but the referee stops him. After some more taunting, Ryback goes berserk and attacks all members of The New Day and shoves the referee which forces the disqualification finish but The Usos and Ryback clean house and stand tall.

RESULT: The New Day (by disqualification)
THOUGHTS: Good match but nothing to write home about.

We then continue to get recaps of Charlotte's brief main roster career, this time, coming from Charlotte's Divas title win over Nikki Bella at Night of Champions and get another reminder of the contract signing between Paige and Charlotte later tonight.

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PROMO: Back from break and we hear a locker room exchange between Cesaro and Triple H where H tries to get on Cesaro's good side and tell him that this may be his time to finally grab the Brass Ring. Before the match, Reigns takes the mic and says that he will win the WWE World Heavyweight Championship on Sunday and that it doesn't matter if Dean Ambrose is his opponent in the finals. He tells us to "Believe that!" as we go to break.

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MATCH: Roman Reigns vs Cesaro

This match is a quarterfinal match in the WWE World Heavyweight Championship tournament. Both men start things off squaring off each other. Cesaro drives Reigns to the ropes and feigns a forearm uppercut. Lots of mat wrestling from the two of them and Cesaro then out of nowhere pulls out and pseudo high-flying offense and shows off incredible athleticism. Cesaro then has Reigns in a headlock. The Swiss Superman is in control until both men vie for vertical suplexes but they block each other. Reigns then connects on a tilt-a-whirl slam and the momentum is slowly shifting towards Reigns. He throws Cesaro to the rope and goes for a jumping clothesline but Cesaro dodges and connects on a springboard forearm uppercut. Cesaro then sends Reigns to the corner, hitting his shoulder and dropping to the floor while Cesaro runs out of the ring and goes for a charging forearm uppercut as we go to break.

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Back from break and Cesaro has Reigns locked in a hold but Reigns powers out and is driven out of the ring and Cesaro goes for another running uppercut outside the ring and Reigns kicks Cesaro as both men lie on the floor. They both get back into the ring and Reigns keeps kicking him in the chest. Cesaro then takes control and sends Reigns to the corners and keeps uppercutting him. Reigns and Cesaro exchange clotheslines and uppercuts. Reigns gets the upper hand by hitting Cesaro with a suplex and goes for the jumping drop kick but Cesaro catches him. Cesaro swings Reigns into a sharpshooter. Just as Reigns is about to get to the rope, Cesaro changes from a sharpshooter to a crossface as JBL notes that Cesaro is putting a wrestling clinic. Reigns manages to escape and hit a Samoan drop and manages to get a pin attempt but it goes for two. Reigns lifts Cesaro out of the ring and lands awkwardly. Reigns takes advantage with a Drive-by and hits on a jumping clothesline inside the ring. Cesaro blocks Reigns' corner clothesline but Reigns has been able to recover and execute a sit-out powerbomb. Michael Cole then reminds us to never try this at home. Reigns then goes for the Superman Punch and Cesaro counters by lifting him and connecting on a big uppercut. The Swiss Superman then tries to lift Reigns for a top-rope suplex but Reigns Superman Punches him and goes for the Spear but Cesaro dodges it and goes for a crucifix but doesn't get the 1, 2, 3. He then goes for the Neutralizer and Reigns reverses it and hits on Superman Punch for real and a Spear to get the pin down and the victory.

RESULT: Roman Reigns
THOUGHTS: Holy Cow! This match was amazing! I can't remember the last time Raw has had so many great matches. One thing is certain: Cesaro needs a push from the higher-ups. He is too talented to not do something with him. This gets my vote for match of the month so far.

We get more recaps for the Divas title match, but this one is for Paige as it shows Paige turning on her PCB teammates some time ago. We go to break.

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We then get shown a picture of Nick Bockwinkel as he recently passed away and we hear the announcing team share memories of the late great former AWA Champion.

MATCH: The Dudley Boyz vs The Road Warriors The Ascension (Credit goes to Mike Paden who made the joke on the Mega Maniacs Facebook Page)

Bubba Ray and Viktor star things off with Viktor holding Bubba Ray with a headlock but the Dudleyville resident quickly regains control. Viktor tags Connor in and the bigger Ascension member get Bubba Ray to the corner as both members tag in and out hitting Bubba Ray but hewas able to escape and tag in Devon Dudley with Viktor as the Ascension's legal man. Devon goes for a pin but gets a two-count but quickly throw Connor out of the ring. A quick 3D to Viktor sends The Ascension to loserville.

RESULT: The Dudley Boyz
THOUGHTS: Standard squash match. Nothing to add here.

PROMO: We get a look at Renee Young trying to interview Zeb Colter and Alberto Del Rio but Triple H interrupts and  tries to subtly recruit Del Rio and Colter to join Triple H as we head to commercial.

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MATCH: Kalisto vs Alberto Del Rio

This match is a quarterfinal match in the WWE World Heavyweight Championship tournament. Del Rio starts things off with aggressive offense, overpowering the much smaller luchador. Kalisto then uses his speed to get Del Rio out of the ring and hits him with an outside the ring hurricarana. We go to commercial break.

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Coming back from break and Kalisto kicks out of a pin attempt. Kalisto tries to get some offense rolling, but Del Rio hits a tilt-a-whirl slam. Del Rio has Kalisto in a chokehold. Kalisto escapes and gets a few kicks in, but Del Rio hits a backstabber. Kalisto  Del Rio rips Kalisto's mask off. I don't think that was planned. Corkscrew from Kalisto and Del Rio stops him. Everytime we see a glimpse of hope for Kalisto, Del Rio stops Kalisto in his tracks. Kalisto goes for a hurricarana and gets a pin attempt to go for two. Kalisto is trapped upside down in the corner but fights back and escapes when Del Rio goes to the top rope. After stunning him with an enzuguiri, Kalisto tries a top rope hurricarana again but is caught by the United States Champion and stomps on Kalisto's chest. Del Rio pins Kalisto and advances to the semifinals.

RESULT: Alberto Del Rio
THOUGHTS: Decent match from these two. I think the mask being removed was a botch, but overall, neither man looked worse coming out, but don't necessarily look better coming out of this match as well.

We get a final reminder of the contract signing between Paige and Charlotte which is next after these commercials.

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Before the contract signing, WWE announced that on SmackDown, MizTV returns with the special guests being all four semifinalists in the WWE World Heavyweight Championship tournament.

PROMO: Michael Cole is in the ring and introduces both women to the ring. Cole asks Paige where did it go wrong in Paige and Charlotte's friendship. Paige then says that there is no friendship between the two of them. Charlotte then asks why is Paige so bitter. She then says she admires Paige and mentions her late brother that passed away years ago. Charlotte says that her brother is the reason why she is champion today, choking up in the process. Paige then calls Charlotte a child that cries and asks where she gets that from. Charlotte says that Paige was never a real champion. She says that Paige is not a role model. Charlotte signs her contract and the two continue to trade verbal barbs at each other. Charlotte says that if Paige doesn't shut up, Paige will not make out of the building. The champion says that she has a lot of fight in her, but Paige then says that Charlotte's brother did not had much fight in him and Charlotte loses her mind and attacks Paige. Referees try to separate Charlotte from Paige but her rage will let not her. I was not expecting this to get so real. Anyone that knows the story surrounding the fallen Flair family member is probably shocked to hear Paige mock him. This match's intrigue just got raised to a whole new level. What a way to end Monday Night Raw. If tonight is any indication, Survivor Series just might be a damn good show! I'm looking forward to it.


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