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WWE Monday Night Raw 10/5/2015 Live Results Coverage

Posted by Unknown Monday, October 5, 2015
Tonight's episode of WWE Monday Night Raw for October 5, 2015 is coming to you live from the TD Garden in Boston, MA. Follow along here for live, ongoing coverage of the results of the show to find out what happens as things occur and chat with fellow WWE fans in the comments below and in the chat on the sidebar!

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After a big evening in Madison Square Garden on Saturday night what will Monday Night Raw hold for the WWE Universe? What will The Dudley Boyz have to say about getting screwed out of another Tag Team Championship victory? Better yet, what will Xavier Woods have to say about being put through another table? I'm sure that we will hear from the champ, Seth Rollins, about The Demon Kane interfering in his steel cage match with John Cena Saturday night in the worlds most famous arena. Will The Wyatt Family and their bizarre leader, Bray Wyatt, have some input on his newly announced Hell in a Cell match with Roman Reigns at the Hell in the Cell PPV? The biggest news of the night will certainly be Brock Lesnar being accompanied by Paul Heyman. Brock is scheduled for the show, and after his dismantling of Big Show I'm sure Paul Heyman will have a lot to say as The Beast Incarnate continues his "Road to Hell Tour".

PROMO: The first promo of the night belongs to Brock Lesnar and Paul Heyman! The Beasts advocate starts off by saying they kicked off "The go to Hell Tour" with a thrashing of The Big Show, all their focus now goes to The Deadman at Hell in a Cell. Saying that it must be hard knowing that The Undertaker will never get revenge on Lesnar because this is a fight he cannot win. He then says that The Undertaker thinks Hell in the Cell is his match, but he obviously disagrees by saying its "the lair of the beast. They then play a video package of Brock Lesnar defeating Taker at WrestleMania 30 kicking off this hellacious rivalry. One week in the hospital and one year on the sidelines is what that got The Undertaker. Heyman then brings up SummerSlam. Paul says that The Undertaker is not "deadman enough" to get revenge on Brock Lesnar, and they then play a video package of SummerSlam and the low blow Taker used. The silver tongued manager then says that Taker will step into a cage of ultimate consequences, because this is the last time The Beast Incarnate will ever fight Taker. He then says only one will win this war, only one will walk out the hero and the legend, and that The Undertaker will not walk out at all. "That's not a prediction, Undertaker. That's a spoiler." Then out comes The Big Show who will face The Dudley Boyz along side Seth Rollins later in the evening. Big Show starts off by saying that he was taken to Suplex City in Madison Square Garden, but he was so close to wiping that grin off Lesnars face. Even though that's not true. He then says Lesnar is the man and extends his hand for a handshake, but Lesnar laughs and walks away. Show calls Lesnar arrogant, and that he hopes he loses to Taker.. Again. That did not sit well as Lesnar hops back in the ring. And then begins another tour through Suplex City, and another 500 pound F5. Three weeks.. Lesnar vs. The Undertaker.. Hell in a Cell.

PROMO: Backstage, Seth and Stephanie. Seth is asking Stephanie to cancel the match with The Dudley Boyz since Big Show was his tag team partner and he just got demolished and now has no partner. Stephanie tells Seth to "figure it out" after sarcastically calling him "the man".

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MATCH: Dean Ambrose, Roman Reigns, & Randy Orton vs. The Wyatt Family

This match starts off with Roman and Luke Harper. After a lock up Roman goes straight after Bray Wyatt. After the fight between Reigns and Wyatt, Stroman gets knocked out the ring between all three men after a thumb to the eye and dropkick by The Viper and a double shoulder tackle by the former Shield members.

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We return to action with Ambrose and Harper in the ring. Ambrose got a quick two-count as Harper retreated outside the ring. Ambrose catches Harper quick for another two-count. Ambrose then tags in Orton and starts stomping away on Harper. After several stomps Ambrose in tagged back in. Harper gets in a reverse and tags in Stroman. Ambrose kicks Stromans feet so he falls off the apron, and then flings himself over the top rope. Stroman catches him and flings him like a doll onto the floor. After the get back in the ring, Stroman uses a big body slam and then tags in Bray. Wyatt uses the big splash in the corner for a two-count. Harper is tagged back in and tries a scoop pin for a two-count, and then tags in Wyatt again. Ambrose hits a clothesline out of no where, and goes for a tag but Stroman stops him with a huge tackle after being tagged in.

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We come back with Dean Ambrose trying to get a tag, but Wyatt hits a huge clothesline for a two-count. After that though, Dean gets a clothesline in himself. Wyatt quickly tags in Stroman who throws Ambrose in the corner and goes for a spear but hits the ring post instead as Ambrose tags in Orton. Harper was tagged in and gets slammed and then DDT'ed from the second rope. Stroman grabs Orton and bounces his head off the announce table, throws him back in the ring and tags in Reigns who cleans house. Everyone goes outside the ring and attacks Stroman as they finally get him down. Harper and Reigns back in the ring as Reigns goes for a Superman punch but then gets hit by Wyatt. Harper gets hit with an RKO, and then Reigns hits Harper with a spear for the win.

RESULTS: Orton, Ambrose, and Reigns win via pinfall.
THOUGHTS: This match was all over the place. Nonetheless it was very entertaining. I have a feeling we will see Ambrose and Orton take on Harper and Stroman at Hell in the Cell. Good first match for Raw!

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King Barrett joins the announce crew for the next match.

PROMO: Sheamus says that this is not a real Irish city. Making fun of the Boston Celtics. He then calls Neville a real life leprechaun. He says no matter how hard Neville tries or fights he will always be a loser.

MATCH: Neville vs. Sheamus

Neville wastes little time after Sheamus' promo. With quick punches and kicks. King Barrett then distracts Neville and then eats a huge Brogue Kick for the loss.

RESULTS: Sheamus wins via pin fall.
THOUGHTS: Why? This could have been such a good match. Get Sheamus back on TV and prove why he is Mr. Money In The Bank. Sadly, what could have been a great match was taken from us, and we got 10 seconds of crap instead.

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PROMO: The Director Of Operations, Corporate Kane, makes his way to the ring. Sporting his "cheap suit" as Rollins would call it. Kane also sporting a boot on his ankle saying Rollins got a little carried away last week. He says things haven't been going Seth's way lately. He brings up the fact that Seth needs a partner since Big Show got demolished. He then says that he will be Seth's partner. Seth then comes out and says that is not happening. Saying that's not how this works,  and says Kane is no Tom Brady even though they both have deflated balls. Beautiful image.. He says he can take that idea of being partners and throw that out the window. Kane then says his goal is to be the best DOO he can be. And the best way to do that is to bring out the best in Rollins. Rollins says the WWE World Heavyweight Title does that for him. Kane wants to make Seth proud of the man he sees in the mirror. Seth then threatens to take Kane to hell right now, but then Stephanie comes out to stop any of that. She says this is enough between the two of them. She also brings up the evaluation that Seth got for Kane that blew up in his face. Stephanie then announces that The Demon Kane will go one on one with Seth Rollins at Hell in the Cell for the WWE Championship. She also says that if Kane thinks he can fix up his ankle he can be Seth's partner tonight. She then announces that if Demon Kane does not win the WWE Title at Hell in the Cell, Corporate Kane will lose his job as Director Of Operations.

*Commercial Break*

PROMO: Backstage, Seth and Triple H. Seth is complaining about having Kane as his tag partner. Saying he has left him high and dry before, and that he is a lunatic. Triple H tells him "do unto others before they do unto you."

MATCH: Natalya vs. Paige

This match starts off quickly with a lock up and then Natty pushing Paige into a corner and landing a lot of punches. After a couple of reversals by both Divas Natty lands a big drop kick. Natalya takes control but then chases Paige out of the ring who hits a big kick. After getting back in the ring Paige locks in a leg scissors in the middle of the ring. She then turns Natty around and gets a headlock combo with it. Natty uses her strength to get to her feet, but Paige hits a DDT for a two-count. Abdominal stretch by Paige, but its turned right into the same move for Natty. Paige elbows out of it and gets the upper hand again. Natalya starts landing some clotheslines and a side Russian leg sweep. After a big move Natty gets another two-count. Going for an Irish Whip Paige turns it around into a move of her own for a two-count. Paige picks Natty up and goes for a slap but Natty reverses it and lands a big kick for another two-count. Natalya goes for a big slam but Paige tries a roll through pin but ends up in a sharpshooter. Paige reaches the ropes, and makes Natty pay with a clothesline. Paige gets another two-count. Paige goes for a kick and gets caught in another sharpshooter and taps out.

RESULTS: Natalya wins via submission.
THOUGHTS: This was a good Divas match, but the only women's match I can think of is Sasha and Bailey this Wednesday in an Iron Woman match. I cannot get enough of Sasha Banks so maybe I'm being biased.

PROMO: Ryback is in the big screen and says actions speak louder than words. He also says he is closer to shredding Owens and ends with a "Feed me more".

*Commercial Break*

 MATCH: Kevin Owens vs. Sin Cara

Kevin Owens starts with a kick to the gut. He then mocks the Lucha Dragons and slams Sin Cara to the ground. After a two-count, Owens goes for another pin for another two-count. He then gets a chin lock in the middle of ring using his obvious size advantage. Sin Cara fights to his feet but quickly meets the ground again. After KO trash talks Kalisto, Sin Cara catches him off guard and starts using his fast paced offense. Several kicks later, Sin Cara goes for a flip off the ropes and KO hits a big boot, and then a pop-up powerbomb for the win.

Owens starts attacking Kalisto at ringside, but Ryback comes out to stop him. Owens quickly leaves the ring.

RESULTS: Kevin Owens wins via pin-fall..
THOUGHTS: Quick match, but it definitely shows Owens talent that he can work with anyone.

PROMO: Backstage, Stephanie and The New Day. Stephanie does not seem happy to be bothered by The New Day. She says if there is one note from that trombone she will send them somewhere that makes Suplex City look like Disneyland. I like that. She then says that she was watched the live event on Saturday, and announces that The New Day will face The Dudley Boyz at Hell in the Cell for the Tag Team Championships.

*Commercial Break*

Cena is in the ring with 10 breast cancer survivors, and the entire roster is on the ramp. Cena says for the fourth year in a row WWE has the honor to partner with Susan G. Komen and fight breast cancer. Kudos to the WWE.  They always go above and beyond for charity and Susan G. Komen. Not just those, but several other organizations. Roman Reigns also joins Cena in the ring, and says that throughout the month of October you can get "#RiseAboveCancer" merchandise that all goes towards Susan G. Komen. Great work.

*Commercial Break*

MATCH: Corporate Kane & Seth Rollins vs. The Dudley Boyz

Remember Seth was supposed to be teaming with Big Show tonight, but Big Show was utterly dismantled by Brock Lesnar earlier in the show. Corporate Kane kindly said he would help out.

This match starts with Kane and Bubba. Kane then starts limping around as Rollins tags in. Seth shoves Bubba, and Bubba slaps Seth. A quick lock up as Seth gets the upper hand with a head lock. Bubba bounces Seth off the ropes and hits a big shoulder block. Seth rolls out of the ring. Seth lands a quick kick to the gut, and then several more as he pins Bubba to a corner. Bubba then gets a big slap in and tags in D-Von for a double team elbow for a two-count. Seth tags in Kane. Kane gets kicked in the ankle as D-Von attacks it. He is forced to tag Seth back in. D-Von throws Seth in the ring and hits Rollins with a running shoulder block for a two-count. D-Von gets a neck breaker on Seth but Kane sneaks a tag before they could see it and knocks down D-Von. Seth and Kane, working together now, hits a big double team move. Rollins hits a neck breaker of his own as the two partners stare each other down.

*Commercial Break*

Coming back from break, Kane has D-Von in the middle of the ring in a chin lock. D-Von fights to his feet, but knocked back down. Kane goes for a kick to the face but his injured leg gives out and he tags in Seth. Doctors tell Kane that he needs to go to the back to be looked at, Seth then finds handcuffs out of nowhere and handcuffs Kane to the ropes. Kane gets knocked off the apron and the handcuffs snap and Kane is taken back to be looked at. Back in the ring D-Von rolls up Rollins for a two-count. Seth goes for a Pedigree but D-Von reverses with a back body drop. D-Von tags in Bubba as he goes to town on Rollins. Big splashes and punches. Then The Dudley's hit there famous head butt from the top ropes, and D-Von is told to get the tables. Seth then drop kicks the tables as they were trying to get it in the ring, and the ref calls for the bell. Seth grabs his title, and tries to leave but out comes Demon Kane. Rollins tries to go head on, but Kane takes him out. Then Kane gets a 3D out of nowhere from the Dudley's. The Dudley's just saved Seth.

Seth starts to leave, but then sees the table and grabs it. Kane out cold in the ring, Seth standing over him bragging. Then Kane grabs Seth by the throat and choke slams him through the table.

RESULT: I guess this is a no decision here.
THOUGHTS: I love this storyline with split personality Kane. Super entertaining, and seeing a choke slam through a table is always fun to watch.

*Commercial Break*

PROMO: Sasha Banks tells the crowd its great to be home and she puts the "boss" in "Boston". Nikki then comes out and says that she is exactly like the Red Sox, overrated. Good one actually. She then says that they should call her "the longest reigning Divas Champion".

MATCH: Team B.A.D vs. Team Bella

This match starts with Nikki and Naomi. Naomi gets the upper hand with a drop kick, and tags in Sasha. Sasha drives Nikki into the corner and lands even more kicks, Nikki comes out elbows blazing and hits several elbows and tags in Brie. Brie lands several kicks of her own, but then gets two knees driven into her stomach via The Boss of WWE.

*Commercial Break*

We come back from break with Alicia Fox beating on Naomi.. Yes.. Alicia Fox. Alicia quickly tags in Brie who lands a bulldog for a two-count. Naomi goes for a tag but Brie stops and then mocks Sasha. Brie hits her running knee, and gets a two-count. Brie tags in Nikki who hits a bulldog of her own and hits Sasha off the apron and pins Naomi for a two-count. Naomi finally fights out of her slump, but then eats a clothesline via Nikki Bella. Nikki tags in Alicia Fox who hits an arm bar slam, and then another big slam for a two-count. She then locks in a really weak looking chin lock. Naomi fights out and lands a couple knees, again getting so close to a tag but cannot reach. Brie is tagged in and hits her husbands style of kicks. Naomi tries again to fight out of it, but is stopped. Alicia is the legal woman again and locks in another terrible looking chin lock. Naomi tries to fight out but continues to struggle. Alicia goes for a slam in the corner, Naomi dodges and tags in Sasha. Sasha cleans house, and then gets a two-count that's broken up by Brie. Sasha then locks in the Bank Statement on Fox for the win.

RESULT: Team B.A.D wins via submission
THOUGHTS: SASHA BANKS! That's enough for me, but that being said that was a great match. The Bella's have actually gotten a little more entertaining the last few weeks, but seeing the Bank Statement on Raw was long overdue. Good good match!

*Commercial Break*

PROMO: Sadly, Summer Rae is in the ring, and even worse she announces Rusev is coming to the ring too. Summer then says she wanted to dedicate an entire Raw segment to honor Rusev. Summer.. You really shouldn't have. She then plays a video package of the twos biggest WWE TV moments, and Rusev match highlights with probably the worst song ever playing behind it. This has to end. I want to jab a fork into my power outlets. Rusev thanks Summer of course. He then says that he did not like Summer at all at first, but now he cares about her more than anyone. Summer then says there is something she has to ask him. Oh dear God. She's proposing. Holy crap I hope Rusev super kicks her right now. Rusev seems hesitant. As would any man that just admitted he did not like the woman who is proposing just weeks ago. Summer begs Rusev to say yes. I'm hoping he does so this ends. Rusev says.. YES. That poor man. If this is a Raw wedding somewhere down the line I'm giving up. Rusev says he says yes.. But not yet. He said they must prove that they are worthy. Rusev says he needs WWE gold around his waist, and she will have gold around her finger. Aww.. Summer is doing the same thing all WWE fans are doing right now. Crying. Albeit for different reasons.

*Commercial Break*

PROMO: Cena says Boston is the place to be, and then says he is the man to beat. Then says the open challenge starts now. He is answered by.. DOLPH ZIGGLER! Wait.. Ziggler is not coming out of the back.. Its The New Day! Yes it is! They have Dolph with them.. But they are dragging him. They must have beat the crap out of him in the back one would assume. Last week Cena told them to get serious.. Woods asks if this is serious enough. Kofi wonders which one of The New Day will answer.. Looks like it'll be Big E! When will Xavier's trombone answer the challenge?


The match starts with Cena putting Big E in a head lock. Cena bounces Big E off the ropes but then gets hit with a big shoulder block knocking him down.

*Commercial Break*

Big E is dominating when we get back from break. E puts a big pin on but only gets a two-count. Cena starts a comeback, but Big E just rolls over him with a monster clothesline. Big E goes for a shoulder tackle in the corner, but Cena moves and Big E eats the ring post. Cena goes for splash in the corner, but Big E catches him and hits a rock bottom type move. The big man then hits a hug splash in the middle of the ring, but only gets a two-count. He then hits the same splash in the apron for another two-count. The man who runs the place starts to fight back, but Big E just rolls right over him again. Big E runs at Cena who is on the ropes, and Cena flips Big E right over the ropes and onto the floor. Cena follows Big E outside the ring, and Big E throws Cena into the steps. Big E quickly rolls him into the ring for a pin, but gets a two-count. Big E, looking for the Big Ending, meets Cena's fist several times. John goes for a cross body but gets caught, E throws him over his head, Cena lands on his feet hits the sidewalk slam, and then Five Knuckle Shuffle. Cena goes for the AA but his New Day partners pull him off Cena's shoulders. Kofi and Xavier are thrown out of ringside, but as the ref is turned around Big E tries to use the trombone as a weapon. Cena dodges it and hits the AA for the win.

But the night isn't over there. Kofi and Xavier return as all three New Day members attack Cena. Dolph comes out to try and save the day, but he is also succumb to the numbers game. Then out comes the Dudleys! Heroes right? Not so much. They are also decimated by The New Day in epic fashion as New Day rules the night. This was truly the dawning of a new day.

RESULT: Cena retains the United States Championship via pin fall.
THOUGHTS: This was a decent ending to the show. It was a good match between Big E and Cena, but the ending with New Day defeating all challengers coming to the ring was even better. They finally end the show out on top, like the most entertaining thing in the business deserves.


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